Last May

By | June 9, 2012
Last May was kinda a hard time for me. There were a lot of difficulties that I encountered in life. But most people say that Life would not be called “Life” if its only for joy and happiness you must also face and solve problems so that you can be more strong in struggling life. Life is not only use in pursuing goals and dreams but for making yourself worth in eyes of your family, friends and most importantly the Almighty Allah. Life is too short to be wasted, as they say whenever you find yourself happy in doing what you want never hesitate to stop it ’cause it wont last long…. maybe the next day you’ll be in the mess again and opportunity comes along once in a blue moon. But what if doing what you want would hurt others or would be against in the law of morality and in God Allah? Some people today kill people ’cause it makes them happy, it fulfill of their goal vengeance, it will satisfy their desire. Some people would steal to satisfy their needs, some would use other people to achieve what they want.. There is no such person whose heart is crystal clear like Muhammad S.A.W. But at least you try be one if you’re an opposite of those crook/unpious/hypocrite people.
Reminiscing my May….. anyway last May 21 was the unforgettable day for me. Unforgettable in the sense that it was so bullshit. Well I just lost Php. 200.00 in the morning. Then in the afternoon I lost Php. 2,000.00 and worst is that money was not mine…… I also got seek for week but gladly I overcome it.
Thanks for spending your time reading this short post. Allah bless you.
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