Storm in Sulu Sea

By | October 8, 2011

On board small wood vessel, we departed from Lambayung Wharf, Jolo around 7 pm. This trip is directly from Jolo to Langawan Island. It took 20 hours crossing the Sulu sea. 

On a trip such as this only few who dare to cross the ocean with just a Lansa, wooden vessel. But to most Tausug this type of sea transport is considered as the most appropriate vehicle to sail even in a bad weather. 

To journey across Sulu on board a Lansa is somewhat adventurous. We can observe a lot of things e.g. peoples philosophy, historical, suffering, economy and others.  

I cannot imagine during the era of the Balangingi’ pirates with their Paracoa boats capturing interlopers entering the Sulu sea.  Those people were really adventurous than us just imagine how come they manage to cross this sea without any compass.

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