By | October 14, 2012


Hey, currently I am at Zamboanga again. I just arrived last Tuesday for an important matter. I took the employment exam of the PJL Group of Companies last Wednesday morning. I was lucky enough to passed the exam, and eventually I got a high score, the proctor said though they’re actually looking for business/accountancy graduate, but they gave me a chance since I obtained a good score in the exam. In the afternoon I undergone interview…. and soon will be the final interview. Then, I’ll be back to Bongao. Hope I can get this job….. update yah later. 🙂

Anyway, I am currently under contract with the ARMM Social Fund Project as a Learning Facilitator (Community Teacher) for three months, in which I’ll be facilitating adults in basic literacy training and livelihood skills. I’ll be starting this third week of this month I think…. The schedule of work will be every Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays. I undergone one-week seminar last September 03-09 at Beach Inn Hotel and Restaurant in Bongao regarding this job…hope I’ll be enjoying this kind of work..

Here are the photos for the evidence:

Have a nice days ahead……God bless….