Mt. Talipao View

By | October 10, 2011

Few meters ahead is the road junction to Maimbung proper, Talipao and to  Jolo. This photo was taken within Maimbung municipality. Maimbung proper is just hundred meters away from the junction. 

Maimbung was a center of Sultanate government back to the glorious time of the Sultanate of Sulu. This town was popular not only to the people in Malay region but as well as to the Europeans, Americans and Asians. One of the English travelers arrived to Maimbung was F.W Burbidge, a naturalist and an author of a book Garden of the Sun: A naturalist journal of Borneo and Sulu Archipelago. In his book he found that the Tausug in general is an honest and trusted people despite of what other foreigners described that the Tausug are lawless and pirates. 

That negative depiction until now still extant and it can be read on the newspapers, e-news and other media. In fact, what they were saying is just merely 40% true. The cause of the problem in this place are not the revolutionist but the marionettes who were paid to continuously create havoc – this is part of political conspiracy in Sulu.  

“Why am I afraid to go to Jolo”, said a friend from Bangladesh. Sulu people are good because they are Muslim. By the courage and confident he has a Bangladesh businessman successfully visited Jolo. 

Sulu is not a den of terrorist, but a haven of the peace loving citizens of the world.

Should you wish to visit around Sulu don’t think twice find a friend who can guide you to tour around Sulu. 

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