My blog is turning 3

By | April 6, 2012

It was back in April 2009 when I entered the blogosphere. I made this blog as my first one. Therefore today is the 3rd blogversary of this blog. I may not be good enough in blogging but I am thankful and proud enough that somehow there are some readers of different country who found their time visiting this blog. This blog may not be gorgeous and informative but everything I posted here is from the bottom of my heart.

These days wasn’t good for me….. as for life that is not complete without problems. But whatever it takes the most important is we’re brave to face those problems that trying to pull us down. There are some frustrations in my life but I know that someday I can go on with what I’m dreaming of…. and there will be a time that I didn’t realize that I am already in that point. I know that life is unfair, life is a mess. But I know also that life is beautiful. So whatever it takes I will enjoy life in God’s way ’cause we all know that is too short….