A Regret

By | July 20, 2012


I opened my flash disk this morning then I tried to browsed my supposed proposal in my research subject last year in first semester in masteral at MSU Tawi-Tawi. I just realized today that I almost finished it before I went here to Zamboanga. Truly, regret always comes at last. I wouldn’t have an INC grade in research if I have finished it and submitted to our professor before I leave Bongao to take the Career Service Examination in October last year in Zamboanga. Gladly, I passed the said exam. In the University where I studied INC grades has a term, it would become 5.0 (failed) if it is not accomplish in two semesters (one year). Therefore, I should be at Bongao now so that I can work with my proposal to have a passing grade or so. And hopefully the professors their can still allow me to enroll even if the classes had started a month ago. I know I am so much late for enrollment, but I am praying that they can still consider me. I did well in my other subjects ‘cause I got high grades. I’m hoping that I can still continue my studies in public administration. Inshallah, I’ll be a part of the graduates in March 2013 receiving the certificate in governmental management. Only 30 units is required for this course. And if I can still have time to further my studies I would still enroll in academic year 2013 to obtained the masters degree in public administration major in organization and management. But that’s uncertain, am not really sure if I can still go on graduate school ‘cause my elder brother keeps on calling me to go to Malaysia to land a job there ‘cause he’s living there with his family and family-in-laws. That’s what he wants and so my parents too. They want me to go there and leave this country that gives no future to me. I also got tons of cousins and relatives working in Malaysia. Anyway, whatever paths I gonna take in this cycle called LIFE, I know that god Allah is always be there for me, I know that everything happens for a reason, and I know that there comes a right time for all of this.