Jolo Pedicab

By | October 9, 2011
One of the uniqueness of Jolo town is the presence of Pedicab. In a colloquial term people of Jolo called it “Gulung”. Pedicab driving is a job of some unemployed individuals in Jolo. Though it’s not a descent job, if you try to think contrarily you would arrive to a point that there’s no single creation in the entire universe created accidentally. The crux is that no matter what type of job we are doing, we have to value it for it is through that way which Allah’s blessing reach us. Just imagine without Pedicab in town what would be happening to the people in Jolo?

The standard fare per head riding a pedicab is 10 piso. Some people give them 20 or even 30 piso. It is quite a difficult job to pedal for a kilometer or two under the heat of the sun. But despite of its laborious pedaling a bicycle is one of the effective exercises. And the environment is also happy. Unfortunately, Motorcycle are already allowed to operate in Jolo town. 

No matter what hardship we are facing we have to put in mind, without this sort of thing, our temporal life is not complete. Keep struggling the brighter future sometimes starts from this sort of living.
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