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WISC-IRIIS Exploratory Workshop: Alternative Cosmologies and Knowledge Systems in International Relations

PhISO will join the 2nd exploratory workshop on “Alternative Cosmologies and Knowledge Systems in International Relations” organized by the World International Studies Committee (WISC) and by the Institute for Research on India and International Studies (IRIIS). It will be held on 11-13 January 2016 in New Delhi, India. PhISO will be represented by Nassef whose research proposal was

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Victims of Fate, History, Circumstance and False Flag

We are indeed lucky not to wallow in defeat alhamdulillaah!as victims of fate, history and circumstance add up to it false flag-but this must not in any way dull our hearts to reach out and assert for the rights of our  ow…

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Myanmar CSO Leaders Visit UNYPAD CSWG Area in Pagalungan

By: Badroden Mamendig COTABATO City (November 29, 2015)—Leaders of different Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) from Kachin and Northern Shan States mostly working on humanitarian response visited the UNYPAD Community Security Working Group (CSWG) piloted community in barangay Layog, Pagalungan, Maguindanao on November 15, 2015. The community visit was made possible through the joint effort of

Food Party @ Caffe Firenzo

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I remember when I was in college, after my night class sometimes I’d go Caffe Firenzo to study or just enjoy my solitude and a good book. The place was convenient for me since it’s just a walking distance from our school. Not only that, I also loved the ambiance of the cafe, it’s quiet and I could stay as long as I want since they’re open 24/7. Those were the good old days…

So… I was surprised when I received an invitation for a food tasting at Caffe Firenzo, and I was even giddy when I was told that the place has now a whole different look and concept. Of course, I immediately said yes!

caffe firenzo, coffee shop, coffee shops in gensan, places to eat in gensan, magandang gensan, socsksargen, sun city suites, wow gensan,
You’ll be greeted by this cute chalk board menu at the entrance. So cute!

Ali and I arrived first, so while waiting for the others, Ms. Kate talked something about Caffe Firenzo and its interior. We also went around to take some pictures.

caffe firenzo, coffee shop, coffee shops in gensan, places to eat in gensan, magandang gensan, socsksargen, sun city suites, wow gensan,
caffe firenzo, coffee shop, coffee shops in gensan, places to eat in gensan, magandang gensan, socsksargen, sun city suites, wow gensan,
My eyes caught this beautiful jar. If stealing isn’t a crime, I’d steal that jar. For real. Hahaha. I really like the concept of this infused water in a jar thing. And it really looks cute on their counter top.

caffe firenzo, coffee shop, coffee shops in gensan, places to eat in gensan, magandang gensan, socsksargen, sun city suites, wow gensan,
When I saw this area, I immediately pictured myself sitting on those comfy chairs reading a book while having my coffee.

caffe firenzo, coffee shop, coffee shops in gensan, places to eat in gensan, magandang gensan, socsksargen, sun city suites, wow gensan,
I’m in love with this area! Their al-fresco is surrounded with plants. And sitting there was like i’m just sitting in my very own porch surrounded by plants and fresh air. It’s very relaxing and homey despite being located in the heart of the city.


There are tons of food selections and one of their specialties are the Native Chicken Fried Adobo and the Tuna Palikpik. I think my favorite dishes are the native chicken fried adobo and the chicken teriyaki. I’ve also tasted their chicken skin during my 2nd visit and I must say it tastes heavenly! 
*Chicken skin is life next to pizza!*  

I’ve tried their blue berry iced tea, it’s a bit sweet for my taste but it’s good. Their frappes also tastes good! What can I say, everything is beyond delicious!


The Place:  

It’s 5 stars cos I love everything about the place! It is located in the heart of the city which is a plus, it’s easy to find and near the malls. What I love most is the cozy/homey and garden feels of the cafe, I felt really relaxed when I set foot in that place.

The Food:  
The food was superb! Beyond amazing I must say. Everything was delicious especially 
Native Chicken Fried Adobo and Chicken Teriyaki.

The Price range:  

I noticed that the prices are a bit higher compared before. Not that budget friendly for students and minimum salary earners. Maybe it’s just the kuripot in me talking. But I think everything nowadays are much expensive compared a year or 2 ago. Hahaha. All in all, I think the prices are worth it with regards to the taste of every every dishes.

The Services:  
I’m the kind of person who’s very picky with restaurants and coffee shops, believe me if I say that the “service” is a big factor. Who would want to go back to a cafe with rude employees or crew, right? And I love how nice and accommodating the crew in Caffe Firenzo are! They were very courteous and they attended all our needs. If you’re thinking maybe it’s because we were invited for food tasting that’s why they’re nice and all, but I went back after a week or two and the way they treat their customers are the same as the first time I stepped in that place. So that’s a plus!

The Comfort Room:  

I’m very very picky when it comes to wash rooms and comfort rooms of every place I visit especially in hotels and restaurants. So I was really happy when I went inside Caffe Firenzo’s wash room, everything a girl needs in a wash room is there and the hose is a plus, it’s soooo clean you can literally sleep on the floor haha, it smells good too!
Team SOX!
Caffe Firenzo is located @ Sun City Suites comnplex, National Highway, General Santos City.
Visit and hit the like button: FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM

Businessman shot and killed in Kabacan, North Cotabato

KABACAN, North Cotabato – Taya “Jun” T. Moreno, a businessman in Kabacan town, North Cotabato was shot and killed at about 4:30 PM on November 24, 2015 at Barangay Poblacion, Kabacan, North Cotabato. A student said that he was on his single motor cycle traversing the Abellera Street, a provincial road from downtown going home […]


The continued struggle of the Moro people for their Right to Self Determination gained an incremental victories i.e. OMA, R.A. 6734, R.A. 9054, and now the proposed Bangsamoro Government.


After years of fierce fighting between government troops and Moro fighters, MNLF got in to peace negotiation with the Government of the Philippines under the administration of Ferdinand Marcos – also known as GRP-MNLF Peace Talks.

314 Blood Units Collected in the Recent 27th MBD

COTABATO City — In the recent 27th Muslim Blood Donation (MBD) conducted by Bangsamoro Development Agency-Central Mindanao (BDA-CenMin) held at the Regional Management Office (RMO) of the agency located at #23, Jasmin Street, Rosary Heights 6, Cotabato City last November 22, 2015, three hundred fourteen (314) blood units were collected. With the text brigade sent […]

UNYPAD Maguindanao Cluster-2 Organize Chapter in Libutan, Maguindanao

By: Saidona A. Lawan LIBUTAN, Mamasapano, Maguindanao (November 26, 2015) — The Maguindanao Cluster-2 Provincial Chapter of the United Youth for Peace and Development, Inc. (UNYPAD) conducted orientations in its newly organized members in Libutan, Mamasapano, Maguindanao on November 15, 2015. The activity was actively participated by 53 young men and women. Musalik Indal, a

My Presentation for a Panel at the 6th PILF

Packed house for the “Writing in Place” panel ft. @MiaAlvar @kristinemuslim @sandwichspy at #6thPILF via @NBDB_PHIL— Code Meet Print (@codemeetprint) November 21, 2015​​6th Philippine International Literary Festival​November 20-21, 2015, Davao CityPanel on Writing in Place/Creating Your Space​My name is Kristine, a native of a rural town in Maguindanao. I authored six books—four of which are with publishers outside the country while two are forthcoming from […]

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After applauding the signing of the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro (CAB) as a demonstration of peace and hope, the world is now witness to how this peace agreement fails to be carried out to its fruition. As civil society organizations with programs for, offices in, and people from the Bangsamoro, we are saddened to […]

Genetically modified salmon declared safe for consumption – U.S. Regulators

Genetically Engineered Salmon / GMO Salmon: A genetically modified salmon has just been declared by the United States regulators as safe for human consumption, however, environmental groups are up in arms due to the project’s shady approval.

The altered salmon specie will be the first “transgenic animal” to have ever been considered safe for use as food, in case it gets fully approved – legally.

At the moment, it is still unclear whether it will ever appear on an American dinner plate.

Several environmental groups such as EcoJustice, the Ecology Action Centre and Living Oceans are somewhat questioning the approval procedure used by the federal government over the commercial egg production of the modified salmon.

GMO Salmon

“The government wouldn’t even tell us what they were doing,” said Karen Wristen of B.C.-based Living Oceans.

She added:

The thought that we could approve the world’s first genetically modified food animal for commercial production in a modern parliamentary democracy without anyone even knowing is, to me, mind-boggling.

The GMO salmon will be ready for harvest in just the span of 18 months, contrary to the usual three years using conventional farming techniques.

Source: Yahoo! Canada

Mulings about Bud Uwak

Bud Uwak literally means Crow Mountain though it is neither a mountain nor a place where one hears the raucous crows crowing, cawing or squawking. It might as well have been a place of counting crows before the time of Martial Law when severa…

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The world is not enough. A parody of the tragedy of Paris.

  The world has now put a spotlight on Paris, after experiencing a tragic blow more than a year after the Charlie Hebdo attacks. This has brought many people to symphatize amd emphatize with the French, Facebook even allowed people to post a watermarked flag of france superimposed with the peictures of facebook users. There […]

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In My Shoes: Living with bipolar disorder

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After years of telling myself to shut up because i’m too afraid of being judged and of what people might say, I am learning to get my voice back. I want to tell you my story, what it’s like to be in my shoes and to tell you that despite how difficult it might be there IS hope. And somehow hoping that I can help and inspire you. Perhaps I have more to share than darkness and I could spread some beauty into the world too…

To know everything legit about bipolar disorder, visit Buzzfeed’s article:


Growing up, I’ve always felt insecure and my heart was tooooo big that I feel to much. Or you could say i’m too sensitive. Throughout adolescence, I felt I’ve been extremely moody. I’d go from depressive state for weeks and one day I’d wake up feeling positive and ecstatic. I didn’t know it had a name, not until I was 18. 
I don’t know where or how it started. As far as I remember I’ve had a roller coaster ride during my high school days but mostly it was tearful, I’ve been bullied not just by peers but also by teachers, it was too much than I can handle. College came and it became worse; pressure from studies, death visited our family often, friends, bullies, and of course heartbreaks. I starved myself and I hated myself to be like that. I self injured to the point that I find it comforting. I become suicidal, I’ve tried killing myself many times. I just felt like I don’t have the willpower to live anymore. I just couldn’t handle life. And that’s just the depressive side… There were also days that I when I wake up I suddenly feel extremely ecstatic and positive, productive and full of ideas. Thoughts are racing into my head that sometimes I can’t keep up which I end up being irritable, mad, say inappropriate things and making bad decisions. Then depression hits again… It’s confusing, really, moving back and forth with this mixed episodes. Sometimes I just can’t describe it, its excruciating , tiring and unbearable. I’ve been through worst…

That world around you, all dark and hollow, without meaning or context, without hope, as dry as a desert. It holds you around its frosty hands, feeling thin, painful. Noise was dull, food was tasteless, days were long and nights, sleepless; home was horror and tomorrow seems unlikely.The first time, the sombre time, when you try to kill yourself, imagining how your funeral will be like, fantasizing about it in tremendous detail.  (YOU DON’T REALLY WANT TO DIE. YOU JUST WANT TO GET AWAY. AND YOU’RE NOT THE LAST ONE.) 

Having an aunt as psychiatrist, at first I was resistant because I felt shy and ashamed. Eventually I gave in to meds and therapy which I believe one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. And of course, my support system aka family was beyond amazing. 
I can’t say that i’m 100% A-okay. I’m still not out of the woods yet but i’m getting there. ButnI am so much better than yesterday…
“Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. 
You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars; 
you have a right to be here.” 


1. Therapy and Medicine

From manic to depression or even mixed episodes, I was an ultimate mess. It was too much to handle. Resistant as I was at first but I finally gave in thinking that there’s no harm in trying. I’ve been taking meds for 4 years now and it really helped me stabilize my mood. Of course there are days when I forget to take it and there were weeks that I tried not taking it at all because I didn’t want to be dependent on medications but I think for now i’m not yet ready to loosen it up, maybe someday when i’m a lot better. The downside is it makes me numb sometimes, I can’t feel anything like everything’s just cool even in devastating situations. When my cousin and grandpa died last April, I took a break from taking my meds for a week just to cry it all out. Medications are also quite expensive, i’m just so lucky that my parents can give all the possible support I can get. Alas, talking also helps. I’ve been through sessions of therapy and it helped!
All i’m saying is if it works out for you, continue taking it. Like I said there’s no harm in trying.

2. Support System

I’m beyond lucky that I have a great support system. I’m thankful to have my parents that supports me not just financially but also emotionally. Having a family and friends that loves me and understands me even though sometimes i’m too hard to understand and to deal with had a great impact in making me a better person. Telling me to not let my illness define me and giving me constant advice, they’re like my sidekicks in fighting my monsters. Of course I lost a lot of friends who easily gave up on me, at the end you’ll really know who your true friends are. I’m deeply grateful to have all of them!
Lastly, Ali is a gift from the heavens. I couldn’t imagine myself standing right now if it weren’t for him, he’s a life changer and I couldn’t thank God enough for this wonderful man. I’m so blessed and lucky to have him in my life.

3. Environment & Lifestyle change

Healthy and positive environment attracts positive energy. It’s true! When you’re surrounded by pessimists and negative people, it may affect you big time and may drag you down. Letting go of toxic people was a great help. Avoiding such people doesn’t mean that i’m (or you) a bad person, its just about choosing happiness over toxicity. At the end, if i’m not gonna do it, i’ll be the one who will suffer. I’ve come to realise that shifting from Nursing to Education was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Nursing was too stressful for me, the environment (batch mates, clinical instructors, school) was too mean for me and it drags me down. When I transferred school and shifted to Education, I became happy and content. I finally found the kind of field i’m passionate about.
It was a great challenge changing my lifestyle though sometimes i’m still guilty of breaking them. It’s hard but no pain no gain. Here are some of the changes I’ve undergone:
  • Getting enough sleep is important. Sleeping 8-9 hours helped me stabilize my mood and boosts up my hormones.
  • Avoid chocolates, sodas and other junk. I’m still having troubles with this but i’m trying. I’m trying little by little. Also, eat vegies and other bipolar friendly food, there tons of choices in google if you’re interested.
  • Exercise can help too! It alleviates depression and balance your mood. It also increases attention and decision making. But now that i’m working it’s hard to exercise everyday, I barely have time but i’m doing the best that I can to find time.

4. Hobbies 

Something to do really did help for it kept my mind busy and diverts my mood into something productive. That huge factor I guess is blogging. Blogging is one of the main reason that keeps me sane and somewhat passionate. I remember when I was starting out, I was blogging to vent out my feelings and frustration but as time goes by I’ve learned to be positive because of it. Aside from blogging, I’m gardening every now and then cos I find it really therapeutic. Books also helped me a lot in my journey on becoming the better me. 
It’s really important that you find the things that you’d love to do, it’s a great help. Whether it’s baking or gardening, cleaning your house or painting, whatever you’re interest is just do it. Cry and then stand up, stop sulking under your blanket and just do it. It can help you in divert all those negative vibes into something good, positive and productive, thus it’ll make you more passionate and inspired to do more productive things.

5. Paris & Dashy

Paris and Dashy are my babies, they’re my dogs. I know I know… I know what you’re thinking. Yes, i’m aware that dogs are not allowed in Islam, but you see I’ve had them even before I reverted. I can’t simply give them away, they’re family. More than that, they helped my battle with bipolar. They comfort and make me smile whenever i’m blue. I owe it to them, they made me better as a person.

6. Becoming a Hijabi

Lastly, I’ve realised that reverting to Islam made a huge difference in my life. I tell you, I may not be the most knowledgeable or devoted Muslim but Islam especially wearing the hijab really made a difference in my life. Wearing hijab and becoming modest made me become cautious in my action in the public and towards other people, it teaches me to act proper and that includes to be aware of me being impulsive, to think before I speak. I can stay i’m still a bit lost spiritually but i’m learning, i’m getting there step-by-step. It really changed my life. It made me stronger. Inshaallah, i’ll be better than I was yesterday. 
I guess having Bipolar is a constant battle, it’s always there and will always be there hiding in the closet inside me. But like I said, there IS hope. The fact that i’m still alive and writing this down proves it. I’m not out of the woods yet but i’m getting there. Of course, there are still those days when getting up from bed is really hard and being impulsive and hyper is hard to stop, but I let it in and then I get up again… Thinking and assuring myself that I am better than I was 3 to 4 years ago.
So if you’re on the same shoes as mine, please don’t take your life away, you are not alone. Help yourself, it may not be easy and it may take a bit long but do it still, for yourself, and believe me it’s all worth it, after all life is still beautiful…
“And whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul. 
With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world
Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.” 

PhISO Core Group: Archill Niña Faller-Capistrano

Archill Niña Faller-Capistrano is a faculty member of the Department of Political Science, School of Law and Governance of the University of San Carlos (USC), Cebu City. She has been instrumental in crafting the A.B. Political Science major in International Relations and Foreign Service (IRFS) course that is currently offered by USC. She is a grantee of the Australian Leadership Awards in

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Grand Mufti Abdulrahman attends AMAPI’s 47th Founding Anniversary

Kabacan, North Cotabato – The Grand Mufti of Bangsamoro, the Eminence Sheikh Abuhuraira O. Abdulrahman graced the commemoration of the Al Muslimin Alpha Phi, Inc. (AMAPI) 47th Founding Anniversary at Felra Suites, National Highway, Tacurong City, on November 7, 2015 as guest of honor and resource speaker of the occasion. Turn-over ceremony and induction of […]

Bright Noise

​Relaunching My First BookMy debut poetry collection, A Roomful of Machines, has a new and fortified edition. The book went out of print five years ago. Picked up by a Washingtonville, NY-based small press ELJ Publications, A Roomful of Machines is, more or less, the chatter–barely intelligible yet there–of the material world. I corralled this chatter and gave it what amounted to a lyrical treatment without really trying to make sense of the words that I was, one way or another, si […]

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PhISO Core Group: Gabriel Luis C. Dormiendo

Gabriel Luis C. Dormiendo is a student of International Studies at the University of the East in Manila, Philippines. He has a diploma for high school education graduating from Marist School, Marikina City (batch 2014-2015). His research intere…

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ZIYA For Easy Breezy Dressing

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As a frequent traveler, I need clothes that do not only highlight my personal sense of style but also those that are also affordable, easy to wear, easy to pack and easy to clean. This is why I prefer resort wear clothes. Also called “easywear,” resort wear clothes are generally made from materials that are breathable and lightweight. Clothes that are made of soft, wrinkle-free fabric (so you can easily roll them and place inside your suitcase), that have pretty styles, colors and designs and that are casual yet very fashionable. These are the very reasons why I just love

The post ZIYA For Easy Breezy Dressing appeared first on Multi Awarded Lifestyle Blog.