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A Good Christian is a Good Muslim

It sounds weird though; a Christian is always a Christian, so as with a Muslim.

On this write up I’m not trying to say that a good Christian is a good Muslim in faith. What I’m trying to emphasize is that in attitude no individual could claim that only a person or group of people who monopolize the quality of being good. We cannot therefore say only a Muslim possesses a sound attitude and the rest are bad. All humankind, regardless of colors and faiths possessed these human inherent traits. Hence, all shared quality attitude is the basic teaching of all religions.

People will not quarrel among them should they consider their natural being and universal brotherhood. Why? What is in our nature?

It is evident, that human is composed of body and soul. Have the same mode of breathing; eating, drinking and so on and so forth. Human also have the same life or soul. We only have one Life and one death. There are no two lives or nine lives, we only have one. We have the same sense and needs. So why still clash each other when we have a lot in common?

The clash among humanity is part of their being human. It is because of the interest they have that spurred them to make trouble. In that interest lays the greed, hungrier for power and fame, the sultry of lust, the passion to oppress and many more.  All these negative qualities were in human since this world populated by Homo sapiens.

What is usually neglected by us is the most important part that already built-in in our being – divine attributes. We tend to escape from it enable that our way and system would not be labelled as “Theocracy”. We do believe in God, but our belief only applicable in the synagogue, church, mosque and temple. We failed to realize the divine attributes that welded in us, do not stop to oversee and administer our daily transaction.

Didn’t we notice every time we face difficulty, trouble, problem something within us earnestly give advice? Who was that? Our conscience, but who is the puppeteer behind the curtain? Is it God or Who? In short, whatever tricks we do to evade of not to get influenced by God’s religion in our daily transaction that would only remain in it. The truth is we are all like fishes immerse unconscious in the water.  

Neither nature nor human can be called God. God is God and Human is Human. All of creation shared the same fate – receives the Good attributes from God. What about Bad then? Isn’t it Muslims believing that everything (existence and non-existence) is belongs to God? Indeed, because Satan was created by God. There is no other Creator besides Him.

Without Satan, all creations are, in short, “Angels”. It means they will become angelic – not a troublemaker.  There are no use of creating Heaven and Hell without the Good and Bad; the devil and angel. We possessed these two opposite traits, because it is inbuilt in our lives. Our body possessed these Diabolic and Angelic traits. These two traits clash each other.  They aim to dominate at one life then family and to the society at large. And that is part of our nature.

Back to the topic, the good attitude of a Christian is the attitude taught to a Muslim, the bad attitude of a Christian is also the thing advice to a Muslim. Neither of the two opposed with regards to good and bad – except matters about belief.

From this view, some people blame religions as the source of hatred and tumult face by humanity. To them religions are man-made and centered on the debate about who’s right and wrong.  They even suggested in order to resetting Peaceful co-existence the humanity should break the barrier of religious order and live naturally without God to worship.

And this totally deviates from the real nature. Are not in this group of people sought for love, justice and peace? If that’s so, who give them the sense to feel love, to struggle for a just society, and to cry for peace? Was it Natural Inspiration?

Indeed, we are naturally born with complete senses and innate religion. The true religion is not man-made. The one who asks you to do good, to think wholesome, to feel love, to seek for justice and many things except bad is the innate religion. And this is our natural religion its name is ISLAM. God says; the religion before Allah is ISLAM. Do not trouble yourself to look for the truth; ISLAM is in our lives from inception. Do not equate Islam with some trouble created by some covetous Muslims and dirty politicians. ISLAM has been in our soul, it was with this reason why Prophet Muhammad was sent – to finalize it.

Satan is the enemy of good people. Struggle to control him; he is also living in us, tied him with certainty of faith. Submit yourself to the owner of your life. When the death is approaching our innate religion shall appear before our very eyes. He welcomes us if we are his righteous and obedient friend and bring us back to the Highest and Most Merciful God.  Our religion is our heavenly body.

A good Christian is a Good Muslim in deeds but not in faith. Respect would be one of the best tools don’t let the bad people destroys it.

Let us help to clear the messes in our little way.

To God we belong to Him we shall return. 

May the New Year 2014 brings more hope and glory to those who strive for it. May Peace and Goodness in this part of the world dominate. wins at CDO Bloggers Awards 2013

The year 2013 has truly been a good year for me, especially in terms of my passion for blogging and social media. Aside from being tapped as a resource speaker during social media day, national social media summits, Google events like GDayX and the like, I also garnered some awards. Last October 2013, …

Havaianas Holiday 2013 Collection

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The Fundamentals of Architecture Interior Design

Architecture interior design is the design of a space that has been created by structural boundaries and the human interaction within these boundaries. It is the art and science of designing and erecting building interiors as a licensed architect and related physical features. Generally, architecture interior design is referred to as the spatial art of environmental design, form and practice; interior architecture is the process through which the interiors of buildings are designed, concerned with all aspects of the human uses of structural spaces. It is the practice of an interior architect, where architecture means to offer or render professional services in connection with the design and construction of a building’s interior that has its principal purpose human occupancy or use. Architecture interior design is general term to describe building interiors and related physical features. An Interior Architect finds ways to reuse old buildings.
Interior Architects might be what you could call “Architectural Evolutionists.” They take older, well-built buildings and turn them into places like restaurants, apartments and even art galleries with a historical feel. An altered building may look the same on the exterior, but its interior may be completely different. The interior architect must therefore be sensitive not only to the place of the building in its physical and socio-political context, but to the temporal requirements of changing owners and users. If the building was built structurally strong, the original architectural idea is therefore the first iteration of an internal spatial hierarchy for that structure, after which others are bound to follow.

An education in interior architecture includes the study of historic architectural and design styles, building codes and safety, preserving and restoring old buildings, reading drawing plans of original designs, and building physical and virtual (computer-based) models. The field of interior architecture has a lot in common with interior design and decorating; however, it typically focuses on architecture and construction. A student of interior architecture will learn about much more than artistic concerns, such as choosing which style of furnishings works well in an open, loft-like apartment. Studies will also include how to work around environmental issues like earthquakes and hurricanes depending on location.
Median annual wages for architects was $70,320 in May 2008. The middle 50% earned $53,000 – 92,000 and the top 10% earned over $120,000. Architects just beginning their internship make much less. There are many well-paying jobs in the field of architecture. Many employers pay to send architects to continue their schooling to further education and skills as well.

Interior Architecture stands at the intersection of architecture, design of the built environment, and conservation. Interior architecture programs address the design issues intrinsic to the re-use and transformation of existing structures through both an innovative and progressive approach.

Author Bio: PHX Architecture is an architectural design firm based out of Scottsdale, Arizona that specializes in both rendering older buildings to look new, and designing buildings and residential homes from scratch.

Moro Youth in Cotabato City participate in Leadership Seminar

COTABATO City (December 27, 2013) – A two-day seminar on Islamic Leadership, Management and Administration was conducted by the Cotabato City Chapter of the United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYPAD) – participated in by 19 officers and members of the chapter, four of them are women that represented the Women Affairs Committee (WAC), and

Moro-Lumad Reaffirmation of Kinship to Support the GPH-MILF Peace Talks

Cotabato City, Dec. 21, 2013 – Traditional leaders of the Teduray and Maguindanao tribes reaffirmed their historical kinship in a public ceremony in Cotabato City in a bid to further strengthen their ranks in support of the Bangsamoro transition.

Based on their distinct tribal narratives, which are handed down through generations, the Teduray and Maguindanao peoples are respectively descended from two blood brothers. The Teduray traces ancestry to Mamalu and the Maguindanao to Tabunaway.


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"Hindi Kita Bati"

“Hindi kita bati.” Sa totoo lang name-miss ko na ang mga salitang ito na ginagamit natin noong mga bata pa tayo, noong hindi pa tayo marunong magtanim ng galit sa nakasakit sa atin. Hindi pa rin kasi tayo marunong noon manggamit ng kapwa at alam natin ang ibig sabihin ng ‘loyalty’ at ‘pakikipagkaibigan’ na hubad sa anumang interpretasyon maliban sa ganito: na hindi kita magiging kaibigan kung sinalbahe mo ako at ang aking mga kaibigan, hindi kita bati.

Hindi ako naniniwala na magiging kaibigan mo ang taong nanalbahe sa iyong kaibigan. Kahit sabihin mo pang ‘mapakikinabangan ko ang taong ito at wala akong kinalaman sa nangyari sa kanila (ng kaibigan ko)’. Dalawang mga salita: ‘pakinabang’ at ‘nangyari’ (sa kanila ng kaibigan ko). Ang taong kayang makipagkaibigan sa taong nanalbahe sa kanyang kaibigan, ang totoo, ay wala talagang kaibigan kundi ang kanyang mapakikinabangan at ang mga nangyayari na may kinalaman lamang (muli) sa pakinabang para sa kanila.

Sabi ni Aristotle, “A friend to all is a friend to none.” Wala talagang kaibigan ang taong palaging nasa pagitan, iyong tao na ang tanging kaibigan ay ang kanyang pangangailangan at pakinabang. Si A friend to all, siya yung ‘bati ko ang lahat’ sa lahat ng okasyon, sa lahat ng pagkakataon. At magtataka ka, siya ‘yung taong walang kaaway dahil wala rin naman siyang naging kaibigan. Manggagamit siya nang manggagamit ng kapwa hanggang sa dumating na wala na siyang magamit at mauuwi siya na gamitin na lamang ang kanyang sarili para sa pakinabang, para sa pangangailangan. Walang dignidad at respeto maging sa sarili dahil wala namang naging kaibigan.

Ikaw, sino ang bati mo?

CCSPC’s College of Arts and Sciences deploys another batch of Interns to UNYPAD

By Tu Alid Alfonso COTABATO City (December 19, 2013) – This second semester of school year 2013-2014, the Cotabato City State Polytechnic College (CCSPC) School of College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) once again deployed its students taking up Bachelors of Science in Social Work (BSSW) and Bachelor of Science in Community Development (BSCD) last

Get Your Mojo Back

When we are no longer able to change situations—we are challenged to change ourselves. ~ Viktor E. Frankl

Patience, kindness, being positive, are just some of attributes lost to me when I was younger. I wasn’t any of those. I was boastful, cocky and angry all the time. Typical, in my family. Crappy life. In this day and age it’s called being EMO. I was an EMO kid. Then grew up to be an EMO teenager and an equally temperamental, emotional wreck most of my 20’s and 30’s.

Growing up, I had this image of what life would be like one day. It took me years of falling on my face (figuratively) and being in sticky, embarrassing situations to realize that I was unhappy. Admitting that you have failed is incredibly humbling. So humbling, in fact, that our ego can hold on so tightly that we are left standing alone holding that dream above us yelling “This is what I want! I won’t let go!” Pulling the go back to start card is frustrating. There was always something missing. More like a gaping hole wanting to be filled  in with the usual self-destruct methods. Something had to change. I had to change.
It all boiled down to being content with what I had. Working around the resources available and being happy with that. A choice between living a crappy, material-centric life or a far better one that made you look forward to waking up in the morning. Now, at 42 years, it can be said that I no longer want to be temperamental biatch. Too much negativity there. And sadness, and angst and ugly wrinkles.

Life nowadays for me is more relaxed. Very few people, situations can stress me out anymore. Smiles and hugs come naturally and my idea of a relaxing good time is staying in provinces others deem dangerous and taking photographs of children. If this is what they call peace of mind, then maybe I have found that.  Seriously, it’s a hell of a great place to be. My children ask why I call everyone  “love”, “sweetie” or “dear.” I say those words ‘coz I mean it. There is so much love to give out. People need it on a daily basis. 

My wish for 2014 is that you too can find this soft spot in the universe. This place where flowers smell sweeter, friends are lovelier and small acts of kindness are as random as breathing. 

Looking forward to next year with all of you my loves.

In case no one has told you today.. I Love You!


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Travel: New way to explore Davao and Samal Island beaches

One of the many joys of living in Davao City is that it is just several minutes away (a 15-minute ferry ride away, in fact) from Samal Island (Island Garden City of Samal or IGACOS), home of white sand beaches, great resorts, clear water, healthy marine life and dive spots. …

Spending a day with Muslims in Manila

Assalamu Alaykum. For a new Muslim here in Manila, there are indeed a lot of challenges that could come your way… Being alone is one and looking for Halal foods, looking for Musallahs to pray in, looking for Masjids on fridays, and the list goes…

Can Muslims Celebrate Christmas?

Before finally going back home (to Sulu) for our year-end break, I attended a short lecture in Cubao organized by the New Muslim Care, a network of Muslims and New Muslims (or Balik Islam which they are more commonly called) in Manila. The lecture was indeed timely as it’ theme is about the “Celebration of Christmas and what Muslim should and should not do” and was delivered by one great brother Ustadz Muhammad Yahya of Sudan.
The following will be my own sharing base on what I grasped and learned in the 2 hour lecture by brother Yahya and some sharing by other brothers and sisters who attended the session. Pls do notify me if in case there are some errors in my part that I may correct them immediately. Some of these you are about to read might be painful and unacceptable to our not-yet-Muslim friends and even Muslims as well, so I am already asking you to please be patient and read all throughout until the end. These are not my own words and I, nor our lecturer, did not made it up on our own. They were all taught in our religion with strong basis from the scriptures of the Holy Qur’an and following the hadith of our beloved Prophet (Peace and blessings be upon him).
What is Christmas?
We started by first defining what is Christmas so that we could understand this event that we are about to talk about. As Muslims living in a Christian environment almost all of us already know that Christmas is the “celebration of the birth of Jesus” (peace be upon him) every 25th of December each year. But what is the significance of this celebration to the Christians themselves? For them, this is what they believed to be the “day of the birth of God’s Son” or what they call “God Incarnate”. Thus this is not just a celebration or event from another Religion (Christianity) but is also a celebration that is based on a belief that is TOTALLY AGAINST the teachings of Islam.

 From the Islamic point of view, the concept of “God as Flesh” or the belief in “Son of God” is unacceptable and will be considered as one of the greatest blasphemy one can do in his life. For God (Allah) is Eternal and Absolute, He owns everything and never needed a son and none can be liken unto Him. And for Muslims, Jesus or Prophet Eisa (his Musim name) is no one but a mere Prophet of God, just like Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him), humans who lived to guide their people and humanity to the straight path. So Muslims should really be careful about this and always be aware of what is the essence why Christians celebrate Christmas.

Can Muslims Celebrate Christmas?

The answer is a clear NO. No matter what circumstances you will be in, a Muslim should never, ever celebrate Christmas by heart. For it was never part of the teachings of Islam, it was never done by the Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings be upon him) and his companions and thus should be avoided at all cost. Even his own birthday (the Prophet Muhammad) was never celebrated during his time, what more of Prophet Eisa (Jesus). This is to avoid making such event part of the traditions and dangerously become part of our concept of doing “worship”.
Also, in Islam there are only two valid and authentic celebrations for Muslims, that is Eidul Fitr and Eidul Adha. Nothing more, nothing less. Not even your own birthday!

Can Muslims attend Christmas Parties?

A question was raised during the session. That what if the company or school you are in is conducting a “Christmas Party” (which is so common nowadays) and everyone is attending. What if as member of that company/school, I would attend the “Party” but not with the intention of celebrating with them but rather showing them that Muslims can also socialize with other people, and I don’t want them to be angry (or magtampo) with me also.
This was what brother Yahya answered (more or less): “The best thing to do is avoid, as much as you can. But if you cannot, say something will happen that you are afraid of when you will not attend, then attend. But be sure and keep it firm in your heart that you are against such celebration and you will never be part of it.
We are in a non-Islamic environment and these are things that we cannot always avoid. We are the minorities, we are not the government, we are not in power to say this and not do that. But for whatever thing we do, whether we attend these parties or not, ask yourself what’s in here (pointing to his left chest). What’s in your heart is what Allah will look into. That is what’s most important. But if you can still avoid please avoid. Explain it to them, they should respect you and understand.”
(My own addition, if you explain to them that celebrating Christmas is not in Islam and is highly discouraged they have no choice but to accept it. They cannot force you to follow what they believe in. Even no matter what they say, like “It’s just a party, cmon!” or they will call you “anti-social”, “walang pakikisama”, or whatever, they have to respect your belief as how we should respect theirs. If they would feel “insulted” that you never attended their event, you have all the right to be insulted also for being pushed to attend that same event. Wallahu Alam,  Allah knows best)

What should you do when greeted with “Merry Christmas!”?

“Simple,” brother Yahya answered with a smile, “Say ‘Happy New year’, or ‘Happy holidays’ or you can just smile at them and be silent. Just never say ‘Merry Christmas, too’. Show them that you, as a Muslim is not part of this event and you are not celebrating it.”
Again this does not mean we are insulting them. We are only following what is taught to us in Islam.

What about Gifts? Can Muslims give or receive gifts during Christmas?

Dr. Yahya giving his lecture
Islam encourages Muslims to give gifts to their loved ones (Muslims or not), BUT NOT DURING CHRISTMAS. This is to avoid the connotation that the gift was given in celebration of Christmas. You can give gifts all throughout the year from January to November, but avoid giving gifts during these seasons. Or if you really have to give something, say a Sadaqa (a share of gift and support given to the poor) during these seasons, let it be known by informing them crystal clear that “this sadaqa is given to you because Muslims are supposed to help the poor, AND THIS IS NOT for Christmas.” Or say “I am giving you this gift as an appreciation of our friendship and not because of Christmas”. Other than that, it is a big, big no to give gifts during Christmas, even if your intention is to “join the fun” or “pakikisama” or whatever. If someone is expecting a gift from you for some reason, give it earlier or later. Tell them, “I can give you a gift but I have to delay it until January or February so and so.”
How about receiving gifts from non-Muslims even if you are not celebrating Christmas? This had happened in Muslim families that their non-Muslim friends and family were giving gifts to their children, etc. Are they allowed to accept the gifts or should they return them or stop those giving gifts during Christmas?
The question was answered by brother Yahya: “We are not allowed to impose our Religion to others. We can explain Islam’s teachings about these but we cannot impose on them to stop if they keep on doing it. So when they send you or your children gifts, as Christmas gifts, accept them and thank them, but again avoid giving the impression that you are celebrating Christmas. Don’t say ‘Merry Christmas’. Always check what’s in your heart. Say ‘Oh Allah, you know more what’s in my heart. I and my family are not celebrating these events’. In sha Allah you will be at ease. And most importantly, educate and guide your children. Tell them about Christmas is not the only time that you should give gifts. Give them gifts during non-Christmas days so that they will enjoy and see Christmas are just like any other day of the year.”

The Last Message

Through the short session, there were more questions about other aspects of living in a non Muslim environment like celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, etc. and some about Salah. I will no longer include them in this post. Now this is what I learned that day, Alhamdulillah:
Islam is already complete and Islam already gave us strict and explicit guidelines on everything that we can and cannot do through the Qur’an and the Prophet’s Sunnah. There is no need to add new things just because it’s “fun” or whatever. Islam already gave us the answers to our questions especially on how to live in this dunya (wordly life) successfully with happiness and free of regret and that is to worship Allah alone and to follow Islam as a way of life.
Christmas is a celebration that is never allowed in Islam as it signifies that there is another God and He had a son (naudhubillah); this is clear and thus should always be clear to us Muslims living in this non-Islamic environment and be very careful on what we do. Being the minority population in this country, there is always the pressure of being pulled along by what the greater population is doing. And just because everyone is doing it does not give us the permission to do it also.
“Hey! Everyone is doing it, why can’t we do it to? It’s fun!” someone would argue to which we can simply tell them: “If everyone is jumping on a deep cliff or to a big fire, would you jump in too?”. We should not always follow what the “majority” tells us to do. They can tell us, but they cannot force us. And choosing between displeasing a hundred thousand people and displeasing Allah, you know which one to choose. It doesn’t if every single soul in this world will be angry with you as long as you know you are doing the right thing trying to please Allah the Great Creator. And remember that no matter how much you try to please all the people in this world, by following what they are happy to do, you will never succeed. They will eventually get displeased of you and betray you one day or the other. That is just the imperfect human nature. So choose Allah, choose Islam, and you will never regret. 
Another thing that was emphasized is the importance of intention, what’s in our heart. Maybe there would be a chance that we have no choice but to attend and be present on their events like this, but we should never participate or celebrate. We should keep our hearts and mind reminded that this is not part of Islam and you are supposed to avoid it, but you have no choice for some circumstances. Remember that is what’s in your heart that Allah will look into in the end.
And lastly, I cannot overemphasize the great importance of seeking knowledge.  It is a duty that every Muslim man or woman have. We should always strive hard to seek knowledge; study what’s happening around us, research about them and learn what is Islam’s view and guidance about them as according to Islam’s only two great guides: The holy Qur’an and the Sunnah. Attend lectures, ask our scholars who understand these better. Try to understand them properly and strive harder to act upon these teachings by heart. And lastly never forget the obligation of every Muslim to convey the beautiful message of Islam not just to your own Muslim brethrens but to all humanity as well.
I would end this post reminding everyone that is still Allah who knows best than anyone of us. So if there are again errors in this humble sharing I made, pls do notify me immediately that I may correct them. May Allah guide us all to the one straight path towards His pleasure. Ameen.
Salam kasilasa,

Anak iluh
(: The New Muslim Care Family 🙂
Learn more about New Muslim Care, check their website:
and their FB page: 

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