Scenery and Micros from my Samsung Galaxy Y

By | May 8, 2012
 The leaves of tree are just beautiful through the ambiance of the sunset and afternoon sky.

 There it goes below is a dome of a mosque. No its not am not really sure of what type of building is this. I think its the camp of former ARMM Governor Nur Misuari located at Cabatangan, Zamboanga City. The photos above are taken along the way to the camp.
By just browsing at this photos it come you your mind that I love nature and sky… yeah! you’re right…
I love nature right? so, don’t get boring with the following photos. Anyway pity for my shots if its not in good pixel, I only used my Samsung Galaxy Y here….
This one is a herbal plant. I don’t know its name in English but in Filipino is called “Kantatay” while “Dawpana” in Tausug. The leaves of this can cure dry cough by boiling it with water. I remember I read my classmate’s herbal plants book back in high school.

These are just wild plants that grows anywhere even they’re not planted. I don’t know there name.

 Family: Butterfly

Type/Name: Heteronympha merope

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Arthropoda

Class: Insecta

Order: Lepidoptera

A closer look:

My favorite:

Family: Dragonfly
Type: Kirby’s Dropwing (Trithemis kirbyi)
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Odonata
Suborder: Epiprocta
Infraorder: Anisoptera


She’s awesome,,, right??? in any angle…
This one is attractive too:
The familiar one: CACTUS