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Excited for Ramadhan 1433

Are you as excited as I am for the Ramadhan this year?I am looking forward to this Ramadhan because this is my last Ramadhan in Iligan City. After this year, I will be bound for Manila for review. In Shaa Allaah, the Almighty will guide through.Anyway,…

CFP: Cyber Space and International Relations: Theory, Prospects and Challenges

CFP : Book Project

Cyber Space and International Relations: Theory, Prospects and Challenges

The cyberspace is everywhere – this saying is no longer just a saying, it is an empirical fact. In today´s world, nearly everything is connected to the Internet, not only our computers and mobile phones but also our cars, fridges, and things of everyday use. Furthermore, the world has become more

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The Mindanao Human Rights Action Center (MinHRAC) seeks candidates to the following positions under its Protection Monitoring and Legal Assistance Project funded by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). 

1. PROJECT ASSISTANT – The Project Assistant will provide administrative and project support to the Legal Aid Officer and the Protection Monitoring team based in the Cotabato City Headquarters.

• College graduate
• excellent writing and communication skills;
• ability to handle large volume of work and have excellent organization skills;
• strong attention to detail
• ability to deal with time pressure and a demanding work environment;
• willingness to travel to remote parts of Mindanao
• excellent interpersonal skills, team worker;
• ability to take initiatives and be flexible and adaptable in a changing environment
• working knowledge of Microsoft Office applications
• working knowledge of any of the languages spoken in Mindanao considered an advantage;
• significant experience living and working in ARMM communities preferred but not required;
• prior work experience with public interest organisations focusing on human rights preferred but not required.

2. STAFF LAWYER / LEGAL AID OFFICER – The Staff Lawyer / Legal Aid Officer will be part of the MinHRAC quick response and legal aid team , in addition to serving as resource person on human rights and international humanitarian law trainings and orientation sessions.

In addition to the qualifications above, candidate for Lawyer position must be:

• willing to be based either in Cotabato City or Zamboanga City
• a member in good standing in the Philippine Bar
• preferably with 2 years’ litigation experience.

Interested applicants may send their resumes to

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IP leaders give support to MILF in peace talks

Key leaders of Indigenous People (IP) in Central Mindanao have recently expressed their ‘full support’ to the peace panel of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) in its ongoing peace negotiations with the Philippine government. The commitment of support was made by 30 leaders and representatives of Teduray, Lambangian and…

Call for genuine reform at ARMM LGU Summit

Davao City, June 20, 2012 – Progressive groups met President Noynoy Aquino and local executives of ARMM along KM 7 in Lanang with a picket rally calling for genuine ARMM reform.

President Noynoy Aquino III (PNOY) and Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) executives were met by representatives of the Free Cocoy Tulawie Movement, including Freedom from Debt Coalition, Partido ng Manggagawa, Kilusan ng Pambansang Demokrasya, Alliance of Progressive Labor, Task Force Detainees of the Philippines and the Mindanao Peoples Caucus, along the highway to Waterfront Insular hotel, while said personalities were on their way to the ARMM LGU Summit.

T’boli still face uncertainty, months after mosque burning

On September 1985, Lake Sebu, one of the most important watershed areas in the country, was proclaimed as a protected landscape. Lake Sebu is home to a number of indigenous peoples including the T’boli, known for their intricate weaving and exquisite brassware, who have lived in Lake Sebu for centuries.

Sadly, they are not protected as a people in the same way that the landscape of Lake Sebu is.

T’boli residents in Brgy. Luhib, Lake Sebu, South Cotabato face possible loss of land and property amidst threats to their safety, as suspects to the most recent burning of their mosque and homes are still at large. With subpoenas yet to be signed and served, preliminary investigations are still ongoing and the suspects are yet to answer to the victims’ formal complaint.

Junjun, Danny and Nognog Bañagados were sighted among the people present duting the Solidarity Caravan spearheaded by the Mindanao Human Rights Action Center, to help the community rebuild their mosque. The Bañagados enjoy this freedom despite being the primary suspects behind the burning incident.

In a dialogue held last May 28, days after the Solidarity Caravan, the barangay captain of the said area expressed disapproval over the activities held MinHRAC and its legal assistance team, saying that the residents should have approached him instead. He also noted how the names of the suspect were not mentioned the first time residents brought their case to him, and how the Bañagados were only implicated during MinHRAC’s intial interviews with residents held days after the incident.

However, when the T’boli first approached their barangay captain, the latter paid no heed to his indigenous constituents. This prompted the residents to present their case and seek assistance from MinHRAC. In addition, a PNP dispatch together with the Surallah Bureau of Fire Protection first set foot on Luhib, only after MinHRAC requested that they join their fact-finding investigation regarding the burning incident.

In recent correspondences with the barangay captain, it has become apparent that he has close ties with the Bañagados and favors the said family, an affinity assumed to be because of their shared roots as Ilonggo settlers.

Since the burning incident, threats to the safety of the residents have been constant, albeit indirect. Residents have disclosed to MinHRAC that they have been warned to stay in their homes for their own safety. One of the most disturbing threats reported was how one of the Bañagados was allegedly overheard to have said “papaulanan namin kayo ng bala.

According to Sa’ang Kalan, one of the complainants against the Bañagados, has lived in Luhib for as long as he can remember and is the third generation descendant of his forefathers who lived in Brgy. Luhib before him. However, his peaceful settlement was interrupted when the Bañagados arrived and started claiming the land as their own.

Since then, he has lived with intimidation and harassment from the Bañagados, which eventually led to the shooting and death of his half-brother, Tinis. However, due to lack of corroborating evidence, no case has been filed to make the Bañagados accountable.

Plots of land surrounding the Luhib residents’ homes, including that of Kalan, have been cleared without their consent as if to prepare land for tilling. It has been two months since their mosque, along with their homes, has been burned down with impunity.

This is not the first time homes have been burned down in Luhib but, due to reasons yet to be disclosed to MinHRAC, this is the first time victims have filed a complaint. According to residents, this latest incident may be the fifth burning incident in recent memory.

On April 19, Sa’ang Kalan, one of the complainants, was awakened by the sound of crackling sound of burning wood and the smell of smoke only to discover that their mosque was being set on fire. He positively identifies Jun-jun Bañagado who was then holding a cigarette lighter while pouring an unknown accelerant from a bottle. Bañagado was seen with his brothers, Nognog and Danny, who both carried long firearms.

A land dispute is thought to be the cause of these incidents as the mosque and several adjacent homes are situated on a farm lot which the older Bañagado, Ernesto, claims as his. Flody, Kalan’s wife, has previously brought their land claim before the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP)but the commission has yet to act upon the said claim.

The three Bañagados who have been positively identified by Sa’ang Kalan are the sons of Ernesto.

Kalan lives in a house 2 to 3 meters away from the mosque, one that was partially burned during incident. Meanwhile, Kalan’s neighbor suffered a fate worse than his.

That same night, Nerissa Baluyan, whose partner partner was then working in a rice mill in Nurallah, South Cotabato, had no choice but to leave their house unattended as she looked after her sick mother. A little before midnight, she was awakened by someone shouting “Fire! Fire!” Rattled, she went out to check what the commotion was about, fearing the worst.

As she ran downhill to her burning home, she saw five men standing nearby. She then shouted “may tao!” after which four of the men ran away. It was then when she saw Jun-jun Bañagado cocking a gun in his hand. Again, Baluyan shouted “May tao! May tao!” which prompted Bañagado to flee the scene.

Baluyan’s home was burned to the ground. While Sa’ang Kalan promptly went to the police station the next morning, Baluyan chose to stay behind as she feared for her life.

In less than a week, the MinHRAC Quick Response Team went to the site of the incident in coordination with the Commission of Human Rights – Region XII, together with the Lake Sebu PNP and Surallah Bureau of Fire Protection to conduct a fact-finding investigation.    ###          

Pictures of the Lake Sebu Solidarity Caravan can be seen at the MinHRAC facebook page:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

New ISA Section Proposed: Religion and IR

Dear Colleagues:

I am writing to invite you to support the founding of a new ISA section on religion and international relations. This section will encourage ISA papers and panels on religion, broadly defined, without prejudice regarding methodol…

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Islamic Studies Network announces establishment of subject association for Islamic Studies


Following on from our consultations on the future of the Islamic Studies Network, we are pleased to announce that we are beginning the process of establishing a subject association for Islamic Studies. This association will be a learned society and professional organisation focused on enhancing research and teaching about Islam and Muslim cultures and societies in UK higher

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Speech of one of our sisters during her Cap and Badge Ceremony:

Composed By: Warina Sushil A. Jukuy

Bismillahir Rahmani Rahiim

In the Name of Almighty God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakatuhu..

What can be more beautiful and perfect than the universal greetings for all mankind….. The Peace of Almighty GOD, His Mercy and His Blessings be upon us all today….


Let me salute and honor the presence of the people who do the “dirty job” of maintaining the sanitation, system, and order of this institution…from the security, maintenance staff and crew; our beloved parents who struggle and sacrifice for the sake of our dreams, our academic mentors, advisers, and coordinators; faculty and administration…. And..of course… the our College Dean _______ and our President and _______ of this institution _____________, fellow nursing colleagues, ladies and gentlemen….. GOOD AFTERNOON.

I do not want to commit the crime of stealing your time and putting you to sleep against your wishes. I must tell you that I am required to deliver a 15-20 minutes speech. I am questioning my ability now: Can I hold your attention for that long? I wonder. That remains to be seen.

Thus, I divide my speech into three brief parts: expressing my thanks to Florence Nightingale, sharing my sacrifices, and envisioning my aspiration and inspiration.

Alhamdulillaah! All praise is due to Almighty God and I thank Him for giving to us the  LADY OF THE LAMP FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE, the pioneer of this noble profession..NURSING; and by stroke of FATE AND DESTINY.. she was a woman who lived up to ninety! (90) She was born 188 years ago on May 12, 1820 and died on August 13, 1910….. one hundred years ago!

Florence Nightingale is most remembered as a pioneer of nursing and a reformer of hospital sanitation methods. Cynthia Audain, Class of 1998  of Agnes Scott College  wrote:

Named after the City of her Birth, Florence Nightingale’s two greatest life achievements–pioneering of nursing and the reform of hospitals–were amazing considering that most Victorian women of her age group did not attend universities or pursue professional careers. It was her father, William Nightingale, who believed women, especially his children, should get an education. So Nightingale and her sister learned Italian, Latin, Greek, history, and mathematics. She in particular received excellent early preparation in mathematics from her father and aunt, and was also tutored in mathematics by James Sylvester. In 1854, after a year as a unpaid superintendent of a London “establishment for gentlewomen during illness,” the Secretary of War, Sidney Herbert, recruited Nightingale and 38 nurses for service in Scutari during the Crimean War.

Unknown to many, however, was Florence Nightingale’s use of new techniques of statistical analysis, such as during the Crimean War when she plotted the incidence of preventable deaths in the military. She developed the “polar-area diagram” to dramatize the needless deaths caused by unsanitary conditions and the need for reform. With her analysis, Florence Nightingale revolutionized the idea that social phenomena could be objectively measured and subjected to mathematical analysis. She was an innovator in the collection, tabulation, interpretation, and graphical display of descriptive statistics.

Florence Nightingale also developed a Model Hospital Statistical Form for hospitals to collect and generate consistent data and statistics. She became a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society in 1858 and an honorary member of the American Statistical Association in 1874. Karl Pearson acknowledged Nighingale as a “prophetess” in the development of applied statistics.

Nightingale’s hospital visits began in 1844 and continued for eleven years. She spent the winter and spring of 1849-50 in Egypt with family friends; on the journey from Paris she met two St. Vincent de Paul sisters who gave her an introduction to their convent at Alexandria. Nightingale saw that the disciplined and well-organised Sisters made better nurses than women in England . Between 31 July to 13 August 1850, Nightingale made her first visit to the Institute of Protestant Deaconesses at Kaiserswerth. The institute had been founded for the care of the destitute in 1833 and had grown into a training school for women teachers and nurses. Her visit convinced Nightingale of the possibilities of making nursing a vocation for ladies. In 1851 she spent four months at Kaiserswerth, training as a sick nurse. When she returned home, she undertook more visits to London hospitals; in the autumn of 1852 she inspected hospitals in Edinburgh and Dublin . In 1853 she accepted her first administrative post when she became superintendent of the Hospital for Invalid Gentlewomen.

Nightingale offered her services to the War Office on 14 October but her friend Sidney Herbert — the Secretary for War — already had written to her, suggesting that she should go out to the Crimea .

Thus, Nightingale embarked for the Crimea on 21 October with thirty-eight nurses: ten Roman Catholic Sisters, eight Anglican Sisters of Mercy, six nurses from St. John’s Institute, and fourteen from various hospitals; Mr. and Mrs. Bracebridge, also went with her.

Sisters, nuns! Take note, ladies and gentlemen, the pioneering women nurses wore veils, habits and were veiled, as much as Florence The Lady With The Lamp was wearing a veil on her head and dressed in a gown and apron!  Subhanallaah! This is similar to hijab wearing or veiled Muslim ladies and women… like I am…look at me please… just like me…like I do…. Clad in my pure white uniform and my cap and apron…and a veil on my head symbolizing my purity BEFORE ALMIGHTY GOD….just like the Immaculate Virgin Mary…. Sitti Mariam to us Muslims.

Alhamdulillaah! I sincerely thank the broad mindedness of this instituton and the faculty who granted me this privilege speech so I can wear my hijab during this auspicious ceremonial capping and pinning today. Never mind if a cap perched on my hijab covered head would make me look like a Ninja Turtle. I dont care!

I along with the rest of you and the entire nursing academe as well as  nursing professionals can resonate with Florence and the pioneering nursing forces during the historical wars, how they have labored and toiled, how they have suffered and sacrificed for the sake of humanity and above all for the sake of Almighty GOD.

Like us, they sacrificed precious hours to be with loved ones and families in the name of nurturing the SICK amidst deplorable conditions of poor sanitation, scarcity of food and drink, amidst a violent and horrendous bloody war. We are still lucky, we will be paid in dollars if we pass the board exams and be an OFW and we were to join the government labor force as paid employees BUT  the pioneering nurses were UNPAID. It was indeed a NOBLE and PURE Profession for heroines like them.

This is the inspiration that must smolder and burn in our hearts to care for the sick whether Filipinos or not—- without prejudice or discrimination.

I must articulate today my sacrifice…my own and co-owned by my parents and the whole Islamic Ummah…. To be able to pursue a nursing career…. I am endangered and threatened. Why? My hijab or veil is being regarded offensive and unsanitary by hospital institutions….and there is no one to protect me apart from Allaah except my INSTITUTION in the name of human dignity and liberty.

My hijab is a covering of my private parts because since puberty I have not expose my awrat … excepting my face and my hands…all are considered PRIVATE PARTS…if I expose my ears, my neck or my HAIR… it is as if I am walking naked! That is the consequence of depriving me of my hijab.

I have told you that FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE was a reformist and an innovator far ahead of her age and century —one huindred eighty eight years ago; she did not—with all due respect and begging for your indulgence— she did not order the use of nursing caps back then…she herself was covered from her hair down to the length of her ankles.

It is 2008 now. We must start to be liberal and tolerant by understanding our multi-diversity as peoples and by respecting each other’s right to the exercise of religion—which is a substantive right— not conferred by any human law— but these rights have sprung out by the moment we were born.

Ladies and gentlemen…nursing profession back then was not about money; not about dollars, not about dinars, not about euro or riyals! It is essentially about caring for the sick and those who are wounded and injured soldiers, combatants, civilians, elederly, women and men, the young and the old..most especially vulnerable children.

Nursing is not about caps! IT IS NOT ABOUT CAPS OR PINS! It is more than that. Nursing is one of the many FACES of LOVE, MERCY, AND COMPASSION. It is about HEALING humanity. Just like patriotism, it is NOT ABOUT FLAGS AND CONSTITUTION…… it is about  PEACE, LIBERTY AND JUSTICE.

When dignity of  mankind is at stake the caps, pins, flags, and constitution must not prevail…… dignity of mankind must prevail at all times….this is the essence of the principles of human justice.

Together let our dreams..the young generation— be your dreams! We thank GOD for you our parents who have dreamed our dreams with us every step of the way. We thank GOD for our institution and the humane educators behind it who struggle with us so that our dreams and the dreams of  our parents will cease to become a mere elusive dream but will ultimately turn into reality. INSHAALLAH.

AGAIN: Let me salute and honor the presence of the people who do the “dirty job” of maintaining the sanitation, system, and order of this institution…from the security, maintenance staff and crew; our beloved parents who struggle and sacrifice for the sake of our dreams, our academic mentors, advisers, and coordinators; faculty and administration…. And..of course… the our College Dean _______ and our President and _______ of this institution _____________, fellow nursing colleagues, ladies and gentlemen….. GOOD AFTERNOON.

Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakatuhu…..

What can be more beautiful and perfect than the universal greetings for all mankind….. The Peace of Almighty GOD, His Mercy and His Blessings be upon us all today….


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America’s Great Shame

This is how the Bates Treaty was described in an article carried by the Virginian-Pilot (Norfolk, Virginia, USA) in September 16, 1900.America’s great shame? Because the treaty continue to recognize and support polygamy and slavery. The article is an e…

moving out

I’m moving out. My new home is 

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99 Names of Allah Asma ul Husna

1. Ar-RahmanThe One who has plenty of mercy for the believers and the blasphemers in this world and especially for the believers in the hereafter.The Most Merciful2. Ar-RahimThe One who has plenty of mercy for the believers.The most Compassionate3. Al-…

Cosmopolitan American port?

Cosmopolitan American port? This is how a photo caption (below) in the Omaha Daily Bee (October 22, 1905), Omaha, Nebraska, USA, describes the scene at the Jolo port. Further, it describes what makes Jolo cosmopolitan – presence of the Americans and Mo…

Qunut / "Being Obedient"

اللَّهُمَّ اهْدِنِي فِيمَنْ هَدَيْت
Allahummahdinii fiman hadait
oh Allah, guide me among those whom you have guided

وَعَافِنِي فِيِمَنْ عَافَيْتَ
Wa’afini fiman ‘aafait
and strengthen me with those whom You have given strength

وَتَوَلَّنِي فِمَنْ تَوَلَّيْتَ
Watawallani fiman tawwallait
take me to Your care with those whom You have taken to Your care

وَبَارِكْ لِي فِيمَا أعْطَيْتَ
Wabariklii fiman a’tait
bless me in what You have given me

وَقِنِي شَرَّ مَا قَضَيْتَ
Waqini sharrama qadait
protect me from the evil You have Ordained

فَإنَّكَ تَقْضِي وَلا يُقْضَى عَلَيْكَ
Fainnaka taqdi wala yuqda ‘aalaik
surely You Command and are not commanded

إنَّهُ لا يَذِلُّ مَنْ وَالَيْتَ
Innahu la yadhilluman waalait
and non whom You have committed to Your care shall be humiliated

وَلا يَعِزُّ مَنْ عَادَيْت
Wala yai’izzuman ‘aadait
and non whom You have Taken as an enemy shall taste glory

تَبَارَكْتَ رَبَّنَا وَ تَعَالَيْت
Tabarakta rabbana wata’aalait
You are Blessed, our Lord, and Exalted

The Matrix 4th Density:Introduction

Fasal ini dalam menyatakan mukaddimah alam-alam ciptaan The Programmer atau yang disebut ‘Matriks’.Di dalam mukaddimah ini akan diperjelaskan akan maksud ruang dan masa dan bagaimana kedua-duanya hanyalah ilusi atau imaginasi semata-mata.PeringatanArti…

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1.Bismillah in tagnaan, sumunud in pagsalammaunu-unu na kamu yan? manga kakasi ha tirananyari ku na balikan in tarasul piyag-anaranhal sin kita katan, parang sabbil sin bata’ huling jaman.2.yari aku simindil in baran piyahadirbisan maniyu’-tiyu’ dimihi…

Kaja: Ma’siat atawa Ibadat


Alhamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wassalatu wassalamu ala asrafil anbiyai walmursalin Sayyidina Muhammadin wa ala alihi wa ashabihi ajmain.

Sulayan natu’ hidukut ha laum ini in adat sin kamaasan natu’. In kiyasulat ha laum ini bukun bilang pandapat sin hambuuk guru sagawa’ daing ha pikilan sin hambuuk murid amun awn kiyatilagan kasabunnalan ha hinang sin manga nagpangIslam nakauna ha kapuan Sug.

In Kaja sambil pa adlaw ini wala’ kitaniyu nakadungug sin tupan maana niya misan pa awn gimuwa’ gaydpamikil bahawa in Kaja nakawa’ daing ha kabtangan “KERJA” atawa hinang. Bang ta hi agsu’ pa salsilah sin kamaasan ha tungud pagKaja in kabtangan Kerja magtuy ra mapapas kandiriniya bang hakiraniya kaingatan natu’ in puun sabab sin pagkaja. Laung sin hambuuk bayta’ in puunan sin Kaja daing pa ha jaman sin Apu’ Adam ha waktu didtu pa siya ha laum sulga’. Misan dumagbus kata-kata sagawa’ in parakala’ ini maghajat sayiksikun pakalauman niya. Karna’ di’ maawn in bissara bang wayruun giyuwaan niya. Di’ natu’ da isab manjari taliun bahawa in hinang ini daing ha agama Buddha sabab in pikilan ini masamlang iban sin hipagpaguwa’ sin kamaasan bahawa in Kaja amuna in sukat ungsud sin Apu’ Tuan Sharif Mahadum RA ha anak niya babai ha waktu nakapaghula’. In pangasubu mayta’ nagsukat in Apu Mahadum bihadtu ha anak niya? Unu bukun baha’ ini asal kabiyaksahan paghinangun sin sila ha hula’ nila? Atawa bukun da baha’ in hinang ini kabiyaksahan paghinangun sin kanabihan? 

Adapun in paghinang sin Kaja mataud jinisan niya. Awn magiyan subay 11 manuk iban sin manga kaibanan kapanyapan kalalagihan hapagduwaa. Awn da isab magiyan hambuuk manuk jukupna hipaghinang ha masa pagkawin. Di’ na kita magtagid-id sin hal pagparagbus sin pagkaja sagawa’ in kitaun natu, unu baha’ in hinang ini makasud kasiya pa tiranan sin Ibadat atawa mahinang sabab hikapagma’siat.

Syeikh Dr. Tahirul Qadri
Ha hal ini subay natu’ pahamun in panakupi sin sara’ ha Islam pa adat sin tiyap ummat hakatilingkal dunya. Ha jaman nakauna in adat iban sin agama hangkaliyupian. Misan isab bihadtu wala’ nagmaksuri in adat amuna in nanudlui atawakan agaran sin Islam. Sabab in agama Islam amuna in agama partangngahan tupun ha katan waktu iban kahalan. In adat nahinang hadja siya parantara’ hikapasaplag iban hikakusug sin pagagama sin bangsa Muslimin ha jaman niya. Adapun in adat amun asal sulang daing ha lahil pa batin asal di’ makasud ha agama. Suntu’ niya awn manga adat sin bangsa ta biya’ na sin magtaun wahuy, magtakbi’ iban sin kaibanan pa amun wala’ liyamuran sin pag-agama karna’ in manga hal ini asal matampal ma’siat. Adapun in Islam nana’gahi sa tugas-tugas niya ha manga hinang ma’siat.

In Adat pagbahasahun amuna in kakahinang natayma’ sin tau ha hambuuk hula’ atawa ha hambuuk jaman sibu’ da in kaawnan niya mangi’ iban marayaw. Suntu’ niya ha bihaun in adat kiyaupihan sin katan bangsa manusiya’ biya’ na sin pag”internet”. Adapun in paginternet makajari siya pasuran pagibadat damikkiyan makajari ra isab siya pasuran pagma’siat. Bang in hinang mu hapag”internet” magsuysuy sin agama atawa mangdahi ha manusiya’ magiman pa Allah in manga yadtu makira pagibadat damikkiyan bang usalun hipaghinang sin langgal sara’ tantu mangdahi ra siya papagma’siat.
Habib Munzir Al-Musawa
In pagkaja bang ta pasurun ha paham sara’ biyaktul sin kaulamaan nakauna duun ta siya mapasud ha hinang “Tawassul” [Umusal Parantara’ ha pagduwaa] iban “Istigatha” [Mangayu’ ha mahluk buhi’ iban patay]. Misan bukun sibu’ in dagbus sin hinang adapun in susugsugan ha laum pagkaja mataud tawassul iban istigatha. In duwa hinang ini jiyari sin manga ulama’ daing ha upat Majhab. Ha masa natu’ ini in tanug ulama nanindugi sin PagTawassul iban PagIstigatha biya’ na kan Syeikh Dr. Tahirul Qadri iban sin tanug magdada’wa ha Indonesia biya’ na kan Habib Munzir Al-Musawa. Ha Kitab siyulat hi Habib Munzir “Kenalilah Akidahmu” awn hambuuk farman piyaguwa’ niya ha gikapan 33 manunjuki ha pagTawassul:

Nagfarman in Allah SWT: “Wahai manga bar-iman, pagTaqwa kamu/pagtaat kamu pa Allah SWT iban lawag kamu par-antara’ amun makapasuuk kaniyu pa Allah SWT iban pagluaslungsad kamu ha dan sin Allah SWT, ha supaya kamu makakawa’ paluntungan” [QS. Al-Maidah-35] 
Urula niyu ra kuman in panapsil niya ha ayat ini. 

Adapun in ha tungud Istigatha namung hi Habib Munzir “Ha waktu in hambuuk tau mamung bahawa in tau patay di’ makadihil mumpaat iban in tau buhi’ amun makadihil mumpaat, in siya awn bulirapat mahulug pa laum kakupulan karna’ tiyayma’ niya in kabuhi’ amuna in puunan sin mumpaat adapun in kamatay amuna in mustahil makadihil mumpaat. Parahal in mumpaat iban mudarat daing ha Allah SWT. Adapun in kakawasahan sin Allah SWT di’ katampanan sibu’ da kabuhi’ iban kamatay. [Kenalilah Akidahmu, gikap 37]

Ha dalam sin bihadtu mataud hadis piyaguwa’ niya ha tungud pangjarihi sin Nabi Muhammad SAW hapagistigatha. Biya’ na sin hambuuk hadis nasabbut ha baba’ ini:

Kiyariwayat bahawa ha unahan sin Ibn Abbas RA awn hambuuk simakit in siki [hantang bula-bula] niya, ampa namung kaniya in Ibn Abbas: “Sabbuta in ngan sin tau amun landu’ tuud kalasahan mu…!” Ampa simabbut in tau yadtu iban suara matugas…: “Muhammad!, daing ha sabab yadtu hangkaraih paman imuli in sakit sin siki niya. [Riwayat hi Imam Hakim, Ibn Sunniy iban riwayat da isab hi Imam Tabrani iban sanad niya hasan] iban in riwayat ini piyagriwayat da isab hi Imam Nawawi ha Al Adzkar.

Ha dalam sin bihadtu in tiyap-tiyap magduruwaa Kaja iban magpangayu’ hakatampat-tampatan subay di’ magduwa ruwa sin hinang nila. Karna’ bang in hinang sin kamaasan laung tantu ha jaman nakauna pa mapu’pu’ na in hinang ini. Amura kuman in kalagihan sin manga bangsa Tausug parayawaun in pag-i’tikad ha supaya di’ isab mahulug pa laum kasirikan in hinang nila. Subay maayad ha pagi’tikad iban ha parniyatan karna’ in makasah sin katan tuput tunggal Tuhan. Adapun bang in ha laum i’tikad bat in makapauli amun Apu’ kiyatampat bukun amun Tuhan tantu awn pagduwa-ruwa makadugtul da isab ini ha dusa salaggu’-laggu’.

Hangkan na in adat sin Bangsa Tausug nabuhi’ in pag-Imam atawa pag-pakil. Sabab amun manga Imam ini in maghinang sin pagduwaa. Adapun di’ da isab manjari taymaun hinangun Imam in hambuuk tau apabila bukun pantuk ha hinang nila.

Biya’ na sin sambat in unu-unu katan Tuhan da in makahukum. Di’ natu’ na awnun in pagarujawab ha tungud ini, adapun in mama’tali ha hinang binin katu’ taniyu sin kamaasan subay di’ natu’ magtuy dihilan hukuman sabab ayaw paka in mahukum natu’ in hinang amun wala’ natu’ na kiyasakupan in puun sabab niya buat malaingkan misan hinang natu’ kandi mahunit natu’ da hukumun bang tiyayma’ ka iban sin wala’.

Hambuuk da in patarrangan namu’ daindi in kakahinang sin kamaasan naurul sin pamandu’ daing ha bautan sin Islam labay hapagluku’ ligad sin manga kaulamaan nagpakaratung pa hula’ iban sin asal na ha laum hula’ amun pantuk hapag-agama.

In katan piyagbiddaan pandapat atawakan pamaham ha katampalan sin pagagama bihaun nagsabab daing ha nusulan sin jaman. In paggingung ha bihaun sabab daing ha nakauna. In Islam bukun ampa kahapun dimatung pa Kapuan Sug damikkiyan bukun ampa adlaw yan in tau Lupa’ Sug nakaingat sin pagtawhid sabunnal. Amura in wala’ nakapaham marayaw in wala’ hidayatan sin Tuhan pahatihun sin ilmu’ niya yaun mimikit ha utuk puti’ sin manga kamaasan.

Dungdungan natu’ in papata si kamaasan “Ha susungun di’ na masilang in hadji iban bukun  hadji’ karna’ tumaud na in magsusulban puti’”

Magpahugut na hadja kitaniyu sin panindug pakaniya-pakaniya in katan mapun da ha hadarat sin Allah SWT tumayma’ sin hukuman sabunnal-bunnal. Bang awn kalaungan pagmaapan dakuman, mikiampun aku pa Allah SWT ha manga karayawan iban kalaungan ha laum siyulat sin iypun Niya hina’ ini.

Bang kamu mabaya’ lumawag sin kitab sin Habib Munzir paglawag hadja kamu ha Google

Tercipta Untuk Diuji

#istighfarHati semakin tak sihat. Terdesak keluar dari daerah ini. Dengan segera. Tidak mungkin dapat kubawa jasad. Baik lagi berpindahlah hati. Sandarkan kembali pada yang hak. Baiki semula silaturrahim. 29 yang telah berlalu. Hidup bermakna…

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Teduray, Maguindanaon renew ties in peace dialogue

The Teduray and Maguindanaon people have agreed upon creating a conflict management mechanism geared towards peaceful settlements between the two communities in South Upi, Maguindanao after a dialogue held last May 31. An estimated 100 participants attended and took part in coming up with amechanism for peaceful resolution of conflicts that have recently arisen, with the support of the Mindanao Human Rights Action Center (MinHRAC) and the International Monitoring Team (IMT).

During the event, Timuay Jovito Martin, Regional Tribal Chieftain of the Teduray tribe, recounted the story of Apo Mamalo and Apo Tabunaway – two brothers who, despite choosing to follow different beliefs, remained the greatest of allies. The Teduray trace their lineage back to Apo Mamalo while the Maguindanaon share their bloodline with Apo Tabunaway.

This story serves as the foundation for the formation of a council consisting of tribal elders as a conflict management mechanism that will enable the Teduray and Maguindanaon to resolve disputes on the grassroots level and live together in mutual respect as their ancestors did.

Aside from the formation of a tribal council, a kanduli will be held come July as a testament to the newfound solidarity between the Teduray and Maguindanaon. Both also plan to work together on an advocacy campaign, in cooperation with other tribes in Central Mindanao, which focuses on the kinship between Apo Mamalo and Apo Tabunaway and is geared towards sustaining a similar relationship among the different tribes.

Timuay Martin also acknowledged the contributions of MinHRAC to their community in terms of human rights awareness and alleviation of tension caused by recent conflicts.

Two events are of note in relation to this peace dialogue. One is the disappearance of Rogelio Mundo, member of the Teduray tribe, while the other is the strafing of three Teduray homes, both of which happened in South Upi, Maguindanao. However, no cases have been filed due to lack of corroborating evidence and witnesses.

Mundo makes a living as a meat trader, and the reason for his disappearance is still unknown. Despite searches done through the joint-effort of the tribe leaders and several CAFGU members, together with incident reports to the Philippine National Police and the local government, Mundo still hasn’t been found.

Due to the alleged implication of a Maguindanaon who is the Mundo’s business partner, there has been tension between residents belonging to the two ethnic groups in the area. However with the intervention of the tribal leaders, the case has been reported to MinHRAC which then assisted them in engaging each other through a peace dialogue.

Regarding the strafing incident which happened last May 10, only assumptions have been made. Some say the houses were targeted by armed men because of the residents’ appointment as part of the Peace Council. The Peace Council is said to be an initiative by the Tri-people Organization Against Disaster Foundation (TRIPAD).

Inquiries about the deaths due to past and resolved conflicts made separately with the Teduray and Maguindanaon communities is said to have caused tension between the two groups, now believed to be the reason behind aggression. The inquiries provided the rationale for TRIPAD to form a Peace Council which is thought to be redundant with an already existing tribal council which is a part of their traditional justice system.

Despite the recently concluded peace dialogue, masked men have recently been sighted near the homes of those affected by the strafing. This prompted the affected families to request that the Kanduli be held as soon as possible, in order to ensure their safety.

note: more photos on the Peace Dialogue can be found in our facebook page: 

I am Free, so are you

They say that men are free but how to exercise that freedom if we keep on denying the Truth. What, Where and Who is the Truth? Find out in yourselves! The Truth is The Omnipresence, The All-Knower, The first and the Last. He is alone without partner, h…

Bala’ Huling Jaman

Alhamdulillahi Rabbil alameen, wassalatu wassalamu ala asrafil anbiyai wal mursalin Sayyidina Muhammadin wa ala alihi wa ashabihi ajmain.
Bunnal baha’ in agi sin kaibanan halul akkal in huling jaman amuna in “Balaujjaman” atawa jaman hipu’ sin bala’? Unu baha’ in piyagmaksud “hipu’ sin bala’? Sabab baha’ sin daran magjatu paglinug, hangin tawpan, dagat magsulig iban paglahu’?
Bang ha atud sin manga Muslim halul akkal in ngiyanan bala’ bukun hadja amun manga nasabbut ha taas yan adapun in sanahut-nahut na bala’ biya’ na sin kugdanan in baran sin sakit pagkatul atawa kutuhun in buhuk. Ha kahawpuan niya unu-unu in jumatu ha baran amun di’ na siya mabilang daing ha likusan sin marayaw makajari na yadtu kirahun bala’. 
In bala’ salaggu’-laggu’ jimatu ha ummat bihaun amuna in nalawa’ in pangandul ha Nagpapanjari kanila. Agad kamatauran sin manusiya’ tarbilang na in kamatauran sin bangsa Muslimin nakasiha’ na daing ha ini. Mataud na Muslim nalamin sin pamikilan sin tau sadlupan, amun magparatsaya hadja bang awn bukti’ kakitaan [To see is to believe], adapun bang wayruun magtuy kaw iyanun unu’ laung na in tanda’ hikapakita’ mu. Mataud naggugulal namawgbug ha Qur’an iban Sunnah sagawa’ in paljantangan biya’ da hal sin manga tau puti’, gampa in tau puti’ amun kiyahidayatan sin Allah SWT pa dan mabuntul [Siratal Mustaqeem] napinda ayaw sin amun luggiya’ Muslim gamman magduruhun in akkal kiyatabunan sin kasipat-sipatan bukun marayaw. 
Baha’ amuna ini in pagiyanun sin kamaasan “Halli’ kamu sin pamiat daing ha taasan hangin, maluuy bang mu dungugun in parkaulan nila, sagawa’ in diyara nila hikakapir”.
In kamaasan nakauna wala’ da isab nasalamat daing ha bala’, sagawa’ in hakatilibut nila timatayimbabaw in pangandul iban paghuwat-huwat pa Tuhan. Sabab in kaawnan nila bukun biya’ sin kitaniyu amun masub magpaguwa’ hilalaungan misan wala’ kapahami marayaw unu in piyasampay. Di’ sila maggulal guru bang in kaawnan bukun sila pantuk, susu’ labi pa bang magpasampay sin agama. Sabab in agama kikila nila bukun ha pais, bukun ha maana, bukun da isab ha pamakay. Sagawa’ in Islam ingat nila amun yadtu ha hadarat sin Tuhan [Innaddina indawlahil Islam]. Unu in yadtu ha Tuhan tantu di’ magbaluba, di’ magkapinda salta’ daran matup pakatan jaman.
Hawnu in kaIslam sin kitaniyu bihaun miyumutang? In kaIslam natu’ tunga’-tunga’ [tabiya’ ha bukun]. Hangkan tunga’-tunga’ paratsaya kita Allah SWT in puunan sin katan sagawa’ in hulat-hulat natu’ harap pa mahluk iban sin katan piyapanjari. Paratsaya kitaniyu agama in makapasanyang sagawa’ bang in pagbissarahan pagparinta di’ natu’ palamuran sin agama, iban pagiyan sin kaibanan in yan agama in ini pagparinta. Bukun ba yan biyayta’ ha laum sin Qur’an [Rabbil Alameen] Tuhan sin katilingkal alam? Tuhan amun Tagmilik iban Tagkawasa sin katan. Nakapakain na in pangilahi ha Kakawasahan sin Allah SWT bang in pamaham natu’ in pagparinta iban agama di’ magagad? Bukun baha’ ini Sirik satampal-tampal?
Hangkan na ha bihaun kulang na in makatayma’ sin pagbuhi’ magbalik sin pagSultan atawa pagKhilafa. Sabab in undul niya in manga aturan pamarinta ini bukun na matup ha jaman ini laung sin sila. In matup subay kunu’ “Democracy” amun nagdara pamikil “Pamarinta sin tau daing ha tau, harap pa tau.” Hawnu na in Tuhan ha bihaini hantang?
Duun na ha bihaini hantang in bala’ salaggu’-laggu’ jumatu sabab in pagparinta wala’ piyangandul pa Tuhan. Tanda’ in manusiya’ ha jaman ini kulang na in mahugut in pangandul pa kakawasahan sin Allah SWT. Sabab in piyagpasaplag bihaun labi awla ha palihalan agama amun pais-pais, hangkan sa in pagyakin pais-pais da isab. Pagsud pa laum Pagpangadjian Tausadlupan [Western Education] in pais-pais yadtu kamawmuhan malaknit biya’ lubag bang hilugun na. Awn waktu in manga Muslimin amun nagmamatuyu’ magparayaw sin pagyakin pa Tuhan iyanun sin manga Syeikh nila “Laung”. Malaingkan in nangiyan laung yadtu ha pais da isab gimagayunggung. Bang ibarat “Battery” maluhay magkapasaw, subay hadja nagsa”charge” ampa makusug. Bang kakitaan sin duwa mata bunuun in pagkahi hangka agama imiban pa ha satru’ mamikilan bangman masalamat in kakayaan iban pagkawasa ha hula’ nila.
Amunaini in paljantangan sin kitaniyu bihaun, sabab sin kulang na in nakabatuk pa Iman di’ maghajat “Charger” timaud na in bala’ jimatu katu’ taniyu, sibu’ da daing hapagpangadul pa Kakawasahan sin ALLAH SWT sambil hapagkasilasa agad mahunit na patubuun.
In baga kayu bang sumaplag in baynat makasunug. Magpatilbun kitaniyu daing ha manga bala’ jimatu ini. Magbalik kitaniyu papagyakin sin Kanabihan, Kasahabatan, iban sin manga Kakasi sin Allah SWT. Magpataud kitaniyu sin panginduwaa mura-murahan makabati’ kitaniyu daing ha laum tagainup hipu’ sin bala’ ini.
Pagmaapan dakuman bang awn wala’ imamu. Mikiampun aku pa Tuhan ha manga hilalaungan kiyalimpal ha laum ini.

Open Arms lyrics Songwriters: Cain, Jonathan; Perry, Steve;

Lying beside you here in the darkFeeling your heart beat with mineSoftly you whisper, you’re so sincereHow could our love be so blind?We sailed on togetherWe drifted apartAnd here you are by my sideSo now I come to you with open armsNothing to hide, be…

CFP: Identity Religion and Ethnicity: New Patterns, Realities and Pitfalls

Where: Istanbul, Turkey
Date: 29 Nov – 1 Dec 2012

Organisers: KULeuven Gülen Chair for Intercultural Studies (GCIS), Intercultural Dialogue Platform (IDP) and Department of Sociology (Suleyman Sah University, Istanbul)

Workshop theme and questions

Identity, Religion and Ethnicity are three terms interrelated and become all important issues in the European Union and its neighbourhood.

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