Sushi Made Easy

By | November 12, 2012
             Fed up with the usual fare of chicken and rice, I decided to make Sushi for dinner tonight. If you have noticed, I seem to have time to make only one meal these days. With time being a luxury, this dish is prepared in the simplest way I know. The ingredients used are available in almost every kitchen in the Middle East except for the seaweed sheet, of course.

Ingredients I used:

 1 medium cucumber cut into strips, not slices like you see above

About a cup of prawns, (boiled with shells on, then peeled with heads removed and cut horizontally in half) 

a can of tuna, drained

Approximately 2 cups of uncooked round grain rice (because it has a sticky texture when newly cooked, see below)

and finally, the seaweed laver or sheet ( I’ve seen this in oriental stores and supermarkets) you can use any brand you like or have. The outcome is the same.

For achieve the sushi taste, I combined sugar and vinegar in equal parts. 10 tablespoons of sugar and 10 tablespoons of vinegar. Brown cane vinegar was used for this recipe which explains the mixture having a brownish tinge. Taste is the same as that of the white vinegar mixture.

Material needed: Sushi mat to make rolls evenly.

These sheets come with lines (see above) as a cutting guide when rolled up. 

1. Cook rice.
2. While rice is cooking, dissolve sugar in vinegar. Bring mixture to a soft boil and wait till its thickness resembles like that of pancake syrup. Not as thick as honey but not as thin as tea either.

When it reaches this consistency, remove from heat. Notice that it will get even thicker as it cools so it is best to make it while rice is already cooking. When it gets too thick to spread, I heat it up slowly until I get my desired thickness.

3. Once rice is cooked, place a sheet on a mat.

4. Place some rice on the sheet making sure to leave at least half an inch of the sides free. Then drizzle some of the vinegar mixture over it. Don’t put too much. You don’t want a wet sushi.

5. Arrange the rest of the ingredients horizontally in the middle.

6. Roll the mat over to the middle securing the ingredients with the rice from your side. Then work your way til the other end until it looks like the picture below. 

Sometimes, the edges don’t stick easily so when that happens, wet the edges with water like you would a spring roll wrapper to close the roll. Repeat steps 3-6 until all ingredients are used up. This recipe yields 5 rolls.

7. Cut the rolls into slices using the perforated lines you see on the rolls. Each slice is an inch thick. Arrange the slices on a plate. Serve with a side bowl of soy sauce and wasabi paste if available.

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