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Neldy Jolo
I chatted this morning with a Tausug young artist and musician, who composed songs with rap genre. He is indeed a guy of hope and a model to the new generation of Tausug who has a good talent in music. He is from the group known in Zamboanga City as “Upshot Krew & Top Dog”. He is a proud Tausug. He and his brother are still finishing the new track called jolo sulu.
Their music somehow can change people’s mind and heart towards awareness to love their homeisland. Insha allah. I was touched when he extolled about my article he read somewhere and inspired him to write. When we chatted this morning, 12 January 2012 via facebook chat, he said:
“nung nabasa ko article mo, i was like man bigla nlg ko nag sulat”.
That’s the inspiring message that this young talented guy uttered. There should be many young guys that must follow their steps. This artist has a great influence to any social awareness to develop the minds and hearts to the young Tausug generations.
I would like to share to everyone to enjoy the overwhelming writes of this guy. There is less young Tausug guy that could express this way, thinking that the foreign elements have infiltrated the traditional culture of Tausug and the Sulu archipelago.
With this guy, there is nothing left to teach him that he campaign through his music and lyric. This is somehow will reopen the Tausug youth hearts and minds in the Sulu Archipelago to fight the ignorance of the peoples’ origin and identity: TAUSUG. 
Jan Zeyryad with his metal-rap music gear.  

This guy is none other than: JAN ZEHRYAD, a heavy metal-rap music guy. His kind heavy metal music doesn’t only mean characterized by loud distorted guitars, emphatic rhythms, dense bass-and-drum sound, and vigorous vocals but a sense of patriotic message of hope and peace to the psyche of the other heavy metal rock aficionado. Indeed an ARTIVIST (artist-activist).

The Tausug youth is for peace and no to terrorism.
Here is the current work to finish and take off your soul from the Filipino colonialism:
jolo sulu سوگ
by Jan Zehryad on Thursday, January 12, 2012 at 11:13am
welcome to the hood jolo sulu land of the pearls, the land of the brave the oldest battle ground in the world, haven of the true brawler, this is the place where mahardika and warriors are made, we raisin the sword of honor!
straight out from the south coz we the bangsamoro (bangsa mindanao and bangsa sulu) we fight for dignity and pride stood not to be oppressed we cant be x-out by no one,  coz we are united as one.
so heres some history son lets come look back time when  the spaniards is about  to invade our land  man they failed with pride and fame.
our ancestors fought  and none of em became slave remember the bloody  battle in bud daho back in 1906, man they fought til the last drop  of their blood.
and yesss jolo sulu was never been colonized by no one now we are fighting for the true history  so fuck ya historians and fuck the rays of the  sun, j slu was  never been part of the philippines.
well i dont  give a shit i never been  proud to be  called a filipino cuz i aint a filipino im a moro (tausug), i was born this way, i was never been part of your citizenry.
fuck ya system coz with the help  of the west they deprive and demean us of our culture, histories, territories, and privileges to the law.  freedom is what we need, and  justice for all  our brother  who fell.

links of some of their works:

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