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Japan Home Center CDO mini-haul – do you love wastelands, too?

I have a confession to make. I love, love, LOVE wastelands. Wasteland as in a place that has a lot of stuff that more often than not you don’t need but really want! You can leave me at a wasteland and I’ll be fine for several hours. Believe it or not, I get inspired whenever I’m inside one 😀 In Manila, I have a couple of favorite wastelands but it’s difficult to find one here in Mindanao. I guess the closest one I could think of are the 88-peso stores. Like the Japan Home Center at the Ground Floor of

Wine Cellar CDO brings back drink-all-you-can wine nights

Fond of wines? In Cagayan de Oro, the only place to indulge in bestselling fine wines is at The Wine Cellar. Located at Door 6, Great Spot Arcade, JR Borja Extension, The Wine Cellar is considered a must-visit in CDO. Not only is The Wine Cellar CDO st…

Philippine Mini Series of Talks on Nation-State and Muslim Governance

Dear all,

I would like to invite everyone for mini series of talks on International Relations. I will particularly discuss the comparative conundrum between nation-state and Muslim governance. As of this writing, here are the confirmed universities a…

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UNYPAD’s USM Chapter Conducts Series of Islamic Symposiums during Ramadhan

By: Omar A. Mohamad KABACAN, North Cotabato (July 30, 2015)—The University of Southern Mindanao (USM) School-based chapter of the United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYPAD) conducted series of Ramadhan Islamic Symposiums in the school campus dubbed as “weekly ramadhan symposium.” “The objective of the activity was not only to impart knowledge about what is

UNYPAD Ranao Region hosts 3-Community Symposiums during Ramadhan

MARAWI CITY, Lanao del Sur (July 30, 2015)—At least 3 series of Islamic symposium in Lanao del Sur and Marawi City was conducted through the efforts of the office of the Regional Coordinator and Vice President for External affairs of the United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYPAD) in coordination with the UNYPAD Marawi City

Bukidnon Kaamulan Festival 2015 schedule of activities

The Kaamulan Festival 2015 schedule of activities is finally out. Kaamulan Festival, a yearly festival that aims to gather Bukidnon’s 7 hill tribes, is usually held every March but in 2014, the Kaamulan Festival was held in August so that it would coincide with the Bukidnon Centennial Celebration. This 2015, the Bukidnon government decided to move it to October. The Kaamulan 2015 festival schedule of activities can be found below but please do “like” the Kaamulan Festival Facebook Page to be constantly updated. Need a place to stay in Bukidnon? BOOK YOUR BUKIDNON HOTEL ROOM HERE OCTOBER 1 – GRAND

What to Look for in a Divorce Lawyer

Men who are getting a divorce must search for a lawyer that will help them through this complicated and sometimes difficult process. Ideally, they want to hire a lawyer with a lot of experience with divorce cases of all types. A lawyer with experience …

Regular Islamic Class Resumes

By: Farida P. Dalandan COTABATO City (July 27, 2015) — The Women Affairs Committee (WAC) of the United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYPAD), in partnership with the national committee on Da’wah and Education, resumed the Regular Islamic Class for the UNYPAD national officers and staff on July 10, 2015 at the UNYPAD National Office


In-Country Scholarship Program (ICSP) Recognition Ceremony, 23 July 2015, Davao City To all of us who are here, headed by the convener, our sponsors, fellow scholars and other guests – Assalamu alaikom W.W. and good morning to all of us. Before I start my message, allow me to convey my thanks and gratitude to the

Foods That Taste Better Cooked on a BBQ

barbeque, food, bbq, grilled food, kebab, recipe
A barbeque can be a versatile cooking tool if used properly. Do you love to entertain in the great outdoors? Are you looking for food that is both tasty and easy to make outside? If this sounds like you, here are some foods that taste better when cooked on a barbeque. Try some of them out and you might even surprise yourself!


Being married to an Arab, I learned to love Arabian food especially Kebab. It’s my absolute fave! There are so many different kinds of kebabs you can make, as you can combine a variety of different meats and vegetables with your choice of sauce or marinade. Make it a collaborative affair and get your friends and family involved in the making of your barbequed kebabs. This will make your kebabs just that little bit tastier and will also give everyone a sense of accomplishment.


Another absolute fave! There is nothing better than a homemade pizza! You can be inventive with your toppings combinations and use as many as you want, and you can also cater for any specific dietary requirements. You can make your own dough or buy them premade – pop them onto the grill until you can see grill marks, pile on your toppings on the grilled side and take your pizza off when you see the cheese start to bubble.


Vegetables can be bland and soggy if you overcook them, but at the same time you don’t want them to be undercooked either. Cut them into coins or slices and cook them for the appropriate amount of time. The high temperatures and relatively snappy cooking times mean that all the flavours and nutrients are better preserved, so they will be extra tasty and will have just that little edge over cooked vegetables.


Like vegetables, burgers retain their flavour more so when cooked on a barbeque – just don’t squash them too hard because the juices will then run out. A barbeque is suitable for burger patties of all shapes, sizes and components. Try a burger made of turkey mince (if it’s available locally) instead of beef, and if you are feeling adventurous, you might want to try a portabello mushroom patty seasoned with some of your favourite spices.


If you are looking for something sweet to go with all your savoury goods, look no further than fruit! Grilling fruit brings out the sweetness in them, but be careful that you don’t end up burning the whole thing. Make fruit skewers, wrap them in foil and cook on low heat until they look golden and toasty. Living here in the Philippines, it’s unlikely in our culture to grill fruits as a side dish whatsoever. But of course this is not new to me,  I’ve seen this in food network and I can’t wait to try this one soon!

Barbeques are a great addition to your cooking arsenal, no matter what kind of cook you claim to be. If you are looking for a new barbeque, specialists such as Barbeques Galore can help you choose the right barbeque for you. You can cook almost anything on a barbeque, so let your imagination run wild!
Which foods do you think taste better when cooked on a BBQ? What is your favourite food to cook outside? Have you ever tried to cook something different on a barbeque? What was it and how did it turn out? Please leave your thoughts and comments down below. I’d love to know them! 🙂

Barbeques Galore is one of Australia’s leading specialty retailers. The Barbeques Galore brand is synonymous with barbeque retailing and is built on the strong foundation of selling barbeques to Australian consumers since 1977. Their product range is primarily focused on barbeques, incorporating both proprietary brands such as Turbo, Cordon Bleu and Beefmaster, and third party brands such as Weber. A typical store also offers complementary outdoor furniture, heating and accessories ranges.

Disclaimer: Photographs in this post belongs to their rightful owners. 

AirAsia, Nikon launch #IamAirAsiaTravelPhotographer contest

AirAsia and ThinkDharma, Inc. (exclusive distributor of Nikon digital cameras) have formally launched the search for the first Air Asia Travel Photographer 2015. Two office workers, a car salesman and a barista are stepping out of their comfort zones and into the challenges of becoming the first AirAsia Travel Photographer for 2015. The #IamAirAsiaTravelPhotographer contest is in partnership with AirAsia’s global loyalty program, BIG, which will award winners with over 200,000 BIG Points or its equivalent free flights to any of AirAsia Group’s 100 destinations. Assisted by multi-awarded photographers from the Philippines and Malaysia as their personal coach, four pre-selected

Parametric Inference: Karlin-Rubin Theorem

A family of pdfs or pmfs ${g(t|theta):thetainTheta}$ for a univariate random variable $T$ with real-valued parameter $theta$ has a monotone likelihood ratio (MLR) if, for every $theta_2>theta_1$, $g(t|theta_2)/g(t|theta_1)$ is a monotone (nonincreasing or nondecreasing) function of $t$ on ${t:g(t|theta_1)>0;text{or};g(t|theta_2)>0}$. Note that $c/0$ is defined as $infty$ if $0< c$.
Consider testing $H_0:thetaleq theta_0$ versus $H_1:theta>theta_0$. Suppose that $T$ is a sufficient statistic for $theta$ and the family of pdfs or pmfs ${g(t|theta):thetainTheta}$ of $T$ has an MLR. Then for any $t_0$, the test that rejects $H_0$ if and only if $T >t_0$ is a UMP level $alpha$ test, where $alpha=P_{theta_0}(T >t_0)$.

Example 1
To better understand the theorem, consider a single observation, $X$, from $mathrm{n}(theta,1)$, and test the following hypotheses: $$ H_0:thetaleq theta_0quadmathrm{versus}quad H_1:theta>theta_0. $$ Then $theta_1>theta_0$, and the likelihood ratio test statistics would be $$ lambda(x)=frac{f(x|theta_1)}{f(x|theta_0)}. $$ And we say that the null hypothesis is rejected if $lambda(x)>k$. To see if the distribution of the sample has MLR property, we simplify the above equation as follows: $$ begin{aligned} lambda(x)&=frac{frac{1}{sqrt{2pi}}expleft[-frac{(x-theta_1)^2}{2}right]}{frac{1}{sqrt{2pi}}expleft[-frac{(x-theta_0)^2}{2}right]}\ &=exp left[-frac{x^2-2xtheta_1+theta_1^2}{2}+frac{x^2-2xtheta_0+theta_0^2}{2}right]\ &=expleft[frac{2xtheta_1-theta_1^2-2xtheta_0+theta_0^2}{2}right]\ &=expleft[frac{2x(theta_1-theta_0)-(theta_1^2-theta_0^2)}{2}right]\ &=expleft[x(theta_1-theta_0)right]timesexpleft[-frac{theta_1^2-theta_0^2}{2}right] end{aligned} $$ which is increasing as a function of $x$, since $theta_1>theta_0$.

Figure 1. Normal Densities with $mu=1,2$.

By illustration, consider Figure 1. The plot of the likelihood ratio of these models is monotone increasing as seen in Figure 2, where rejecting $H_0$ if $lambda(x)>k$ is equivalent to rejecting it if $Tgeq t_0$.

Figure 2. Likelihood Ratio of the Normal Densities.

And by factorization theorem the likelihood ratio test statistic can be written as a function of the sufficient statistics since the term, $h(x)$ will be cancelled out. That is, $$ lambda(t)=frac{g(t|theta_1)}{g(t|theta_0)}. $$ And by Karlin-Rubin theorem, the rejection region $R={t:t>t_0}$ is a uniformly most powerful level-$alpha$ test. Where $t_0$ satisfies the following: $$ begin{aligned} mathrm{P}(T>t_0|theta_0)&=mathrm{P}(Tin R|theta_0)\ alpha&=1-mathrm{P}(Xleq t_0|theta_0)\ 1-alpha&=int_{-infty}^{t_0}frac{1}{sqrt{2pi}}expleft[-frac{(x-theta_0)^2}{2}right]operatorname{d}x end{aligned} $$ Hence the quantile of the $1-alpha$ probability, which is $z_{alpha}$ is equal to $t_0$, that is $z_{alpha}=t_0$, and thus we reject $H_0$ if $T>z_{alpha}$.

Example 2
Now consider testing the hypotheses, $H_0:thetageq theta_0$ versus $H_1:theta< theta_0$ using the sample $X$ (single observation) from Beta($theta$, 2), and to be more specific let $theta_0=4$ and $theta_1=3$. Can we apply Karlin-Rubin? Of course! Visually, we have something like in Figure 3.

Figure 3. Beta Densities Under Different Parameters.

Note that for this test, $theta_1<theta_0$, and so the likelihood ratio test statistics is simplified as follows: $$ begin{aligned} lambda(x)&=frac{f(x|theta_1=3, 2)}{f(x|theta_0=4, 2)}=frac{displaystylefrac{Gamma(theta_1+2)}{Gamma(theta_1)Gamma(2)}x^{theta_1-1}(1-x)^{2-1}}{displaystylefrac{Gamma(theta_0+2)}{Gamma(theta_0)Gamma(2)}x^{theta_0-1}(1-x)^{2-1}}\ &=frac{displaystylefrac{Gamma(5)}{Gamma(3)Gamma(2)}x^{2}(1-x)}{displaystylefrac{Gamma(6)}{Gamma(4)Gamma(2)}x^{3}(1-x)}=frac{displaystylefrac{12Gamma(3)}{Gamma(3)Gamma(2)}x^{2}(1-x)}{displaystylefrac{20Gamma(4)}{Gamma(4)Gamma(2)}x^{3}(1-x)}\ &=frac{3}{5x}, end{aligned} $$ which is decreasing as a function of $x$, see the plot of this in Figure 4. And we say that $H_0$ is rejected if $lambda(x) > k$ if and only if $T

Figure 4. Likelihood Ratio of the Beta Densities.


  1. Casella, G. and Berger, R.L. (2001). Statistical Inference. Thomson Learning, Inc.

Bedroom Interior Wishlist

Whenever i’m uninspired or I have my free time, I always visit Pinterest to search for inspiration. I am fond of looking at photographs of everything I love such as interior design, bedrooms, studdy nooks, tree houses, beautiful gardens, etc. I always point ohhh I want that and ohh I want one these, so I made up my bedroom wishlist. 

Here are the things that I want to be in my future bedroom:

STUDY LAMP & LAVA LAMP. I always wanted these, I found one on robinsons and I’m thinking of buying it. Though the problem of my room is that it only has one socket. I’m still looking for a chargeable lamp for my bedside table.

POLAROID PHOTOS. I am currently saving up for a Polaroid camera, and when I already have one i’ll hang the photographs in my wall, I already have a twine and wooden clothes pin.

PASTEL WALLS. I want to paint my walls white! And I want to decorate it with pastel color things.

FRESH FLOWERS. I want to fill my room with fresh flowers on a mason jar! For someone who’s living in the south point of the Philippines, it’s hard to find lovely flowers like tulips, carnations, daffodils and etc. But chrysanthemum and daisies will be fine, we lots of those here.

PIANO CARPET. I guess it’s hard to find this kind of carpet and it might be expensive, but a girl’s gotta dream.

HANGING CHAIR. Who doesn’t want this??? But I prefer a wooden one. It’s a life long dream to have one in my room.

NEW STUDY AND BEDSIDE TABLE. I always wanted to have a study table like Jody Abbot (the cartoon) has, it may be a white one  or it’s natural wood color.  I want to fill them with books, lots of books. Also, I want all my wooden furniture to have the same color.

AZTEC OR BLACK BED SHEETS. As much as I love flowers in my bed, but I prefer Aztec and plain ones. Something pastel or dark to contrast my walls.

Overall, I want my future bedroom in between vintage and pastel. That would be lovely! A girl can dream.

Filipino Crab Mentality – The Institutionalization of Mediocracy

My blog Reflections on the Bangsa Moro was lost in 2011 when the bloghost BLOGSOME.COM folded. I never thought blogsome would close down. It seemed like a small but solid enterprise in Ireland. They must have sent warnings to its clients but I must have been too busy then doing other things so I wasn’t able […]

#Come2CDO social media campaign launched

The Cagayan de Oro Bloggers launched the #Come2CDO social media campaign today, July 18, 2015, in an effort to help promote the city online. The #Come2CDO online campaign, a yearly social media initiative of the CDO Bloggers, Inc. that began in 2013, aims to promote the city’s best in terms of adventure destinations, food selections, hotels and other accommodations, tourist spots and ultimately, the warmth of a Kagayanon’s friendship. By sharing photos, stories and other posts on social media and by adding the hashtags #Come2CDO and #CDO, the public can help populate the Internet with helpful entries about Cagayan de

instagram: Blue Brush Strokes with @danischafer_ For more of…


Blue Brush Strokes with @danischafer_

For more of Dani Schafer’s photos, follow @danischafer_ on Instagram.

Spend time looking at Dani Schafer’s (@danischafer_) recent work and you might feel an overwhelming sense of calm. “I never consciously intended to work with cooler tones, but once I started I couldn’t stop,” says Dani, an artist in Madison, Wisconsin. “I’ll move away from them when they no longer fit my vision.” She starts her 3-D pieces with drawings and plans, but her painting process is different. “They begin with a vague idea in my mind — maybe a few colors, the shadows of a few forms,” she says. “Once I start, it all happens on my palette and the painting surface.”

Although Dani has been painting since she was in elementary school, it became her primary medium only a few years ago. “In college my focus was on sculpture and installation — larger-scale work,” she says. “It’s important for me to keep working across genres, regardless of what my current focus may be.”

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newyorker: Pluto in High-ResSoon, we will have images of…


Pluto in High-Res

Soon, we will have images of Pluto’s surface so detailed that, if they were of Earth, you could pick out the ponds in Manhattan’s Central Park. With those images will come detailed topographical information, composition data, and atmospheric readings. We will find out whether Pluto has visible rings; whether it shares an atmosphere with Charon, its largest moon; whether it has clouds or haze; whether it hosts a deep subsurface ocean or active geology; and much, much more.

Read more about New Horizons’ discoveries in Nicola Twilley’s story.

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