Malaysia Delicacy

By | September 27, 2012
Is it an Indian food? An FB friend asked me. Yes it is. It is called in Sandakan as Roti Telur [A Roti Mixed with Egg]. This is the food I miss most when I’m out of Malaysia. 
When I was in Zamboanga City, Sulu Darul Islam, I found a Malay Restaurant served this yummy delicacy. It was adjacent to the City Hall. Every time I miss this I went there to satisfy my longing. 
The taste of this food not solely rely on the tender of the roti but on its curry and dal sauce. If you’d like to add more excellent taste you should order a roti Cobra. No, not the Cobra snake. The roti cobra is added with beef, chicken or goat curry plus a single sunny side up egg put on its top. 
Surely you gonna miss it. Don’t dare to try if there is no Indian restaurant in your place.
Another favorite Malaysia food is the Sup Ayam. Sup Ayam is available in some neighbouring countries like Indonesia and Brunei. This food is good to eat breakfast and even lunch especially when you are on diet or doesn’t like to eat rice. 
Try both food if you happen to visit Malaysia.