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Students deployed in UNYPAD for internship

By Abubakar S. Balabagan COTABATO City (June 27, 2014) – Another batch of Community Development students of the Cotabato City State Polytechnic College (CCSPC) were deployed in the United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYPAD) for internship on June 16, 2014. “The ffifteen Community Development students from CCSPC have been required to undergo orientation on

Islands Souvenirs launches Limketkai store, names I Heart CDO ambassadors

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Islands Souvenirs officially launched their Limketkai Mall CDO branch last June 21, 2014 and named their “I Heart CDO” brand ambassadors at the same time. The Cebu-based souvenirs store, known for revolutionizing souvenir shopping in the Philippines by transforming cottage-industry type products and giving them a fresher look, held the …

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KFI takes part in mine risk training course

Bainot K. Andao, a project staff of Kadtuntaya Foundation, Inc. (KFI) on children’s rights, was one of the 12 selected members of Child Protection Working Group (CPWG) who participated in the week-long Mine Risk Education Trainer’s Course conducted by the Swiss Foundation for Mine Action (FSD) in partnership with Philippine…

Coffee farmers in Sultan Kudarat recieve post-harvest facilities

Through the FARM – Infrastructure Project Fund of Catholic Relief Services (CRS ) and Kadtuntaya Foundation Inc. (KFI) in coordination with the Local Government Unit of Senator Ninoy Aquino (SNA), Sultan Kudarat Province, three 450 square meter solar dyers have been properly turned over within the months of March and…

Mindanaoan is an Islands Souvenirs I heart CDO brand ambassador

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As someone who has been very contented working behind the scenes for more than a decade, to ever be offered the opportunity to model and help endorse something is the farthest on my mind. Never have I thought that a brand – a very well-known one at that – would …

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UNYPAD, Forum ZFD Meet

COTABATO City (June 23, 2014) – The forum ZFD took visit to the office of the President of the United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYPAD) on June 17, 2014 at Purok Pennin,  Rosales Street, RH-6, Cotabato City. The meeting was started in discussing the sustainability of the Kutawato Multimedia Network (KuMuNet), a loose coalition

Meet Tim Yap, Divine Lee and ANTM’s Allison Harvard in CDO

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Style icons Allison Harvard and Tim Yap will be in Cagayan de Oro City to share their tips on beauty, fashion and personal style and Kagay-anons will even be given the chance to meet them after the show. Allison Harvard and Tim Yap, along with Divine Lee, will be at …

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Mensen visits peacebuilding project in Talayan

Two top officials of Mensen met een Missie, the Netherlands-based funding agency of one of KFI’s community-based peacebuilding projects, visited the project site in North Binangga, Municipality of Talayan, Maguindanao on February 18.  Ton Groeneweg and Marjan Stoffers, Head of the agency’s Asia and of Program Department respectively, represented Mensen…

With or without the crescent in the Philippine Flag; Bangsamoro shall not be effaced from World History

“Legislators via a Senate Bill in 2009  proposed to add a *9th ray to the sun; while FVR proposed a crescent be added to the Philippine flag: will these suffice to illuminate the history of the Bangsamoro in the national fabric?”

Anyway, let’s give credit to FVR, he has great talent both in linear symbols and in astronomy; add up to that historical and cultural sense and sensitivity. A for effort #FVR! Unfortunately, whatever he adds in the RP flag-we do not own its fabric; alhamdulillaah it is NOT our fabric 🙂 [and not our balcony!]

Well, with or without the CRESCENT in the Philippine flag, the Bangsamoro people exist, shall continue to exist in world history as freedom fighters who staunchly defended homeland territory, race, and Islam.

Muslim Tausug mobile journalist (MoJo) and professional physiotherapist Al Madzhar J. Ahmadul wrote a provocative feature

The Sun in the Philippine Flag fails to Illuminate Bangsamoro History

in his Think Out Loud blog which resulted in a cerebral pyrotechnical explosion that jolted distilled historical memories, so to speak.

Here’s my pyrotechnic display:

  • 1. Well, for one, Moros did fight and quell the Spaniards
    to the point that Moros were not conscripted for polo (forced labor)
    and were not subjected to tax (encomienda); instead, the Spaniards paid tributary tax to the Sulu Sultanate;

    2. Well, they know the Moros too well enough to understand fully that Moros are freedom fighters and not merely Katipuneros; there lies the critical difference!  Unlike the 8 provinces symbolized by the 8 rays in the Philippine flag, the Moro revolution against the Spaniards did not start in 1896; thus, the Bangsamoro cannot be represented by a 9th ray.

    3. You and I knew what happened but tragically qadarullaahi most of the netbies aka selfies are strangers to their own history; may they join the legion of SELFIES for PEACE as Citizens Journalist
    in shaa ALLAH!

    4. It was destined that even HISTORY want to RECTIFY the FALSEHOOD
    by PRESERVING the TRUTH; and HISTORY alhamdulillaah did this
    successfully by WRITING US OFF from Philippine history because
    we are not and were not intrinsically part of it;
    the deletion is a blessing!

    5. A simulation of assimilation; and it cannot accommodate because it is not a host but the destructive parasite, so to speak.

    6. Me neither! “…don’t expect me to raise the Philippine Flag soon in my balcony to celebrate Philippine Independence simply….because I DO NOT HAVE A BALCONY!

 * Michael Lim Ubac, RP flag to have 9th ray to the sun, Philippine Daily Inquirer, September 24, 2009.

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So, what exactly is this #RamadhanPhotoChallenge that and is starting? 

If you have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Path, Vine or whatever social networking account, you are free to join. You just have to post a photo for each of the challenges listed on a daily basis. That means one item per day only! Remember that you need to post a description to the photo. Who knows how you can motivate another person by your post? And of course, remember to tag #RamadhanPhotoChallenge and mention @RamadhanPhotoChallenge (only for instagram users) for a chance to be featured in our instagram account.

For this challenge, you need to have a list of what you want to achieve this Ramadhan. This is to remind each of us that there is always a room for improvement, especially for our fluctuating iman.

Each of the items has meanings attached to it. Through your posts, you will unveil what is the meaning and purpose why I put them there. If you’ve been keeping close with your deen, you would know why I listed each of those above.

You see, the challenge is not posting the photo. It is keeping people, specifically yourself, motivated to keep their deen intact this Ramadhan. And you may do that through the photo and the description you add to it. ^___^

Since, there will most likely be 30 days in Ramadhan, I will give 30 daily challenges for everyone.

I can’t wait to be motivated by your posts. Let us share our Ramadhan drives and keep everyone hyped for the holy month.

PS: If there is only 29 days for Ramadhan, you can post two photos in one day. That means you can post #29 and #30 on the 29th.

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Tips for Ramadhan

The holy month of Ramadan is indeed approaching. Are you ready?

Whether this is your first Ramadan or the 20th, it doesn’t matter. We all need to be ready for this month. A colleague once said that Ramadan is the month of love, medication, meditation and prayer. It is indeed more than those aforementioned.

Ramadan is the month of cure for the wounded. It is a month of reformation for the lost. It is the month of happiness for the sad. It is the month of purification for the impure. As humans, we are made to err. And Ramadan is the answer for our errors.

We are given a month to ponder and shy away from all of our desires by The Almighty Allaah. We are given bountiful rewards waiting for us to grab during this holy month to keep our good deeds heavier than our wrongdoings. It is up to us if we want to chase all those rewards and forgiveness given by His Holiness.

So, are you ready to be ready for Ramadan? Read on.


In every event, a master plan is needed. And a Ramadan to-achieve or to-do list is a must. Get a piece of paper. List down all the things you want to accomplish this coming month. Here is what my list looks like.

1. Complete sawm (unless forbidden). Make up for lost sawm afterwards.
2. Finish reading the qur’an + understand translation.
3. 0% music.
4. 5% zakat.
5. 30% savings.
6. #RamadhanPhotoChallenge ( I will post in another blogpost )
7. Kohl for eyes only. All else, 0% usage of cosmetics.


Now that you have a plan, the next move is to do what is in your list as early as possible. This is so that you would not be shocked on the first day of Ramadan. Say, you can start the sunnah fasting every Monday and Thursday. Or you may want to read the Quran starting now. Or you would prohibit yourself from listening to any kind of music right here and right now. If you can start now, do it. Then, it would be easier to implement everything during Ramadan and thereafter.


The next step is during Ramadan already. Discipline is the essence of this month. Be sure to have a strong stand and do not go otherwise your plan. Stick to what you wrote down. It would be hard, but the result would be sweeter. There is no room for voluntary errors.


When you reach Eid feeling accomplished, know that Ramadan hasn’t ended. You should keep your achieved list and keep achieving them on daily basis already. Ramadan is not just here for a month. It must be engraved in our hearts and minds. We do not just fast from evil during this month. We should for our entire lifetime.

Every day, we ask Allah to guide us to the straight path. Guidance has been sent to us long before, it is up to us to follow it. Ramadan is here to change us and keep us aligned with that straight path. It is here as a mercy not as a burden. If we reached this month, we are lucky individuals. Let us make the most of it.

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UVPN Holds 4th Shuura to Activate 2014 Activities’ Take-Off


Steered every quarter of the fiscal year, the United Voices for Peace Network held its 4th Shuura on Muslim Youth Enlightenment, Empowerment and Development last June 5-7, 2014 at Masjidus Salam, Sanggilangan Village, Maa, Davao City, with a theme “Muslim Youth Leaders as Agents for Positive Change”.

The said  meeting was attended by members of the Board of Trustees (BOT), chief ministers and area and school representatives, who constitute the Association’s Parliament – a governing body responsible for running the over-all affairs. Intensive discussion on agenda focusing on projected activities for the fiscal year 2014 filled the conduct of the three-day meeting. It covered BOT report on action-plans, updates from existing UVPN chapters and identification of next steps for upcoming activities.

Updates on the action-plans of Ministers commenced the agenda discussion. It highlighted the membership database, ID system, religious activities (such as weekly Halaqa), documentation format and procedures, monitoring and evaluation scheme (like monthly accomplishment reports), the formulation of UVPN Code of Conduct, communication flow, financial management system and the formal institutionalization of some activities like Hijab Campaign. These action-plans, accordingly, will provide the tools and guidelines for Ministers to discharge their respective functions. These will also be operationalized through the technical working group formed beforehand such as Training Team, Media Team, Da’wah Team and Finance Team.

The recent activities conducted by UVPN chapters were then presented. Signifying the gradual step towards formal establishment of chapters in the campuses, members attending in Cotabato City State Polytechnic College (CCSPC) and Notre Dame University (NDU) highlighted the successful conduct of General Orientation Program last January. In addition, the Ranaw Chapter presented the activity highlights of the “Let’s Talk about Love” Forum conducted last February in Mindanao State University. A program report was also presented by Kutawato Community Chapter regarding the Re-echo Activity on Islamic Issues. The said activity was spearheaded by Khayria Malusay who attended the original round in Malaysia last April.

As a moving forward mechanism, the body identified sets of activities that are hoped to be conducted before the fiscal year ends. Aside from continuous recruitment of members through its chapters, the Association will gradually steer the conduct of its annually observed events. One of these is the Qiyamul Layl Symposium during the holy month of Ramadan. It will be spearheaded by the Kutawato Community Chapter in Cotabato City in the last ten nights of Ramadan and are hoped to be steered as well in Marawi City by Ranaw Chapter and in Taguig City by Manila Chapter (the conduct of which last year served as the first activity of the Association in Manila). Other Ramadan activities are Iftar programs, Weekly Islamic lectures and the Eidl Fitr Kanduli – Camaraderie-Building. These activities and all other upcoming activities in the fiscal year will be concluded by the annual UVPN General Consultative Convention, that will be on its third round in Sarangani Province on December last week.
These activities are anchored in the Association’s founding objective to enlighten, empower and develop the Muslims in Philippines, particularly in the South, and mission of fostering unity.

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Mercato de Oro night food market relaunches

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Mercato De Oro, a night food and lifestyle market in Northern Mindanao that features homegrown entrepreneurs of Cagayan de Oro, Bukidnon, Iligan, Ozamiz, Pagadian and other neighboring provinces, relaunched last night, June 13, 2014 at the Garden area of Centrio Ayala Mall in Cagayan de Oro City. This time around, …

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The Sun in the Philippine Flag fails to Illuminate Bangsamoro History

Philippine Flag proposed by President Fidel RamosIf flags are symbolic of nationhood and identity that seeks to represents the history and future of a country, then the current Philippine Flag fails dismally in representing the Bangsamoro’s seven hundr…

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Must-do in Sarangani: White Water Tubing

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One of the things you MUST do when you’re in Sarangani, Mindanao, Philippines – white water tubing. No Sarangani adventure will ever be complete if you don’t try white water tubing. It’s a fun extreme adventure experience like no other! Now let me make something clear first. If you’ve tried …

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Food Insecurity Affects Longevity Unlike other Insecurities


There are people who suffer from insecurity attack
about their looks, the color of their skin, lack of money;
not so tragic and a cause of alarm
BUT if you are to compare it to FOOD INSECURITY
when people suffer from hunger pangs
famished to the point of death.

Next time we over-eat or go on a binge after food-deprivation
or even after sunnah or obligatory fasting
and the moment we do pile heaps of food on our plate
but just waste and throw it away after visually satiating ourselves
let us put to heart and mind people around the world
who are besieged by food security
and let us zoom in closer to Zamboanga IDPs
and zoom in closest to our relatives
🙁 who are suffering from FOOD INSECURITY

wallaahu’ musta’aan

#PhilippineHumanRights #Oxfam GB

Retweeted by Jihad al Akbar

What does ‘food insecurity’ actually mean?  #infographic The vocabulary of hunger crises

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Proposed ISA Panel: International Relations and Islam: The Peculiar Case of Nation-State

Chair: Raffaele Mauriello

Discussant: Deina Abdelkader

The first section discusses the theoretical and empirical comparative analyses on nation-state between Islamic and Western scholars. It includes three categorical responses whether there is an Islamic nation-state, then comparing Western and Islamic understandings of nation-state which the author concludes that there is probable

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Proposed ISA Panel: Islam and Democracy: The Case of the Arab Spring

Chair: Elizabeth Cobbett

Discussant: Raffaele Mauriello

The panel consists of a theoretical paper that discusses the link between the principle of public welfare and democratization according to Islamic jurisprudence. The other four papers on the panel examine the relationship between the Arab Spring and the beliefs of its peoples; namely, Islam. The papers vary in addressing issues such

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Proposed ISA Panel: International Relations and Islamic Studies: A New Agenda

Chair: Deina Abdelkader

Discussant: Nassef Manabilang Adiong

Non-Western experiences, practices, and perspectives on international affairs have long been underestimated within Euro-American academia and among Western foreign policy making. Non-Western actors have largely been regarded only as disciples of Western schools of International Relations (IR), never as proponents of theoretical

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The Co-IRIS Research Agenda: Diversifying IR theories and approaches (Finding a via media between IR and Islam, and Worlding beyond the Clash of Civilizations)

Co-IRIS is planning to submit a workshop proposal for the International
Studies Association’s (ISA) Venture research grant category. See

Our workshop proposal is:

The Co-IRIS Research Agenda: Diversifying IR theories andapproaches (Finding a via media between IR and Islam, and Worlding beyond the Clashof

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