Fort Pilar from Within

By | July 11, 2012
Camera: Nikon D90
The Fort Pilar is a Spaniards remnant in the City of Zamboanga, Sulu Darul Islam. It is the place that marked as the pride of the Zamboanguenos and a tangible evidence of the spread of Catholicism in Sulu. Back in history, there were numerous bloody encountered between Spaniards and the Tausug right on this place. Among the Tausug that had done heroic act with the Spaniards was Panglima Ammad et al. 
Though the Spaniards managed to erect this fort, they didn’t succeeded to proselytize the Tausug. Until now, the natives are still with Islamic faith which was introduced by the Sufi Masters from Arabia.
Suppose this place was not used as a Catholic Shrine because Muslims and Christians have something to share of with this huge garrison.