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Kabab Roll

Chicken Tikka

SM Mall of Asia

South Wing
Pasay City

(Located infront of Kenny Rogers in the South wing).

Pakistani halal fare offering kabab rolls, roti wraps, chicken bihari and other authentic Pakistani fare. There is an open grill and kababs are freshly made to order. The dipping sauce that comes with it is delicious and the portions are decent sized. All meat used is halal, infact the owner slaughters the animals himself (zabiha).
The booth in Mall of Asia has been open since August ’09, and offers seating.
Kabab roll offers free delivery to Makati areas on orders over P500 (Tel 514-2057/ 514-2059) and some other areas upon request depending on a large order.

You can also order groceries like basmati rice and halal meat (per kg) online directly from the website. Available are mutton/whole chicken/ beef or chicken qeema and even parts like lung/heart! Only deliver to certain parts of Manila.

Check out to view their delicious menu and order meat and rice.

Moud Halal Roasted Chicken

827 Globo de Oro St,
Quiapo, Manila

(02) 488-5006

Price Range: P

A hole-in-the-wall in the Muslim district of Quiapo. Famously known for its juicy rotisserie style chicken freshly roasted all day, Mouds also offers shawarmas, burgers and typical Maranao dishes at very affordable prices.

Touted as the best chicken in Manila, do not be deceived or put off by the hole-in-the wall style restaurant- you will not find chicken as delicious as this with a delicious price tag to match.
A piece of chicken will set you back P60- try it with one of the 3 styles of rice- kabsa, java or plain for an extra P10.

Mouds is not only popular among the locals but also has a following all around Manila. During Ramadan, tents are set up outside selling noodles, pancit (a steal at P20 for a generous serving), fried chicken, samosas (P10 each!) and other sweet treats at very affordable prices!

The Observants buying last minute snacks before iftar!

Choose from yummy delights from food tent during Ramadan (only!)

The restaurant sign can be easy to miss, but ask anyone and they will point you in the right direction- it is just a few steps from the Golden Mosque, or you’ll notice it by the roasted chicken outside. Modest seating is available over 2 floors. Condiments like hot sauce, calamansi and chillis are provided free of charge.

Read reviews about Moud’s here:

Bijan Specialty Foodshop

GF, RSG-5 Lifestyle Center
Greenhills, San Juan City
(02) 723 – 4264 / 3604
Cell: 0922 – 844 – 4423

This gem of a store has everything you need if you are planning on cooking up a tasty Persian storm! Sells everything from dried fruits, nuts and seed, pickled vegetable (torshi), traditional Iranian spices, olives, foul, saffron, Lavash bread even traditional Persian sweets.

There is a freezer section for halal chicken, beef, and lamb which is of very good quality and clean. There are different cuts of meat and poultry- beef cubes, ground beef/lamb, lamb ribs/leg of lamb, whole chicken, breast/drumsticks and chicken sausages. Prices start at P150 per kilo.

Be careful not to miss this treasure-trove- its easy to miss! Its nestled between Chowking and Kenny Rogers in the Lifestyle Center.

For map of Greenhills click here :

Maharlika Halal Meat Market

The Blue Mosque – Worth a visit! Here you can find muslim butchers and get fresh slaughtered meat, mostly beef, goat and chicken. On occasions you can get lamb/sheep.The market area is very near to the Blue Mosque. The prices here are more reasonable t…

Shawarma Snack Center 2

484 Salas St., Ermita, Manila
(02) 521- 2121

Open Lunch-6am

Price Range: PP-PPP

Across the road from its original counterpart, is the higher-end Shawarma Snack Center 2. Now in business for 4 years, SSC2 offers higher-end dishes with a wider variety of Middle Eastern dishes in a more authentic setting. More seating is available here, indoors, outdoors, downstairs, upstairs or on the patio or balcony. SSC2 also carries some groceries and serve desert.

A mixed grill including hot fluffy pieces of ‘khubz’ (bread), salad, humus, motabel, good for five people costs P1,200. Prices are higher than SCC1. Both restaurants will have a 10% service charge for dining-in.

Read reviews about the SSC:

Shawarma Snack Center

485 Salas St.,
Ermita, Manila
(02) 525- 4541

Open 24 Hours

Price Range: P-PP

Touted to be the best “hole-in-the-wall” authentic Middle Eastern restaurant in Manila, the original Sharwarma Snack Center or SSC as it is known, is continually bustling. Owned by a Jordanian and his Filipina wife, SSC is a veteran of Middle Eastern restaurants having been in business for over 25 years, and its success is evident from the constant stream of customers, both local and foreigners.

Famous for their prized shawarmas (your choice of chicken or beef), the menu is typical Middle Eastern Cuisine, with items such as mixed grills, kebabs, middle eastern stews and typical Lebanese mezze such as humus, motabal or baba ganoush, and foul medames.
Prices are affordable and the serving sizes are decent.

Seating is available either non-air-conditioned open to the street, or indoors with air-conditioning. SSC also sell a modest selection of groceries such as canned olives, humus, foul beans, halal hot dogs, bread and even the house chilli-sauce!

A Halal certificate and is on display and verbal assurance was given that the meat is halal. The servers also wear buttons proudly stating they only serve halal meat. The meat supplier is Al-Amin Halal Meat Products.

SSC is open 24 hours a day, and even has special offers – 3 shawarmas for P100 between 2-6am!!

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