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Do you want to learn how to speak in Bahasa Sug (Tausug Language)?Do you know someone who is a Tausug, and wanted to surprise them by speaking with them in Tausug fluently?Do you have some words or phrase you want to be translated into Tausug?Or A…

Catatan Srikandi XII

Catatan Srikandi XIIDisclaimer: Penulis tidak mempunyai akaun Facebook atas nama penulisan Catatan Srikandi dan ATBM.Fans boleh menyebarkan pengetahuan dari tulisan penulis,namun tidak boleh menyamar atas nama Srikandi,yakni penulis Catatan Srikandi da…

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The MA in Dialogue Studies, Keele University

Dialogue Studies MA


General Information
MA Overview
Aims of the Course
Career Destination Information
Course Structure and Content
Course Modules
Elective Modules
Work Placement
SPIRE Staff and Research Interests

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Are We Really Free?

It’s a free world, they say. But are we really entitled to a free choice? Can we really do anything without thinking about the consequence that it may have onto others? If we have that kind of freedom, will their be peace? Sometimes, I wonder. …

International Initiative for Islamic Integral Professorial Chairs

انقر هنا لقراءة المادة باللغة العربية

Accepting Applications for the Initial Two Integral Chairs

Learn about the International Initiative for Islamic Integral Professorial Chairs and the first two Integral Chairs

The Royal Aal al-Bayt Institute for Islamic Thought (Amman, Jordan – website) invites applications for the following two endowed Chairs:

The King Abdullah II ibn

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Multi-Stakeholders Caucus on the GPH-MILF Peace Talks

DAVAO CITY – On May 18, 2012, A Caucus with the Multi-Stakeholders Caucus on The GPH-MILF Peace Talks was organized by the Mindanao Peoples Caucus (MPC), Consortium of Bangsamoro Civil Society (CBCS), and Mindanao Peaceweavers (MPW) to convene various stakeholders from business, academe, church and civil society to hear updates from the respective peace panels on the current signing of 10 Decision Points on Principles and to lay out plans that can support the talks into the signing of a comprehensive peace agreement.

Tausug 101: Learning Sinug, Sharing Words…

For the past few months, I have received a number of emails ffrom different readers of our humble blog—at least now I know we have other readers aside from my, uhm, myself. Most of them are asking for the Tuasug (Sinug) translations of some words or phrases, some of them had expressed their interest in learning our local language. They have different reasons ranging from simply being curious to wanting to surprise their love ones who are Tausugs (or at least knows the language). Someone is even a linguist who wanted Tausug (Sinug) to be his 10th learnt language! Wow!
I tried to reply to their emails as much as I can; answering their questions, translating some words, explaining some (those that I can handle)… And little by little, I found myself enjoying this kind of ‘sharing’ my own language to other people. Maybe it is not as effecting as learning from formal schools or directly conversing with one another, but at least I was able to share something, somehow…which is great! And fulfilling.
And later on, I came up with the idea of making a series of posts about the basics of Tausug (Sinug) Language. It will be composed of a number of informal lectures about Sinug—the Tausug Language—and how to easily learn and use them every day. In sha Allah I will start this project in June 2012.
    I am no-expert in language teaching, nor do I know all those technical terms in speech books (phonetics, present-perfect things and whatever), so we would be expecting a rough draft, personalized kind of lecture. It’s not even a lecture; it would be more like an interactive kind of learning and sharing what I know about Sinug. The lectures might also depend on how my readers would want it to be, and what they prefer to learn first. And what’s more thrilling? It’s for FREE! (Unless you want to talk it over a cup of coffee, you have to pay the bill 🙂
    To give it a little touch of professionalism, I am now trying to convince some people I know who are quite more ‘expert’ than me in this topic. Maybe an angel will come down and they will accept my offer in sharing their knowledge for free. Hehe.
    So, anybody there who wants to learn Bahasa Sug—be it for fun or for important reasons—buckle up! Email me at and keep posted our future posts. The schedules will be released some time before June, In sha Allah.
    I’m pretty excited for this. 🙂
Salam Kasilasa!
Anak Iluh

Randomization 2.0

Some more shots from the random world of photography…”Rainbow Waters”Taken in a park somewhere in Mall of Asia, Manila (I’m not so sure if its Manila).Anyway, I was just amazed by the colors…”Night Lights”A popcorn stand amidst the pending night-li…


In lingkat mu ha pangatud sin mnga mata,Labih na ha ngpa-panjari in ALLAH,Subay mu tuud ayaran in ginhawa,Babae kaw sapantun palmata,Ha pangatud sin sila in ikaw mahalga.Ginhawa baran subay tud ayaran,Parayawun in pangaddatan,In maw- maas mu subay pg-t…

CFP: Discourse on the Search for a Renewed Identity of Muhammadiyah for its Post-Centennial Era

International Conference on Muhammadiyah (ICM) 2012

Date: 29 November – 2 December   2012.

Place: University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), Malang, East Java, Indonesia.

Language: English only for written and oral presentation and discussion.



Over the past 100 years, the progressive Muslim social movement Muhammadiyah has made significant contributions to

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When you are a photographer WITHOUT a camera, you end up waiting (always waiting) for times when a friend can bring a cam and let you take some shots.Yeah. It takes a lot of patience, courage and kapal-ng-mukha to do it. But if you are really a photogr…

The Travelers in the Middle East Archive

The Travelers in the Middle East Archive (TIMEA) is a digital archive that focuses on Western interactions with the Middle East, particularly travels to Egypt during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. TIMEA offers electronic texts such as travel guides, museum catalogs, and travel narratives, photographic and hand-drawn images of Egypt, historical maps, and interactive GIS (

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Food is Peace project conducts FFS trainings in Sultan Sumagka

A series of Farmers Field School (FFS) trainings was conducted by KFI’s Bread for the World-assisted “Food is Peace” project in the municipality of Sultan Sumagka (formerly Talitay), Maguindanao Province during the months of March and April this year. The conduct of said trainings was a result of the consultations…

Lupahsug iban Amah ku

Pikilan ko nanalih, natum-tum hangkarayi,Simaygpat pa pangatayan ku marayi’,Ha waktu ku pa duun sibih-sibih,Bang ku tumtumun kulang tud in talih,Kahalan sin hula wala tud nahati.Limagku aku malayuh daying ha hula kyapag-asagan duguh,Masannang matuud in…

CFP: Islam in a Multicultural World

Call for Papers

Kazan Federal University

Institute of Oriental Studies and International

Department of
Regional and Islamic Studies


2nd Kazan
International Scientific Forum

“Islam in a Multicultural World”

on 29-31st of October 2012 in Kazan,
Republic of Tatarstan, Russia

The following topics are going
to be examined and discussed at the Forum sessions:

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Rainbow of my Life

‘How does it feels to touch a Rainbow?’………… when i was just a little girl i always dream of touching the rainbow  and there’s so many question’s in my head,where did it starts? and where did it ends? and i heard some people saying’s that t…

Sulu : Pic profile di Facebook

Monolog teman lama.. Mohd Hassan Asansalam hansaman..2 hours agoRizalmsr Rizaliorizwaalaikum salam,,ma onu-onu kita yan .ha in kau bihayaon?onu in haati mo sin pic yan?about an hour agoMohd Hassan Asanmarayaw in habal ku bihaun.. yari ha selangor….

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Something About Tarpaulins

For most businesses, tarpaulins are very much needed. They are either used in billboard advertisements or just a shield against the sun and the rain. Some of us might not really need a tarpaulin. However, for those who are in need, they might be lookin…

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By: Neocatalyst

Late UZ President and CEO who succinctly declared that 


Via email message dated May 27, 2010, Thursday in response to our lobby on Right to Education as well as Right to Freedom of Religion within the university, the late President and CEO of Universidad de Zamboanga Sir ARTURO “Ammar” EUSTAQUIO III, positively responded thru a succinct declaration that he has made:  
Thus, it is both ironic and unreasonable that a certain niqaabi who was supposed to enroll at Universidad de Zamboanga (UZ) WAS ALLOWED to take the entrance examinations thereat WITHOUT being asked to take off her niqaab; yet, when she passed said exams with highest scores, she was allegedly IMPEDED TO ENROLL by the Pharmacy Department just because she wears niqaab. The said incident transpired today 14 May 2012, Monday at UZ.

“One of our sisters named Sitti Ridzka Muktader called me through phone around 3:00 P.M. and told me that she wasn’t allowed to enroll at Universidad de Zamboanga as a Pharmacy student. I asked her to contact Alnajib Maujun (outgoing president of MSA-UZ) for I still have my class and I can’t be with her. After my class, I went to her at UZ City Campus and asked for a report. She said that after she took the qualifying examination she was told to ask a note from Mr. Bazan, Program Chair of Pharmacy Department allowing her to enroll with her niqaab on. When she talked to Sir Bazan, Sir Bazan negatively answered that “Niqaab is not allowed in UZ because the previous niqaabis which are now on their second year level are the LAST batch of niqaabis.“extracted from the incident report sent to me by one of the MSA-UZ officers.

Furthermore, another report that has come to our knowledge:

“Ferwina Dangkahan, a sister who’s now on her second year level as a Pharmacy student wore her niqaab just few months ago, reported around 5:00 P.M. at the same day; when she was about to evaluate her grades at Registrar, UZ City Campus, Sir Bazan asked for her I.D. and noticed that she was a newly niqaabi. He told her that she’s not following School Rules and Regulations for niqaab is not allowed in UZ. He then asked her to shift to other coarse if she wants to wear her niqaab.” extracted from the incident report sent to me by one of the MSA-UZ officers.

It must be noted that UZ is a university in Zamboanga City that “HAS NO POLICY PROHIBITing THE WEARING OF NIQAAB” among Muslimat students. As a matter of fact, Sis Aisa Husin who just graduated thereat last 10 May 2012 with the degree of BS Pharmacy was indeed a niqaabi since sophomore level in UZ.

The UZ-Niqaabi Alumna cum Predecessor

Photo of Sis Aisa Husin, a BS Pharmacy niqaabi graduated at UZ last May 10, 2012

Moreover, please be informed that through an email message dated May 27, 2010, Thursday in response to our lobby on Right to Education as well as Right to Freedom of Religion within the university, the late President and CEO of Universidad de Zamboanga Sir ARTURO “Ammar” EUSTAQUIO III, positively responded thru a succinct declaration that he has made:  


However, even if the late President and CEO of Universidad de Zamboanga has declared so, some UZ personnel dared to defy his order. How woeful  that they did not heed his words while he was alive; how devastating that in his death indeed they even have more reason not to albeit we don’t know the logic  in their  reasoning. It is exhilarating to learn that the late President and CEO of Universidad de Zamboanga was, Mashaa’ Allah, a Hijaab-Niqaab defender in his lifetime, a Protector of Islam and Religious Freedom for ALL. 

In the recent article published by Philippine Daily Inquirer dated 11 May 2012, Friday, it is surprising to learn that even Malacañang has no policy that prohibits the Muslimat clad with niqaab and burqa to enter therein. 

Malacañang has no policy against guests wearing a burqa, a garment that except for her eyes covers a Muslim woman from head to foot, the head of the Presidential Security Group said Thursday.

Secretary Edwin Lacierda, Aquino’s spokesperson, said security protocols had been followed. “All guests were screened before entering the Palace following established protocols. There was no risk to President Aquino,” Lacierda said in a text message.

“Even with covered faces, identity was established and no deadly weapons were found in her bag or on her body,” he added.

Furthermore, not merely UZ and Malacanang palace protect the substantial rights of the niqaabi Muslimat, even Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) has recently allowed Muslimat Niqaabi to take PRC Licensure Examination despite fully clad with Niqaab by virtue of PRC Memorandum No. 2012-02 Re: Wearing of Veils of Muslim Womens Taking Licensure Examination dated January 24, 2012 issued by Commissioner Alfredo Y. Po, OIC PRC, provided that:

1.) At the time of filing of aplication to take the licensure examination, the niqaabi Muslim women shall be required  to have her photos taken showing the whole face with complete name tag. The photos shall be pasted on the application form, permanent examination and registration record card (PERRC) and Notice of Admission (NOA). A female application processor or issuing officer shall view the face of the applicant.

2.) During the licensure examination, inside the examination room, a female room watcher/proctor shall view the face of the niqaabi Muslim woman and compare the same with the pictures on the PERRC and NOA to ensure proper identification.

Moreover, this order is applicable to all Muslimat Niqaabi across Philippines and in all courses that need to take for a licensure examinations in PRC.

May we continue to uphold and abide the law in consonance with and respect to the inalienable rights of all Muslim Filipinos.

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Jika anda dicaturkan,keluarlah dari papan catur

Jika anda dicaturkan,keluarlah dari papan caturDalam pesanan ringkas ini,saya ingin memberitahu anda dan diri saya sendiri beberapa perkara.Sekiranya kita tidak mampu berkelakuan baik,sekurang-kurangnya harta dan diri kita tidak menyusahkan orang lain….

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Successful Marriage’s

 1. Striving daily to please our LORD and not ourselves or anyone else. 2. Finding the right person taking the time to learn who they are, appreciate and love them for who they are. 3.Being the right person and taking the time to shar…


Don’t be a beggar of Love,be a donor of Love,Beautiful people are not always good,but good people are always beautifulGod doesn’t give you the people you want,He gives you the people you need,to hurt you,to leave you, to help you,to Love YOU and make y…

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What Are Words : Chris Medina

Anywhere you are, I am nearAnywhere you go, I’ll be thereAnytime you whisper my nameYou’ll seeHow every single promise I’ll keep’Cause what kind of guy would I beIf I was to leaveWhen you need me most?What are wordsIf you really don’t mean them when yo…

Chasing Pavements : Adele

I’ve made up my mind,No need to think it over,If i’m wrong I aint right,No need to look no further,This ain’t lust,This is love but,If i tell the world,I’ll never say enough,Cause it was not said to you,And thats exactly what i need to do,If i’m in lov…

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Do you know who is the righteous Husband?

“He is the mαn who will choose you because of the womαn you αre, not becαuse of a tight jeαns or α short dress. He is the mαn who will αppreciαte your loose Hijαb even before seeing you with beαutiful hαircut, αttrαctive clothes αnd mαke-up. He is the mαn who lowered his gαze so that you become the only womαn he sees. He is the mαn who chose you to be his gift from Allαh for fighting temptαtions of other women. He is the mαn who preserved his heαrt for you, only you so thαt you cαn live in it peαcefully. He is the mαn whose love will mαke you stronger, He is your gift from Allαh (subhana wa tala) in sha’Allαh.”

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