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Neldy Jolo
The time of struggle has started. The Assertion of Independence declaration for the Sultanate of Sulu Darul Islam is just a start of continuing struggle to free Tausug from tyranny. This is a tyranny that borne out from self-interest and individual interest. The kind of interest that wanted to claim over being the prime movers of the struggle – afraid that cannot be known as such?

The day of the Assertion of Sulu Independence Declaration.

 In the struggle there are many enemies. These enemies are internal and external. The great enemy is the internal enemy – comrades of the same struggle but different in interest. They are belonged to the same struggle, the Sulu independence, but different interest towards the struggle. One thing for sure they wanted their interest to be served.

This is the enemy that should be dealt with patience and perseverance. Afraid that the struggle will be lost in vain if not to consider this enemy’s interest – to compromise over which is less evil to give space to the “little good” is much better? This kind of enemy usually compromise but still let their interest win.

Miswarat of the Leaders before the Assertion.

The external enemy are political elite, silent masses, Philippine government personnel, professionals and business men. These groups are afraid to sacrifice what have been gained from the neo-colonial government of what they are serving – a sort of showing loyalty or by mere of still loving their job-for-living or rice-rice (bugas-bugas) in the Philippine government? 

These are probably the most challenging to the people who struggled to the general or Sulu national interest of the masses and public. The friends of the people who struggle for general interest are those belong to the same interest – not just a struggle.

Peoples’ Assembly before assertion.

 This is true when Tuan Zakaria Abdullah reminded the masses of “there are no permanent friends, only permanent interest”. Thus mean only the “interest” itself is the permanent friends.

In the struggle there are also group of “manipulator” and “money-pull-a-tour”. The manipulator is a group that educate or teach the people of their rights to become more ignorant of their rights and become inutile of their rights as people. This manipulator group is also teaching people to become more silent of truth and much vocal of false. This group calls for “unity” but let people to get away from it. This group is also promotes “will of the people” however becomes the “group’s will to the people” for manipulation.

Tausug Armed Forces are ready to defend the Sulu territory by the guns of peace.

 The “money-pull-a-tour” is a group that don’t need money but want it and don’t talk about money but speak of it. This group don’t need money because fear of people that might think the group is not for “real struggle” but for the “need of money”. This group don’t talk about money because the group don’t want people to know the interest towards it, but the group speak of money because need to have it and would get angry if not given – this led the group to be more vocal to speak about it. This “money-pull-a-tour” group is something an enigma of “pull money for a tour”. 

So much for that, Sulu Darul Islam independence deserves to be recognized by the international community because Sulu people have recognized their state as such with distinguished “Tausug Citizenship” from “Filipino Citizenship”. The Tausug respect the principle of universal declaration of human rights and international peace and security.
If the international community adhere and respect the universal principle of freedom and upheld the principle of international law for right of self-determination is a right to independence, the instance of helping to develop Sulu Darul Islam for win-win benefits is right now here!
Whatever the interest and challenges maybe, still the goal of the Tausug is to urge, “Philippines Please Withdraw from Our Beloved Country”, Sulu Darul Islam. Gradual peaceful exit is better!

Photo Courtesy: TGM Staff

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