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North Cotabato CSOs’ hold assessment meeting after non-passage of BBL

Kabacan, North Cotabato—Representatives of multi-sector Civil Society Organizations in North Cotabato met on February 21, 2016 in the evening at 8th Avenue Resort Hotel, Kabacan, North Cotabato to assess the current situation after congress failed to pass the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL). The assembly was led by the Moro Movement for Honest election and Good […]

Smart opens pre-registration for Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge

Great news! Unrivaled mobile services provider Smart Communications has opened its pre-registration site for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge after the Korean tech giant’s much-anticipated Unpacked 2016 event at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

Be among the first to experience the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge when they hit the Philippine shores by signing up at

The Galaxy S7 edge & S7 are water & dust resistant with IP68 certification 

Set to redefine what a smartphone can do, the Samsung Galaxy  S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge pushes the boundaries of mobile technology with enhanced multitasking and camera features, expandable memory of up to 200GB, larger battery and IP68 water and dust resistant certification – all housed in an elegant body of glass and metal finish.

Samsung’s latest smartphones are also compatible with the Samsung Gear VR, the world’s first consumer-focused virtual reality headset, which Smart will soon offer to usher in the new frontier of mobile entertainment.

By slipping the Galaxy S7 or the Galaxy S7 Edge in the Gear VR lens, users can instantly transport themselves in 3D and CG animated worlds, as well as 180 or 360-degree live action scenes – offering an immersive and interactive viewing and gaming experience.

To get updated on Smart’s offers for the Samsung Gear VR, register at 

First to introduce mobile innovations!

Prior to the Unpacked 2016 event, Samsung challenged netizens to “Change the way you think about your phone,” “Change the way you capture every angle,” “Change your idea of what a camera can do,” and “Change your idea of what a phone can handle.”

With these fresh devices, Samsung has really made good on its promise of going beyond the limits in terms of experience, creativity and performance,” said Kathy C. Carag, Smart Brand Head.

As the country’s leading mobile network, Smart takes the lead in introducing the latest mobile innovations and products to Filipinos, and we just can’t wait to make these new products available and pave the way for everyone to enjoy new and awesome mobile experiences anytime, anywhere. 

To stay updated on the Smart’s latest offers, 
follow Smart’s official accounts on Facebook (, 
Twitter (@LiveSmart) and Instagram.

Going Mobile

While taking a break from their rehearsals at the sidewalk of Roxas Ave. in Davao City, two musicians update themselves on the presidential debate in Cagayan de Oro City Sunday… »

Join the HATCH Mastermind Group CDO

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A mastermind group, where participants can freely brainstorm strategies, create goals and implement ideas as well as support each other, has been launched in Cagayan de Oro City. Dubbed “HATCH Mastermind Group CDO,” the free-for-all group also aims to provide a platform whereby participants can share the challenges they currently face and can seek assistance from the collective intelligence of other participants. Active Twitter users Mike of @mikeabonitalla, Vic of @vicmadz and Irene of @mindanaoan, who can also share strategies based on their respective fields of expertise, serve as the lead volunteer organizers of HATCH Mastermind Group CDO. “Cagayan de

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Memorandum number 001 – 2016: 2016 elections policy

Memorandum number: 001 – 2016 Date: February 15, 2016 From: Office of the Secretary-General To: All UNYPAD officers and Members Subject: 2016 elections policy As per Executive Council Meeting dated February 12, 2016 held at the office of the President, UNYPAD national office, RH-6, Cotabato City, it was unanimously agreed upon that the organization shall

Covering the 1st presidential debate in Cagayan de Oro #CDO

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It’s game time. Today, February 21, 2016, all of the presidential candidates for the May 9, 2016 Philippine elections will all converge in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines for the first round of “PiliPinas Debates 2016.” And Mindanaoan will be there to observe, comment and cover. I will be one of the only 300 allowed to be inside the debate hall. I will also be among the 25 media observers. I am hoping to harness the power of social media today. May I invite you all to follow me: Twitter – Facebook – Instagram – Snapchat – Username

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The Story of Adie

Moving from one place to another is really a tough decision to make. You need to give up so many things– like your family, friends, work and even the food you customarily eat!!!
It’s almost your whole life! One of those includes my dear, dear… bicycle (which I totally miss!). 
Back in Manila, I totally enjoyed riding my bike around the metro.
I missed it more when we moved here in Adelaide as I observed it to be a more biker-friendly city. 
There are broad and flat roads, the major streets have bicycle lanes, and even bike pumps to keep your tires in tip-top shape. You can even rent/hire (as they call it here) a free bike everyday,
and it’s open for everyone! Perfect for a city tour! Getting away from traffic has never been this convenient in my experience. You can enjoy the view, the scent of fresh air and there’s a whole lot of coffee shops to try! Ahhhh! (can I pass as your tour guide?) Haha! 

So when ‘the husband’ decided to give me a gift as I start to feel the homesickness being away for too long, he bought me a bike—a vintage lady bicycle from Reid cycles! I’m sooooo HAPPYYYYYY and excited that I don’t want to leave the house anymore just to wait for it to be delivered!!!
I actually got it last February 18 #sentimentalpurposes HAHA and my husband immediately assembled it for me while I was having my grocery shopping. He knew how excited I was that day but I really needed to load up our fridge or else we’ll not eat! I even got sad that it arrived only few minutes after I left, when I waited almost the entire day for it to came! It was that bad! Haha!
We immediately went to the beach to try it and take pictures of it. For #sentimentalpurposes (again)!
 I saw how happy he was too, as he saw my ear-to-ear smiles while riding my new bicycle! 

I named it “Adie” short for Adelaide. <3 #sentimentalpurposes 3.0! 
so chic and vintage—very Instagram worthy too!

Tip: Better to call their customer service to make sure you have the right size of the bike or visit their nearest shop. Mine is huge in person! I got the large size, cos my height is in between the medium and large frame which is 5’5.  I actually called them to check if what size do a 5’5 woman usually purchase and the representative told me as long as you can touch the ground with one foot it’s good but we can also visit their nearest shop to have it checked or even exchange it with a smaller size if we need to do so. I preferred this size, I can sit straight and my legs are comfortable. BUT! if you aren’t that used to riding a bike, I suggest you get the smaller size even you are between that size too.

I bought this basket separately, cos this is excluded as you purchase the bike.
Great for picnics or any quick shopping! 

Now, I can go around the city without worrying too much about the rush hour that means a higher fare. We can actually use it for our dates as well. Just like this, nothing fancy and much more healthy, we can save time and money by bringing our own food in the park or beach and just enjoy every moment.

Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a riding a bike.

Ride safely!