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Neldy Jolo

I am posting the message of a friend who has shown respect and understanding towards the plight of the people of Sulu Archipelago and Mindanao. This sympathetic idea to write is indeed a legacy in the paragraph of the Sulu independence movement history. Thank you for this review.

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Assalamualaikum, Nel.

Here I attached below my NOT completed summary about entry “Alhamdulillah, done with “TAUSUG & KESULTANAN SULU”. Need your help to check it out. Hope you can help me to check the content. I wrote this in December last year and didn’t go through this before I sent this email. Thank you Nel!

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Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh!

Dear Readers,

I found this video in YouTube ( for us to think about them before we go future. We have to know about this, the IMPORTANT knowledge to share with others (especially our brothers and sisters in ISLAM)

Why we need to help them because they are human and they are Muslims?!
Please pray for them, they need us! 
Fact 1:


The truth is that each and every step along Sulu’s path from sovereign and independent nation, to annexed territory, to state, was done in violation of laws and treaties then in effect, without regard to the wishes of the Tausug people.

SULTANATE OF SULU Government – is the De Jure Government -“a government of right; it is the true and lawful government.” (Taken from –

“Remember, Mindanao and Sulu were NEVER parts of the Philippines. These territories have their own government ruled by a sultan.” Zamboanga Today, Thursday, June 22, 2006, pg11- (Prof.) Datu Emmanuel D. Mangubat (Bato-Bato  Sa Langit), taken from Tausug & kesultanan Sulu pg184.

He (Prof.) Datu Emmanuel D. Mangubat) also stated that he regret with the pretenders of Sultan Sulu that claimed they are Filipinos.

“Here comes a pretender to the throne of Sulu Sultanate who called for unity because “we are Filipino?”

Definitely he is not a Filipino citizen; if they want independence definitely they cannot call themselves Muslim Filipinos.

The answer to the question:  Are adherents of Sulu Sultanate Filipinos, is NO”. (Tausug & Kesultanan Sulu, pg159-

Fact 2:

“throne & properties”

Human nature is a complex thing. There are many factors that affect it, many factors that help create it and drive it. Through virtue and vice it becomes the driving force behind most humanity. Through my observations I noticed that one of the features that stand out most out of all others is avarice. Greed!

Materialistic value, lust for power and self-centeredness are all different types of greed and do dabble within the other parts of human nature to which the name sin has been applied.

In the end, simple greed and self interest any concerns or moral right and legality. Sulu was stolen from her people for the benefit of wealthy individuality, and the justifications for the crime were invented after-the-fact.

Who were this group of people and why did they overthrow the government land and properties?

Fact 3:

“Juramentado (Berani Mati) & Jeehad of Tausug Muslim (a.k.a Moro)”

Explanation by Mr Neldy Jolo to me as I asked:

“…Rayyan Makno: “Islam teaches the truth and nothing but the truth. Moro is never the true name of our people.”

I agreed with the first statement but for the “Moro is never the true name of our people. Can u help me to explain?”

Moro is nowadays a term given to the Muslims way back the coming of Spanish to the Sulu Archipelago (Sultanate of Sulu) and Mindanao (Sultanate of Maguindanao) in the year 1578. So Moro is not the original name for the people of Sulu and Mindanao. Moro is just to identify the Muslim from Christian called Indio and eventually became Filipino.

Tausug is a collective term for the people of Sulu Archipelago (Tausug means Sulu People – Tau is people, Sug is Sulu.)

Tausug is national identity of the people of Sulu Archipelago (Sultanate of Sulu). When you say “Tausug” you would mean people of Sulu Archipelago – referring to national identity but Tausug is Muslim based from their religious identity (Moro as Spanish called them such).

As the world know when there is a fight between Muslims and non-Muslims, Muslims don’t just do war like others. They will fight until the end of their life to protect their Iman & Islam. Same goes to Sulu/Tausug Muslim.

As stated in “Tausug & Kesultanan Sulu’ by Asree Moro (pg51): 

“Islam itu datang ke Sulu adalah atas usaha para ahlul Bait. Orang-orang Sulu/Tausug itu telah menjadi terbilang dan gemilang setelah mereka masuk islam keseluruhannya. Maka ditanamkan semangat jihadyang tiada dalam agama anutan mereka sebelum ini. Para Ulama’ membawa kalimah tauhid ke hati-hati orang Tausug itu. Walaupun para ulama’ itu telah pergi meninggalkan mereka, namun semangat mempertahankan aqidah mereka tetap utuh hingga ke hari ini. Semangat mereka itu menakutkan bangsa-bangsa penjajah yang datang menjajah ke negara dan aqidah mereka hinggakan mereka di gelar Juramentado (Berani Mati)” 

Fact 4:

“Problem occur when they (Tausug) came to Sabah (Borneo) as Refugee illegally in Malaysia to cont their life”

I don’t know how to explain this. It’s full of dilemma and I pity them all. They came to Sabah to save their family from being killed to continue their journey as Muslims; they have to survive so they can be one of the fighters for their country in future. They need food, they need knowledge, and they need us!

As Refugee in Malaysia, the law stated that they will be punished by minimum six times whipping, and they will be sent to their own country. However, as I know, the refugees will be coming back again after sometimes surviving themselves. You can’t imagine how they gone through this “test”.

Oh, Allah. Please save them. Give them strength. Amin!

They need our help! I agreed and understand why Malaysia government applied this law. But how can we save them, is there any ways to help, is it fair for them? May Allah protect them all with a good dignity always. Amin!



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Review: I Do Bidoo Bidoo

I Do Bidoo Bidoo is as rich as the timeless music that served as inspiration for the production of this rare mainstream movie. Despite of obvious lapses in the story and production values, the film still manages to render the kind of experience that on…

JESSICA SOHO Segment on Hijaab: To RECTIFY OR To INTENSIFY Misconceptions About HIJAAB?!/sulaiman.tahsin

A great number of Muslim Filipinos who watched the “Jessica Soho’s segment dubbed NO HEADSCARF ZONE featuring Pilar College Hijab Ban ”wa

nted to shout “this is not as it should be!” Aug. 18, 2012 (Saturday) was a day of triumph that turned out to be a day of mourning.

It is a day of triumph for the whole nation who witnessed and realized how their south countrymen are marginalized by the existing status quo, just as in choosing to wear hijab in this case, and not to be half-naked.

As the video comes to end, Muslims become pathetic and downhearted for the woman interviewed does not portray a Muslimah, which means a practicing Muslim woman according to the tenets of Islam. It is like interviewing a layman about medical science. Hijaab and Niqaab Advocacy Network (HAN) SecGen Warina Sushil A. Jukuy likens it to asking a swimmer how does she feels wearing a cosmonaut suit!

Ms Jukuy imparted that when she was asked by Jessica Soho’s assistant via phone call (after being referred by colleague PAHRA Paralegal worker Gamson Quijano, MSA-UZ Alumnus) about six hours prior to airing of the NO HEADSCARF ZONE- whether or not to include the interview of the unidentified Tawi-Tawi woman, Ms Jukuy countered: “As journalists, ask yourselves what is your intention in airing that segment: is it to engender peace journalism by enlightening people or is it to stir controversy? If you ask me, do not include that part of the Tawi-Tawi woman putting on veil and narrating an account why she “chose” (it is undoubtedly her choice and her right) not to wear her veil anymore because it is IRRELEVANT to the issue at hand.”

Ms Jukuy further counselled the caller to choose carefully primary sources of interviewees regarding hijaab and Islam as the source of the controversy in the first place is sadly about ignorance on hijaab and Islam by some non-Muslims and even Muslims alike due to lack of Islamic education; and to change the term “headscarf” because it is connotative and will foster more misconception about what hijaab is. As it is, the caller proceeded against the well-intentioned guidance of the person who that caller solicited advice from in the first place. The parapraxis contained in the segment speaks volumes!

It is indeed unfair on the part of practicing Muslims because the Tawi-Tawi woman does not represent them, a grocer -so to speak- representing medical doctors. The questions we would like to ask are: “Is there no other person that can best, if not, or better represent the practicing Muslims?” Is this circumstantial or consciously intended to destroy the building up of public sympathy about hijaab where even non-hijaab wearer can identify? At some point we ask: “What is the connection of Hijab ban policy of Pilar College, a human right violation, to the situation of a struggling Muslimah who has not come to grip sufficiently with the true essence of hijaab” yet. It is absolutely IRRELEVANT and CONTENTIOUS!

Did she unveil so she can enroll in Pilar?!? Why her? They should have interviewed an expert on Islam, a scholar that would explain Islam and its practice well in the context of religious worship vis a vis the right to freedom of religious worship. The issue on HIJAAB is a grave matter, says HAN SecGen. It is not an issue worth to be merely trifled with as ostentatious fanfare where you will direct your interviewees to pretend to either flag a jeep, to sit behind a computer seemingly tapping at work, or to require a 5-minute interview from a respectable Aleem or otherwise require him to choose a venue then field him with questions but at the end the TV production host will just choose less than a minute of that in exchange for a lengthy narrative of a lady from Tawi-Tawi who wishes to share her discomfiture about hijaab looking forward to the day of finding a husband as the day that she would don her hijaab again.

Many were appalled when Jessica Soho referred to Hijaab as a mere tradition! Ms. Jukuy pronounced that HIJAAB per se is NOT a TRADITION, it is an obligation (fardh) as much as it is worship (ibadah) and faith (eeman). And I, the writer personally end up that complying with an obligation does not reside on one’s desire but it depends solely on the one who obligates it, Allah subhanahuwataala. Still, Allaahu Akbar!, Allah in His Infinite Grace and Mercy declares as Hell and Heaven awaits His creatures— “There is no compulsion in religion!”

With that indignation justified and clearly expressed, we STILL thank Jessica Soho for featuring the story of a Muslim parent Ms Jhumura Napii-Estino, and in part be it seconds only including Aleem Jamal S. Munib and NCMF R9a Legal Division Chief- Atty Yasser Apion who all best represent the Muslim victims’ cause. Frankly, we never would have commented if Ms Soho wants to feature people who unveil by choose be they that Tawi-Tawi lady or a Catholic nun who choose to abandon her vow and veil but with another “separate segment” entitled perhaps, “Kusang Loob Paghuhubad ng Balabal!” Well, simply because the issue on Pres Nina Balbas’ HIJAB BAN POLICY is about “maghubad ka ng balabal at kung ayaw mo huwag kang mag-aral sa PILAR!”, Jukuy segued.

So, we are appealing to the Muslim Ummah to boycott Jessica Soho GMA segment NOW! It is allegedly coming up with another, Ukhti Watha Mando, interview! May media not commit the same injurious blunder again, aameen!

Let NCMF-Pilar College “FINAL” Dialogue Begin ASAP!

See More

— with Raissa Tutanes Guldam and 14 others.

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Beraya bersama Srikandi

Beraya bersama SrikandiAssalamualaikum peminat-peminat semua!Macam mana raya tahun ni,best tak?Hari ni Srikandi buat banyak kuih,tahun ni ada kuih baru sekali pandang macam nugget,tapi sebenarnya kuih cornflakes.Almond London dah jadi legend dah.Tapi t…

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Grim and leathery

Popcorn Press, a Wisconsin-based micropublisher, releases my leathery looking 128-page poetry collection.  Grim Series is composed of 86 genre-driven poems. Most of the poems have been previously published. Only two of the eighty-six poems were original to this collection. One poem was accepted by Ruthless Peoples Magazine, which then went on hiatus before the poem was included in an issue. I was hoping that they’d “awaken” because I would love to have somet […]

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Grim and leathery

Popcorn Press, a Wisconsin-based micropublisher, releases my leathery looking 128-page poetry collection.  […]

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Review: Guni Guni

Guni Guni is obviously no work of art.
Mylene (played by Lovi Poe) and Tatay Nanding (Jaime Fabregas) are haunted by secrets of their past. People around them, who happen to have other secrets, are also haunted (spoiler: to their deaths). It’s pretty much one of the most generic horror movie premises, but, with an uninspired script, awful direction and ineffective production work, Guni Guni could actually be one of the worst local horror films yet.
The whole movie was composed of a lot of plotlines that obviously did not go along together. It was as though this movie was a product of a lot of rejected horror film ideas. It could’ve been stretched out to 4 different episodes, instead. But the writers’ efforts of trying to nicely knot the threads together were clear. It was just not good. 
Bad editing here was very noticeable. Some less-mediocre scenes were fettered with the choppy editing. But, the true dilemma was that the editing team had to work on a badly-written and awkwardly-paced film. The film was leading to nowhere. There was no evident build-up. 
Some scenes that had potential obviously needed better projection. The scenes that we have in the final product were poorly portrayed and unhelpful to the story’s supposed build-up to a bland twist.
The secondary cast lead by Jaime Fabregas knew how to play along with this silly movie. Julia Clarete was able to perform well despite of the poor material she had to work with. Gina Alajar managed to balance the whole insanity of her character.  
The leads were disappointing. Lovi Poe could not clearly carry a movie, regardless of bankability. Her efforts are noticeable but she still has a lot of things to work on—including her horror screams. Empress, on the other hand, displayed mediocrity in most of her scenes. While acting and character development are two different things, it’s unclear if she wasn’t able to perform well because of her poorly-written character.
Guni Guni is true to its title—it’s a film made out of baffling imaginations that you could easily disregard.

Rating: 1/5

Review: Guni Guni

Guni Guni is obviously no work of art. Mylene (played by Lovi Poe) and Tatay Nanding (Jaime Fabregas) are haunted by secrets of their past. People around them, who happen to have other secrets, are also haunted (spoiler: to their deaths). It’s pretty…

Ahmadinejad’s Letter to Bush: Opportunity to REDRESS a WRONG

Ahmadinejad’s Letter to Bush Tuesday, May 9, 2006; 2:54 PMMr. President,Whether we like it or not, the world is gravitating towards faith in the Almighty and justice and the will of God will prevail over all things.  WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Iranian…

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Eid ul Fitr 2012

Eid ul Fitr Celebration ni Rogelio Braga. This is it!ITO NA YATA ang isa sa pinakamagandang salubong sa akin pagbalik ko ng Maynila mula Cebu. Nang makauwi na ako ng Maynila sinigurado kong binuhay kong muli ang komunikasyon sa mga kaibigan at kapatid …

Generals and their SM Cinema

Taken from SM Cinema’s Facebook page during the grand opening of SM Gensan last August 10. This is how the Cinema hall looks like. Looks like a venue for holding premieres. Hmmm.

SM Cinemas nationwide have renovated their movie theaters in the bid of becoming the country’s most advanced theater chain. And, for my fellow Generals, we are so lucky that we won’t be experiencing theater hiatuses since SM Gensan’s 4 Cinemas are all prepared for giving one of the best theater experiences.

Last August 10, SM Gensan was opened. Along with it were 4 SM digital theaters. Now, what makes SM Cinema different from Robinsons Gensan Movieworld an KCC Cinema?

Here’s what SM Cinema’s official website says about SM Digital Theaters:

SM Cinema  or the SM Digital Theater is the new approach to enjoy movies. It is a set of equipment consisting of a digital camera projector, sound system and server as defined by the Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI). The digitized movie is stored by a computer/server which “serves” it to a digital projector for each screening of the movie. 

Difference of SM Digital Theaters from 35mm theaters: 

Projector system: SM Digital Theater uses a hard drive wherein the digital copy of the movie is downloaded and is directly projected to the screen. This digital system shows crisp, clearer, and brighter, without scratches and lapses while showing the movie. It is also capable of showing 3D movies. While a 35mm cinema still uses the 35mm celluloid film which is prone to seeing scratches and lapses while viewing the movie. 

Sound: The SM Digital Theater uses the state-of-the-art Dolby Digital sound system which magnificently completes the unsurpassed total movie experience. 35 mm cinemas still uses the conventional 5.1 sound system which disperses sound through many speakers making it nearly impossible to locate the origin of the sound.

If you’re too lazy to read the not-so-long texts above: SM Cinema is so cool.

What the cinema inside looks like.

And, I can’t disagree. SM Gensan’s version of the SM Digital Theater is really a new experience for me. For one thing, the screen is wider, the sounds are clearer, and there are more seats. Cinema 1 holds the most number of seats with 550 while the other three theaters have 308.

I watched The Bourne Legacy with my dad and brother last Saturday at SM Cinema. The movie sucked. I didn’t know if I should watch the movie or continue spazzing because the theater was indeed wider, and the movie experience was, in fact, better. Jeremy Renner’s pores and wrinkles were very visible.

And another reason why SM Cinema is so cool is the ticket system. There are no tickets. 

This is what the turnstile machine looks like.  Legs not included. I didn’t take this picture. This is not the one we have at SM Gensan. 

SM Cinema utilizes the turnstile access system with their SM Cinema Cineaccess card. Customers would have to redeem these cards from the cashier and then insert the cards to the machine, one at a time, offering a more organized and more comfortable waiting experience for customers than just letting almost all of them in at the same time.

If you don’t feel like falling in line, you can easily buy tickets online from the official SM Cinema website. You will be given a BCODE that you have to print out and have it read by the BCODE machine located in the cinema.

You can also available an e-PLUS card, where you can just reload it at ticketbooths, and, soon, online. It’s kind of like a prepaid card but the load denominations are limited to P500 and P1000. With it, you can buy tickets and food from the snackbar. It can also be customized– perfect as gifts and prizes.

SM Cinema is also available for holding private screenings, conferences, and other important events. They have a stage.

And the best part is that with P111, you can have all of those.

Generals, this is your SM Cinema. 

Generals and their SM Cinema

Taken from SM Cinema’s Facebook page during the grand opening of SM Gensan last August 10. This is how the Cinema hall looks like. Looks like a venue for holding premieres. Hmmm.SM Cinemas nationwide have renovated their movie theaters in the bid of be…

Jazz Music, Poets, at Ano Na ang Nangyari sa Iyo?

NAIS KO SANANG simulan ang post na ito sa tula ng makata na si Luisa Igloria dahil ang lahat ng uri ng paglisan ay may binabaong sakit at pag-asa. Hindi mo sinusukat ang paglisan sa layo nang narating mo mula sa iyong pinanggalingan kundi sa kung gaano…

Bali Breeze

Walking my way out of Ngurah Rai Airport in Denpasar, Bali was extraordinary. I was flocked with persistent taxi drivers that instead of saying “Welcome to Bali!”, their greeting was “Taxi?” Haha. My system that early morning flight from Jakarta cannot yet absorb the annoyance, so after a long walk to the pick up area of the airport, I cringed myself into a corner to inhale my first dose of breeze of Bali. I was supposed to wait up for my travel buddies flying in from other parts of the world at the airport but the transit from Sulu Archipelago to Manila to Jakarta then Bali which took me 3 long flights all in 24 hours plus terminal transfers can be agonizing, so I took an ojek from the airport which cost me 30,000 rupiah to my hotel in Puspa Ayu. Expensive I know, but in Bali, everything would cost you double or more than in any part of Java or the entire Indonesia I presume. It is an international destination where all the races in the world gather. Wildly touristic! The wind in Bali lulls any stranger to sit back and relax. The first day acclimatization is to comb Kartika Plaza up to Jalan Legian with side trips to the shore of Pantai Kuta and Bena Sari without a map. The trick really here is to walk freely and get on the groove with the sights and sounds of the vehicles, stomps of the caleza horses, faceless crowd and vivid signboards of randomly scattered shops infinitely illuminating the entirety of Kuta and the aroma of various delicacies waiting to be served to every craving tongues. That if Bangkok has its Khao San, Manila its Malate or Cambodia its Pub Street, Bali has its own version of that and that would be Kuta. But what had really tickled our lobes during the night stroll are the series of humble art shops where we really spent time to awe the beauty and madness crafted by Bali artists. Amazing is an understatement. I can’t just contain in it one picture. Kuta really has a lot of surprises which caters to all.       Day 2 was unveiling the history of Bali. We started the day by 10am, kinda late. What to expect? We are these bunch of individuals who seldom gets a dose of each other and that the first night, after parading Kuta, was for catching up with real life craziness and dramas. Anyways, we hired a taxi for a 10 hour drive around Bali for 400,00 excluding entrance fees and other personal profanities. It was a random decision to get a car instead of joining tour packages since we were too occupied with each other than with the places on the list.   SACRED MONKEY FOREST SANCTUARY One of most visited tourist attraction in Ubud, Bali. A sacred forest full of ravenous monkeys and I mean hundreds of them. I’m not used to any forest dwelling creatures, they silently freak me out. I have witnessed some tourists being bitten and chased by these monkeys. But this is not to scare you away huh? Just a reminder to keep your calm as if you’re one of them and if possible, leave your belongings outside of the sanctuary for this is not a venue for any posh tourists.   In the sanctuary, stroll along further til you reach Pura Dalem Agung Padangtegal temple as well as a “holy Spring” bathing temple and another temple used for cremation ceremonies. There is an old cemetery too with grave stones marked with swastika (an equilateral cross with arms bent at right angles, all in the same direction, usually the right, or clockwise). With ignorance we presumed that this place is for dead Nazis, failing to connect Hinduism in Bali and swastika as one of its ancient symbol for good fortune, purity and magic. All apologies.   KINTAMANI AND THE MAJESTIC MT. BATUR We rolled our windows down as we approach the area of north-eastern Bali. The serene sight of the active volcano Mt. Batur and its lake made us forget the call of our hungry bellies. Softly whispering its invitation to come nearer. It was midday when we arrived Kintamani yet since we are  high in the mountains of Bali about 1500 meters above sea level, the temperature was about 15 degrees cooler than down on the coast, what more so at night? In my long sleeves, I was brrrreezing indeed.     We settled into one of Kintamani’s buffet restaurant, The Grand Puncak Sari, over-viewing Mount Batur. The scenic view and the delectable food made the whole experience perfect. If we can only burp there forever.   THE CIVET COFFEE EXPERIENCE Hailing from Sulu, I wouldn’t be amazed when introduced to plants and […]

Erfurt’s 11th Summer School on "Muslims in the West"

Description written below were taken from this URL link:

In the aftermath of terrorist attacks of 9/11 the Chair of Islamic Studies participated in “Dialogue with Islam” an academic activity initiated by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Ever since debates on “Islam and the West” has become

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Pastil Sug

A Buranun is one of the ethnics in Sulu that has plenty of traditional delicacies handed down to them by their ancestors. The photo above is a Traditional Pastil* rarely found even in downtown Jolo. It was made by a Buranun lady from Danag, Sulu Darul …

Salam Aidilfitri 1433H

Mendoakan kesejahteraan dan kegembiraan buat semua. Ambil kesempatan cuti panjang kali ini mengeratkan, juga menghubungkan kembali silaturrahim sesama kita.. Buang yang keruh, ambil yang jernih.. Tak selamanya kita akan berada dalam situasi ini. Biar s…

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ANG TOTOO ISANG napakagandang karanasan para sa akin ang sumakay ng barko pauwi ng Maynila noong Martes. Ito iyong magdamag na kumbersasyon sa dagat at sa isang matandang Meranao na nakipagpalitan sa akin ng ilang stick ng yosi at kuwentuhan sa bu…

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“Dignitatis Humanae” Invoked By Bro Doncillo To QUASH Balbas’ Hijab Ban

Bakit Pumipirma Ang Mga Tao

Sr. Maria Nina Balbas
Pillar College
Justice Roseller T. Lim Blvd.,
Zamboanga City 7000,
Zamboanga Peninsula

Dear Reverend Sister;
Pax te Cum!
I am Bro. David Gamay Doncillo BSN, Member-at-Large, and Asian Representative of the International Council of Nurses- Student Network. I am also a seminarian of the Diocese of Cubao under the formation of the Jesuits here at San Jose Major Seminary, Ateneo de Manila University, Quezon City.

The news from your province had reached me about the issue of wearing hijab of some Muslim (girls) of the college of nursing. Yes we are being formed in our doctrines and dogmas of the Catholic Church. In humility I would like to remind you my Dear Reverend Sister about theencyclical on Declaration on the Religious Freedom “Dignitatis Humanae” on the right of the person to Social and Civil freedom in matter of religious, which was promulgated by his Holiness the Late Pope Paul VIon December 7, 1965.

This Vatican Council declares that the human person has a right to religious freedom. This freedom means that all men are to be immune from coercion on the part of individuals or of social groups and of any human power, in such wise that no one is to be forced to act in a manner contrary to his own beliefs, whether privately or publicly, whether alone or in association with others, within due limits.

The council further declares that the right to religious freedom has its foundation in the very dignity of the human person as this dignity is known through the revealed word of God and by reason itself.(2) This right of the human person to religious freedom is to be recognized in the constitutional law whereby society is governed and thus it is to become a civil right.

In the encyclical it is clearly stated that we are taught to respect the different religion of the different people; as well as their culture, tradition and rituals. Even the Constitution on Human rights we are entitled for freedom of religion. Prohibition of wearing hijab denied our Muslim sisters to exercise their faith.
Thank you for making time to read this letter. With all my prayers.

Your Brother in Christ,
International Council of Nurses- Student Network
09472090420 / 09154239902
Seminarian, Diocese of Cubao
San Jose Seminary
Ateneo de Manila University
Loyola Hgts., Quezon City
(+632) 426-6091; (+632) 426-6597

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