The Rain

By | January 24, 2012

Last day, I spotted these kids playing, dancing and singing in the rain. Suddenly, I remembered the quote sent by my friend that goes this way: If wealth is the key to happiness, then rich people should be dancing on the street. But only poor kids do that. It was right??? During my grade school days, I played and bathed in the rain with my classmates and schoolmates…we studied in a public school and unfortunately we belong to poor kids… Until high school I did the same with my classmates rich and poor, we were happy playing, dancing and running in the rain. Eventually, I missed that when I went to college ’cause young men and women do not anymore play in the rain… and I still miss that till this day. I hope I can be with my classmates again, happily teasing each other while running in the cold rain.
Good day 🙂