Sandakan Heritage Trail

By | September 30, 2012
We traced the heritage trail in Sandakan with Neldy Jolo, it was indeed an exhausted afternoon.

New Looks of Sandakan
Sandakan is rich with history to share but that would depend on how eager we are to search them specifically. The heritage trail tincture with colourful backgrounds of the remnants of Islam and the westerners who architect the edifice of new Sandakan.

Unluckily, I was so sad how Sandakan history half portrayed to the people in this so called heritage. Perhaps I’m dumb to understand its very reason. Mr. William B. Pryer was indeed part of Sandakan history, but there were other persons who were forgotten by many of us. There were too many to mention or maybe their history had not been recorded.

The monument of William B. Pryer
According to the locals, the Masjid Jameh located at the heart of Sandakan town was founded through a shared wealth of Muslim businessmen by that time with direct supervision from the then Sultan Jamalul A’lam [The Sultan of Sulu]. This masjid was served as a spot of Muslim businessmen who came from Yemen, Pakistan, Sulu Archipelago and Indonesia. Later this place was managed by a Yemeni scholar, a son of Arab-Suluk [Tausug], Syeikh Hasbollah At-thohiri. Accordingly, the late Syeikh taught the local Muslim children about Islam some says that even some Tausug children from Sulu Archipelago were also received his knowledge.

Masjid Jameh Syeikh Hasbollah At-thohiri
Sandakan is a home to many cultures, races and religions. One thing good in this place is the peaceful environment that it has. May the men of peace in this place value this beautiful gift. May the people realized and appreciate the history of Sandakan as a whole.

Chinese Temple in Singapore Road

Soon we will retrace the Heritage Trail, come join us!