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Amerika mahu seorang putera raja

Dibawah Perisytiharan Pertubuhan Bangasa-bangsa Bersatu ( PBB ) 1974,mereka yg berhak menuntut takhta kerajaan Sulu ialah keturunan kiram sahaja.Selepas peperangan pada 1974,British mengiktiraf Undang-undang 427 yang memberi peranan penuh kuasa eksekut…

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Sultan Kiram diburu untuk dibunuh


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Female Muslim doctors find freedom and compassion

By Yahoo! Southeast Asia Editors – September 13th, 2010

By Alexander Villafania,

QUEZON CITY, METRO MANILA –Wearing their traditional hijab, Naheeda Dimacisil and Khasmin Ismael attended the weekend celebration of the end of Ramadan at International Ramadan Fair in Quezon City last Saturday.

They were joined by at least 100 other Muslims who took time from a long fast to renew ties with their friends and families from the Muslim faith.

Despite their status in life – Dimacisil is married to an Indonesian imam (priest) while Ismael is single – both are practicing doctors and are in fact, among the few female Filipino Muslim doctors that are in the medical field.

They are also members of the Islamic Medical Association of the Philippines (IMAN), a relatively young group of Muslim medical practitioners.

Dimacisil, who grew up in Batangas, said there are many challenges to being a Muslim, even in a country where there are Islamic communities. The constant issue is the stereotype of being a Muslim, as well as the fear that goes with it.

“We’re a peace-loving society and we want just as much as any person does, not for greed but for happiness and peace among each other,” Dimacisil said.

While that is a constant challenge, she said there are also difficulties of being a female Muslim. She is lucky to have been born to parents (her father is a Muslim from Maguindanao while her mother from Batangas converted) who are open to allowing her to choose where she wants to go.

“My husband is conservative but he is also open about me working as a doctor. I also want my children to exercise their freedom while sustaining their Islamic identities,” she said.

Meanwhile, Ismael said that she is also able to exercise her freedom to become a doctor. Having grown up in a conservative Muslim family in Marawi, Ismael sought to be independent and moved to Manila to work as a doctor, having stayed in the city for nearly 10 years.

She only goes home to her family in Marawi for vacations.

Still, she is proud that she also came from a pedigree of medical practitioners, which made them understand why Ismael chose to live in Manila. She said her uncle has put up a medical institution in their province.

While she maintains her own conservative approach to Islamic practices, Ismael said her independence made her realize what she wants in life and also hopes that other Muslim women find their goals in life.

As for their work at IMAN, both Dimacisil and Ismael said they are seeing a growth in the number of Muslims who are taking up courses in the medical field. In fact, many Muslim doctors choose specializations and are able to find good jobs in hospitals in the country and sometimes abroad.

“One of the plans of the IMAN is to build a network of specialist doctors so that when we need very specific medical knowledge, we’ll have list of experts to call,” Ismael said.

Ismael added that while some Muslim doctors get jobs abroad, they also come back to help their local counterparts. However, she stressed that these doctors are also in demand in certain countries, particularly in the Middle East and Malaysia where there are better facilities.

“Of course, they also come back because they want to help their countrymen,” Ismael said.

According to Dimacisil, having this network would also help them in conducting their medical missions, especially among rural folks.

Despite being Muslims, they do not choose the communities based on religious backgrounds, but rather on their real needs. In fact, they have conducted medical missions in several Metro Manila areas immediately after the disastrous Typhoon “Ondoy” last year.

“Our mission is to help anyone in need. We hope that what we do will show that we are for peace,” Dimacisil said.

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Alex Villafania interviews Dr. Khasmin Ismael and Dr. Naheeda Dimacisil during the 5th International Ramadhan Fair organized by the YMPN at CHED Auditorium

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BMS conducts Medical & Surgical Mission in Pikit

Sherjan P. Kalim, MDIMAN BODLast September 18-19, 2010, in partnership with the Bangsamoro Medical Society (BMS), a Medical Outreach project organized and sponsored by the Southeast Asia Development Committee Foundation, Inc. (SADCFI)- Kuwait was condu…

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Salassayan sin Shirik iban Kufur

Alhamdulillahi wassalato Wassalamo Ala Rasulillah…..Waba’d:

Assalamo Alaikom Warahmatullah…

Ma’na sin Kufur iban Bahagian niya.
معنى الكفر في اللغة : ـ
Ma’na sin Kufor ha bahasa

معناه : التغطية والستر والجحود . وضده الإيمان.
Ma’na sin Kufur:paglukob iban pagtaming iban lawan niya pamaratsaya(Iman).
ويطلق الكفر على جحود النعمة ، فيكون ضد الشكر. قال تعالى:
{ لئن شكرتم لأزيدنكم ولئن كفرتم إن عذابي لشديد (7)} [إبراهيم]
Damikkiyan Hipag Itlaq daisab in Kufur ha panulangi ha Ni’mat, na mahinang siya lawan sin Shukur,farman sin Allah(bang kamo magsukur tanto ganapan ko tuud kaniyo,iban bang kamo isab magkufur tanto in paminsana ko mapangsan.
ويقال : أكفر فلان فلانا ، إذا حكم بكفره
Pagtagon daisab:kiyufor hi kuwan in hi kuwan,apabila niya hukumon sin kakufur
والكفارة : ما يغطي الإثم ، ومنه كفارة اليمين ، والقتل ، والظهار.
In Al-kaffara:Uno-uno na in hikatabun sin dusa,lamod na duun kaniya in pagkifarat sin Yamin(sapa),iban pagbunu,iban pahdzihar.
والتكفير : ستر الذنب وإزالته ، كالتمريض : إزالة المرض.
In At-Takfir: pagtaming sin dusa iban pag-ig kaniya,biya’da sin at-tamreed:pag-ig sin sakit.

معنى الكفر في الشرع : ـ
Ma’na sin Kufur ha Shara’

هو : تكذيب النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم في شئ مما جاء به من ربه.
أو هو : جحود شئ مما يصير به المؤمن مؤمنا . ليشمل التعريف الكافر الخالي من التصديق والتكذيب .
In kufur: siya na in panghimutingi ha Nabi SAW ha hambuuk dain ha uno-uno na naparatong niya dain ha tuhan niya.
Atawa panulangi ha hambuuk dain ha uno-uno na in hikahinang ha mu’min mu’min.hasupaya mara in defeanation sin kafer amon way pamaratsaya iban wayra isab panghimuting.

In Kafir hipagngan ha hisiyo-siyo na in wayruun pag iman niya.makalamod na duun ha ini in katan sin mga Sumunod ini:

1.Hisiyo-siyo in patampalon in pag iman sarta hitapok in kakufur.amona in pagtagon: Munafiq.
2.Hisiyo-siyo in magkufur puas sin Kaislam niya.amona in pagtawagon Murtad.
3.Hisiyo-siyo in mamong duwa in tuhan atawa mataud.amona in pagtawagon Mushrik.
4.Hisyo-siyo in Nag aagama sin agama kiyatabunan na,biya’na sin Yahudi iban sin Nasrani.amona in pagtawagon:Ahlol kitab
5.hisiyo siyo in wayruun tuud pamaratsaya bat awn in tuhan.amona in pagtawagon:Ad-Dahry
6.Hisyo-siyo in Magbalik Islam sumagawa tiyatapok niya in Aqueeda sulang ha kaIslam.amuna in pagtawagon: Zindeeq

Kapahaman ta ha defenation ta ini sin in katan Shirik Kufur sumagawa bukon in katan sin kufur Shirik. Ha bihaun hatihun ta in Kufur amon wayruun nakalamod ha Shirik,hasupaya ta mapinig in pag iyanon Shirik iban Kufur.

Mga bahagian sin Kufur
In Kufur Nabahagi Naduwa:
1.Kufur Akbar(Kufur Dakula):
Makaguwa in himinang kaniya dain ha Kaislam iban mahalal in dugo niya iban sin pangalta niya,sarta kumakkal siya ha Api Narka Jahannam,iban wajib ha katan Muslim in mamantahi kaniya misan pa in kaawnan niya lahasiya.
Upamhan niya: Biya’na sin Mungsi ha pagkanabi sin kanabihan,iban mungsi ha pagbuhi sin tau patay ha lawm Kubul ha adlaw kiyamat(Ba’ath),atawa mangharami ha kiyapagtayakkupan sin katan Muslim in kahalal niya, iban manghalali ha kiyapagtayakkupan na sin katan Muslim in kaharam niya.

2.Kufur Asgar(Kufur Asibi):
Amona in Kufur Amaly(hinang) in ini dih makaguwa in himinang kaniya ha Agama iban dih mahalal in dugo iban pangalta niya,sarta dih siya kumakkal ha api Narka Jahannam,bang siya makasod narka,makasod da siya surga bang maabot na in idda niya.iban dih hikauno in sawmbibihun iban lasahun siya sin mga Bar-iman ha ganta sin tunguran sin pag Iman niya,bang siya isab karugalan dumugal kaniya ha ganta tunguran sin hinang niya ma’siyat.

In upamhan niya:
biya’na sin nasabbot ha ayat amoin timurun ha wakto nagsulang siyulangi in Aws iban Khazraj dain ha mga Sahabat sin Rasul SAW, piyagsabbot nila in mga jimato kanila ha wakto pa sin Kajahilan,sarta nagsayang-siyangi sila sin pakukos,dain ha sabab yan piyaturun sin Allah kanila in Ayat ini:
{ وكيف تكفرون وأنتم تتلى عليكم ءايات الله وفيكم رسوله } [ آل عمران 101]
Biya’diin in kapagkufur niyo sin in kamo pagbassahun kaniyo in Ayat sin Allah sarta yan kaniyo in Rasul niya.
Bukon in maksod duun ha ini bat amon pagkufor pa Allah sumgawa panabuni nila sin uno-uno na duun kanila pagsumadja iban pagkasilasa iban mga ni’mat,sarta wala sila nagsukur ha ni’mat ini.

Ma’na iban Bahagian sin Shirik:

In shirik: siyana in pallingun in uno uno na dain ha mga tibayhuan sin Ibadat madto pa dugaing dain ha Allah amoin hantang dih manjari hitukbal malaingkan subay hadja ha Allah,misan pa in kaawnan sin maksud hasupaya hikasuuk pa Allah,biya’na sin Farman sin niya:

وَالَّذِينَ اتَّخَذُوا مِن دُونِهِ أَوْلِيَاءَ مَا نَعْبُدُهُمْ إِلاَّ لِيُقَرِّبُونَا إِلَى اللهِ زُلْفَى﴾ [الزمر: 3

Iban amuin mga sila kimawa ha dugaing dain ha Allah wali(bagay)-agi nila-way maksud namuh ini piyagtag ipunan malaingkan hasupaya hadja kami makasuuk pa Allah.

Sarta nabahagi Nagduwa:
1.Shirkul Akbar(Shirik Dakula): makaguwa in himinang kaniya dain ha likusan sin Islam, iban mahalal in Dugu niya iban pangalta niya,sarta tumattap siya ha Api Narka jahannam..biya’na sin mag I’tiqad sin Awn tuhan sin Sahaya iban tuhan sin Tigidlum.

2. Shirkul Asgar(Shirik Asibi):dih makaguwa in himinang kaniya dain ha likusan sin Islam iban dih makaba’tal sin hinang malaingkan Amura in maba’tal niya in hinang amun liyamuran niya sin Shirik yaun,iban dih mahalal in dugu iban Alta niya sarta dih siya kumakkal ha Apinarka Jahannam.
Nabahagi siya nagduwa:
1.Shirik Nakakatampal(Shirkun Zhaahir): Maawn siya ha bissara, biya’na sin Magsapa ha dugaing dain ha Allah karna panglaggue kaniya. iban maawn ha kakahinang biya’na sin maggantung ampan ampan buga kuddanan sin Hasad,lamod na in mga Manik.

2.Shirik Nakatatapuk(Shirkun Khafiy): Maawn siya ha Niyat, amuna in Reya’. biya’na sin himinang marayaw hasupaya bantugun sin tau.

Pagpatarrang sin Shirik Dakula:
Awn dain ha mga kaibanan manusiya biyahagi nila in Tawhid pa tuwng kabahagi amuna in Tawhid Ulohiyya Tawhid Rububiyya Tawhid Asma’ Wassifat,sarta laong nila wayruun dain ha manusiya simulang ha Tawhid Rububiyya(amoin katunggal sin Allah tag-amulahi ha katan Makhloq)adapun in mga Karasulan iban kanabihan piyara hadja sila ha sabab sin Tawhid Uluhiyya(katunggal sin Allah tukbalan sin Ibadat)sambil hinang nila in mga magtatawassul magtatabarruk iban mangangayu tabang pa mga Tau Salihin in mga yadto piyagtatag-ipunan kuno nila sarta wayruun piyagbiddaan nila iban sin mga Mushrik nagtatag-ipon ha barhala,adapun in pagbahagi ha hantang bihaini Bid’a Dalala Wayruun nahinag sin Rasul SAW iban mga Sahabat niya mabut pa Tabiin iban Tabit Tabiin.hangkan kita nakaiyan Bid’a dalala(kalawngan)sabab dain haini timubod in pangufuri ha kagusuran sin Muslim ha babaw sin dunya,iban pagtaassub sin kaibanan bat sila ra in tumpukan imamo in katan simulang kanila ha lawm kalawngan,iban pagpakay nila sin ngan sin Salaf hasupaya mahambis nila in katan awam dumungug kanila. Ampa hain kaw sila tuih in tuburan sin kahilohalaan mahinang sabab dih hikapag addat iyaddati sin pakaniya-pakaniya,sabab in pangatod sin hambook pa hambuuk ha baran niya siya in nagdara sin kasabunnalan in simulang kaniya yadto ha lawm kalawngan,hangkan malawa na in pag addat niya.

Bunnal in Tawhid nagampong siya sin Tuw ini:
1.Tawhid Uluhiyya:Katunggal sin Allah Tukbalan sin Ibadat.
2.Tawhid Rububiyya:katunggal sin Allah tag-amulahi ha katan piyapanjari
3.Tawhid Asma’ wassifat: katunggal sin Allah nagngangan iban nagsisfat sin sifat sampurna.
Sumagawa in tuw ini dih mo manjari butason, Sabab bang kaw nagparatsaya pa Rububiyya subay rakaw magparatsaya ha Uluhiyya iban sin Asma’ wassifat,bang ha hambuuk dain ha tuw ini dih mo paratsayahon automatic wayruun panawhid mo. Damikkiyan bang ha hambbuuk dain ha Tuw ini sakutuhan mo wayruun da isab panawhid mo.

Adapun in ayat piyagdaleel sin nagbahagi sin tawhid pa tuwng kabahagi amon laong na nag iiqrar in mga Mushrik ha Rububiyya sin Allah biya’na sin ayat ini:
وَلَئِنْ سَأَلْتَهُمْ مَنْ خَلَقَ السَّمَاوَاتِ وَالْأَرْضَ لَيَقُولُنَّ اللَّهُ
Bang mo sila asubuhun bang hisiyo in nagpapanjari sin langit iban lupa in hipamong nila: Alla.
Dih ini manunjuki bat in sila namamaratsaya ha Rububiyya sin Allah,sabab bang sila namaratsaya dih nila na hinangan limbang in Allah ha Barhala.adpun in pag bayta nila sin Allah in nagpapanjari sin langit iban lupa tupot hadja kiyaingatan nila bukon nila piyaratsaya.

Ha tungod sin Bissara nila bat in mga kaibanan Muslim magpangayu Tabang magtawassul iban magtabarruk pa mga kanabihan iban mga Salihin bat piyag-ibadatan nila in ini hambuuk na isab salaggu-laggu kalawngan. Hasupaya tumarrang tuud katuh in parkala ini subay ta ingaton bang uno in ma’na sin Ibadat ha Shara’:

العبادة في الشرع:الخضوع و التذلل لمن يعتقد ربوبيته, فاذا فعل المسلم امرا بخضوع وتذلل ولم يعتقد ربويته لم تكن عبادة شرعا
In ma’na sin ibadat ha shara’: pagpatibaba iban pagpati kupo ha hsiyo-siyo na in kiyakahagad in pagkaruboobiyya niya,bang in hambuuk muslim makahinang hambuuk pakaradjaan pagpatibaba iban pagpatikupo sarta wala siya namaratsaya ha pagkarubobiyya sin piyatibabaan iban piyatikupuan niya yaun dih siya matawag ibadat ha shara’.

-Dain ha sabab yan dih matawag Ibadat in pagsujod sin mga Malaikat kan Apu Adam sabab sin wala sila nag I’tiqad sin pagkarububiyya hi Apu Adam.
-Dih matawag Ibadat in pagsujod sin taymanghod hi Nabi Yousof kaniya sabab sin wala sila nag I’tiqad sin pagkarububiyya hi Nabi Yousof.
-Dih matawag Ibadat in pagtawassul sin kaibanan Muslim pa mga Anbiya iban Salihin sabab wala sila nag I’tiqad sin pagkarububiyya sin Anbiya’ iban Salihin.
-Dih matawag Ibadat in pagduwaa sin kamaasan pa Tampat sabab wala sila nag I’tiqad sin pagkarububiyya sin Tau miyamatay yaun,nahinang na hadja siya Haram ha sabab sin wala piyangdaakan sin Shara’.

Dain ha sabab yan timampal katu sin in Ibadat subay hadja siya iyaagaran I’tiqad sin pagkarububiyya. Bang awn hambuuk Tau nangayu duwaa pa Allah sarta nag’tiqad siya bat in Allah dih makagaus dimihil sin piyangayu’ niya yaun ba’tal in panawhid niya.
Bang isab awn hambuuk Tau nasakit siya sarta nag paubat siya pa Doctor ha I’tiqad niya bat in Docotor yaun makapauli sakit bukon labay ha Izin sin Allah sumagawa awn kawasa niya ha baran-baran niya magpauli tanto in siya nakapag Shirik na sin Shirk salaggu’-laggu’.
Bang awn hambuuk Tau nangayu Cin kan Amah niya ha I’tiqad niya bat Amah niya in tagagaus magdihil kaniya Cin bukon labay Izin sin Allah tanto nakapagshirik na siya sin Shrik salaggu-laggu.

Wallaho taala A’lam…

In kasabunnalan subay hipamong misan pa inkaawnan niya masakit…