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At Tim Ho Wan Manila Michelin Star Restaurant

So I’ve finally visited TIM HO WAN Manila! I’ve been seeing a lot of photos of Tim Ho Wan’s Manila restaurants plus their uber popular baked buns with pork BBQ (char siu) filling. At bilang fan na fan ako ng dim sum, I knew I just had to include Tim Ho Wan in my must-visit list next time I’m in Manila. Tim Ho Wan, which originated in Mong Kok, Hong Kong, is recognized as HK’s most famous Michelin star restaurant. Actually, Tim Ho Wan is the world’s cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant! And you know how it is if a restaurant is

R: How to Layout and Design an Infographic

As promised from my recent article, here’s my tutorial on how to layout and design an infographic in R. This article will serve as a template for more infographic design that I plan to share on future posts. Hence, we will go through the following sect…

At the Senator Chiz Escudero – Heart Evangelista wedding

I attended the Senator Chiz Escudero and Heart Evangelista wedding a few days ago. I have known Senator Chiz ever since he was still a congressman representing Sorsogon (yep, a very long time) so I was really thrilled to know that I was to witness this special, joyous occasion of his life. I know a lot of other media outlets have discussed the nitty gritty details of the Escudero-Ongpauco wedding (Heart’s real name is Love Marie Ongpauco) so I will just share a few thoughts and observations. The event saw lots of notable personalities – from top business leaders to

Why You Should Join Amway Nutrilite Health Run 2015 CDO

The Amway Nutrilite Health Run 2015 is one of the most awaited fun runs this year. The Manila leg happened a few days ago. Next stop – CDO! Definitely good news for avid runners in Northern Mindanao. The Nutrilite Health Run 2015 CDO event will be held on March 15, 2015 (Sunday) at the Amway Distribution Center along Velez Street. Race categories: 3K, 5K and 8K. Interested to join? Here are a few really good reasons why you should join the Nutrilite Health Run CDO Leg 2015: 1. Registration fee for all categories is a very affordable flat rate of

TAPS restaurant Davao has a warning for table hoggers

TAPS, a famous local restaurant in Davao City, Philippines best known for their silog meals and is open 24/7, has a warning especially for table hoggers. A table hogger is a person who either spreads his work or bags and other stuff across a table (and therefore discourages other customers to use or share the table) or a person who orders one item (usually the cheapest on the menu even!) and stays at a table practically for several hours! I’m sure everyone has spotted a table hogger at one time or another. I guess TAPS Davao gets a lot of

Sen Cayetano: How democratically AUTOCRATIC could you utterly get?

OF “SMART” WOUND ANALYZER TO “TWERP” DEMOCRACY GAUGESenator Cayetano needs badly this new discovery: “smart bandage” that’s actually a wound analyzer.Why? Well, Sen Cayetano is badly wounded. He is venting his ire on Iqbal, the BBL and the entire Bang…

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TERRORISM of Pharaoh, King Herod and Hoarders of Nuke Weapons WMD

Up to today, mankind has not invented yetan “extremism gauge.”Indeed, extremism cannot be quantified but can only be described in its various manifestations.Extremism has two sides to it..It can either be good or bad. There is nothing bad with extremis…

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ISIS: Independent SULU Islamic State

ISIS: Independent SULU Islamic StateThe ISIS Vaccine of Sulu non-terrorist, non-extremist sovereign using Abode of Peace paradigm Brunei Darussalam model 

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Braveheart in Bright Jersey

Braveheart in Bright JerseyPhoto Credit: Gigi | @Sundilyn Bedro | 17 Feb 2015 | Don Joaquin Enriquez Memorial Sports Complex  That countenance asks not one silent question perplexed his brows knitting Yet he stands erect looking straight at the un…

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Hearts Come and Go in Different Shapes and Forms

Hearts Come and Go in Different Shapes and FormsLook at the Man’s Pants…HEARTS! Photo Credits: Gigi | Sundilyn Bedro | 17 Feb 2015 | Don Joaquin Enriquez Memorial Sports Complex We almost lost our hearts heart emoticon yet found it again when we…

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I Am Again A Newspaper Columnist

Very, very thrilled to share that I am (again) a newspaper columnist! Starting February 20, 2015, I will be one of the columnists at Gold Star Daily, Mindanao’s largest newspaper. I have named my column “Mindanaoan Meets World” as I plan to write about lifestyle, music, a little bit of politics and showbiz and travel not only within the Philippines but around the world, too! My first stint as newspaper correspondent, columnist and part-time editor started way, way back. Like eons of light years ago haha! But life happened, I took a career detour and eventually, was already happy and

I want.

I want.

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Peace for All

MANILA- Several advocates of peace from government bodies, NGOs, institutions including artists gathered at the University of the Philippines – Balay Kalinaw for a Peace Forum last February 16 2015 in what was considered as a call towards All-Out Peace…

It was 67, not 44.

Assalamu Alaykum! (Peace be upon you!)A few days from now and the tragic incident in Mamasapano, Maguindanao will reach it’s first month (which coincides with the EDSA revolution anniversary). A lot of things already happened. Things came out from a “s…