Pastil Sug

By | August 18, 2012
A Buranun is one of the ethnics in Sulu that has plenty of traditional delicacies handed down to them by their ancestors. The photo above is a Traditional Pastil* rarely found even in downtown Jolo. It was made by a Buranun lady from Danag, Sulu Darul Islam. 
Honestly, I myself had no idea back then if what sort of food was this until the lady told me that it was a pastil. The common pastil used to eat by most Tausugs is not as beautiful as this. Though the difference is only in the design, this delicacy is unique. Unluckily, I was not savored the taste of it.
This unique food could only be seen during special occasions. 
* Pastil is made with vegetables, prawns, chicken and beehoon fillings.