SANDAKAN: through the Lens of the Tausug

By | September 27, 2012

Harbour Bay @ night
Sandakan is a place where I spent half of my life. A home to a diverse ethnics. The abode of Native Suluk [Tausug], Chinese, Bugis, Sungai [Laum Suba’], the Bajau, Bangingi’ and others. It was here the door of my consciousness opened. The best place to reflect over the plight of fellow humanity especially them who came from Sulu Archipelago and Indonesia and other parts of Likusantara. 

The Four Points Yard
If you want to see the beauty of Sandakan and its development come and see it with your eyes, feel it with your heart. The accommodation here is cheaply compare to other cities in Sabah. You can also find many interesting places and resorts and savor the taste of local and western foods.  
Come join us to picture the panoramic view of Sandakan.