Masjid Semporna

By | October 7, 2011
In Tausug language Semporna is called as Sampulna’ which means perfect. 

The mosque, though not as perfect as its name, is always full every Friday prayer. Mosque or Masjid is a symbol of unification and place where love among the people in the community or in town sow. 

I happened to pray one Friday in this mosque. I was touched then by the sermon delivered by a Khatib. It was a nice topic for every one who address themselves as leader. After the congregation prayer I spent few minutes shaking the hands of some Jamaah uttering “Ya Nabi salam alayka, Ya Rasul salam alayka”. I felt then something had penetrated to our hearts – perhaps the blessing from Allah.

After the prayer we walk to downtown and look for Piyutu and Grilled fish to be eaten for lunch.

Hope to pray again on this mosque.

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