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Poor Filipinos!

Earlier this month, my mentor told me that china plans to invade PH, i just laugh at it, China?? why? all this years i was led to believe that Uncle Sam (USA) is the one dictating over the affair of this country, but upon hearing that from a respected …

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LEGACY..we must win..

” If this freedom cannot be achieved during my lifetime, I can assure you and i can assure everybody, that I have already planted the seeds of jihad, I have already planted the idea of fighting for freedom in the hearts of my people—the Bangsamoro pe…

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I almost burst into tears, when BRO. MISUARI emerged from his room..he looks older and humble now compared to our previous engagement in 2000, when we had a hated disagreement but, nwez, past is past i embraced him and did the tradtional kissing of mus…

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