Burger Sandwich: A thrifty meal

By | September 23, 2012

Tonight, my roomie Norhana and I had nothing for dinner. To put it accurately, we ran out of rice to cook. It’s only 4 days left before salary time and all that’s left of my money went to the camera that I used to take these pictures. No regrets, though. But I was craving for something filling so I looked at what we had in the “kitchen” (which is really just a corner in our 4×3-meter-room where Nor keeps her microwave oven and our groceries) and based one what I found (see picture above), it dawned on me that they ARE burger sandwich ingredients. They include:

bread (as in loaf)
cheddar cheese
hot sauce
coriander (the only green in the ref that was edible)
I remember having  recently bought a box of chicken patties and cooked at least five of them.  I used about a tablespoon of oil for each burger. Heck, if I was gonna go through all this fuss, I’d better make me one heck of a sandwich. So I did (see picture below). Fries definitely completed the meal.
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