fresh start

By | January 14, 2012
After all the ranting, heaven has answered my prayers. 2012 ushers in a new film project Qiyamah. In the film, residents of a rural village in Maguindanao are horrified when the sun rises in the West. According to Islamic belief, this phenomenon signals the Apocalypse. As village folk react differently to the situation, a tragedy strikes when one of the residents is raped and her brother brutally murdered as he tries to avenge her. Steep in superstition, the villagers attribute these to the Devil himself. Told from the point of view of six-year-old Musali, Qiyamah reflects on our humanity, what we hold hear and what it means to be alive.

This means I’ll be so busy during the first half of the year. I’m on my fourth revision of the script and my work is not done yet.