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GMO banana developed in Australia to be tested in Mindanao

GENERAL SANTOS CITY (MindaNews / 2 Nov) – Australian researchers are planning to conduct field trials in Mindanao for a genetically engineered Cavendish banana that was developed to resist the highly destructive Fusarium wilt or Panama disease. Colin Melvin, commercial services director of the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Brisbane, Australia, said Mindanao, including […]

Meeting ARMM teachers

Julie Bishop, Australia’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, chats with teachers from the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) following a press briefing at the Marco Polo Hotel in Davao City on Friday, 17 March 2017. The Australian government has been supporting education in the ARMM since 2002.MINDANEWS PHOTO

Australia sees greater economic ties with PH

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews/28 February) – The Australian government has remained optimistic on the Philippines and will explore new areas of cooperation as the country moves to expand its economic potentials. “Both the Philippines’ and Australia’s economic growth performance looks set to continue, this creates new, mutually beneficial opportunities for trade, investment and business between the […]

Official offers to share Australia’s “sustainable mining practices”

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews/27 February) – An Australian official has offered to share to the Philippine government and local industry players her country’s “sustainable and environment-friendly practices” in the wake of debates triggered by the impending closure of several mining operations nationwide. In an interview on Monday, Australian senior trade commissioner-Manila Elodie Journet told reporters that […]

BRIDGe project to increase business investments in ARMM

Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP) and the Regional Board of Investments (RBOI) — Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) recently signed a Memoramdum of Understanding (MOU) to formalize their partnership through BRIDGe Project called “Brokering Business Investments in the Bangsamoro to Achieve Inclusive Development & Growth” at the Manila Liason Office (MLO) of ARMM […]

Back for good

After the short break I just had, there were already a lot of changes, new learnings and experiences
I got from trying out new things and meeting new people. Alhamdulillah, looking back, I, myself can’t believe how much I discover for the past few months! There were really a LOOOT! 
Freeing myself from too much social sites will always be a refreshing idea as my free time goes to meditation instead. Time to think more about life and what lies ahead, things like that.
Nothing compares to exploring places, too! No picture can perfectly describe, no music can make you cringe more and no story can make you feel better than experiencing it all by yourself.  But hopefully, I’ll be back soon to share glimpses of my journey, experiences and a lot more. And not to forget my OOTDs and new things coming up from our store! ❤️
Hijab: Kaffah Shawl in Red Purple from @classiccrownhijabstore
Dress Cardigan: Witchery Ribbed V-neck dress, on sale here
Ring: Pandora
Purse: Toiletry Pouch 26 by Louis Vuitton, here

Shoes: Flux by Adidas, on sale here

See you again lovelies! <3

BACK TO BASICS! (Black-White-Nude)

Recently, I’ve caught myself looking at my room for quite a time, having the need to know what has changed. Thinking…thinking… I knew it now. My closet is starting to go back to basics!
Of BLACK-GREY-WHITE-NUDES! Can someone convince me that it isn’t a sign of aging, please? Haha! I’m actually turning 26 next month and so excited to be in my late 20’s! Waaaah!
but as I come to think of it having basic staples in my wardrobe makes my life easier, sign of aging or not. For a busy person, these basics are so much of a time saver. So let me share with you one of my OOTDs for Autumn! Layering is love! I think this is my favourite season as it gives me the opportunity to wear more layers! I’m enjoying it, hope I can share more! 

Current fave! Cat twilly! SO cute!

Hijab: Kaffah Shawl in Terra Brown from Classic Crown
Vest: Jacqui-e, Polo: Poplook, Trouser: Forever21,
Watch: Daniel Wellington, Bag: Longchamp and Shoes: Cotton-On


The Story of Adie

Moving from one place to another is really a tough decision to make. You need to give up so many things– like your family, friends, work and even the food you customarily eat!!!
It’s almost your whole life! One of those includes my dear, dear… bicycle (which I totally miss!). 
Back in Manila, I totally enjoyed riding my bike around the metro.
I missed it more when we moved here in Adelaide as I observed it to be a more biker-friendly city. 
There are broad and flat roads, the major streets have bicycle lanes, and even bike pumps to keep your tires in tip-top shape. You can even rent/hire (as they call it here) a free bike everyday,
and it’s open for everyone! Perfect for a city tour! Getting away from traffic has never been this convenient in my experience. You can enjoy the view, the scent of fresh air and there’s a whole lot of coffee shops to try! Ahhhh! (can I pass as your tour guide?) Haha! 

So when ‘the husband’ decided to give me a gift as I start to feel the homesickness being away for too long, he bought me a bike—a vintage lady bicycle from Reid cycles! I’m sooooo HAPPYYYYYY and excited that I don’t want to leave the house anymore just to wait for it to be delivered!!!
I actually got it last February 18 #sentimentalpurposes HAHA and my husband immediately assembled it for me while I was having my grocery shopping. He knew how excited I was that day but I really needed to load up our fridge or else we’ll not eat! I even got sad that it arrived only few minutes after I left, when I waited almost the entire day for it to came! It was that bad! Haha!
We immediately went to the beach to try it and take pictures of it. For #sentimentalpurposes (again)!
 I saw how happy he was too, as he saw my ear-to-ear smiles while riding my new bicycle! 

I named it “Adie” short for Adelaide. <3 #sentimentalpurposes 3.0! 
so chic and vintage—very Instagram worthy too!

Tip: Better to call their customer service to make sure you have the right size of the bike or visit their nearest shop. Mine is huge in person! I got the large size, cos my height is in between the medium and large frame which is 5’5.  I actually called them to check if what size do a 5’5 woman usually purchase and the representative told me as long as you can touch the ground with one foot it’s good but we can also visit their nearest shop to have it checked or even exchange it with a smaller size if we need to do so. I preferred this size, I can sit straight and my legs are comfortable. BUT! if you aren’t that used to riding a bike, I suggest you get the smaller size even you are between that size too.

I bought this basket separately, cos this is excluded as you purchase the bike.
Great for picnics or any quick shopping! 

Now, I can go around the city without worrying too much about the rush hour that means a higher fare. We can actually use it for our dates as well. Just like this, nothing fancy and much more healthy, we can save time and money by bringing our own food in the park or beach and just enjoy every moment.

Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a riding a bike.

Ride safely!


Love every day

Yesterday was a beautiful day, my feed was full of flowers, chocolates and different kind of dates. I’m glad that my friends are enjoying the occasion and though we don’t have it in our own beliefs, there’s no reason for me to comment anything against it the same way I don’t want non-muslims to give negative comments when we celebrate our Eid. Probably, that’s the good thing about being a revert to Islam, you have the heart to understand other religion and it’s easier to be aware on what they’ll feel in each and every post you share. My friends and family know that we don’t celebrate it, they understand the reason why. — Cause, every day is love day for Muslims! HAHA!

Our religion is simple. People are complicated. Do it as if you are a medical practitioner. You use layman’s term for people to understand, to avoid any misunderstandings.  

On a lighter note, yesterday was just a usual weekend for us. Except that my feed is soooooooo RED. haha! I woke up to prepare hubby’s breakfast before he went to work, ate lunch alone, prepared hubby’s dinner after his work, worked out, we read a book together, told stories that’ll make us laugh until bedtime. Nothing fancy, but that’s the time I’ve realized that every day is a chance to show how much you love your partner, family and friends. Not just once in a year, because they deserve to feel loved everyday.

Every day is love day!
 It’s Monday and no special occasion to celebrate, just another day to feel loved!

Scarf from @classiccrownhijabstore (Kaffah)
Leather jacket from Dotti
Dress from Cotton On
Shoes from Adidas Superstar
Cuppa date by the beach (Cibo is the best!)
Hawaiian pizza and it’s halal HUHU!
Glad that we lived 15 minutes away from the beach
Nothing fancy, Just love. We can do this everyday.

The Love Down Under!

Travel. Relocation. Migration. Three of the most common things we saw on our social media feeds. We always see people travel, relocate or migrate somewhere out there. To us Filipinos, we just get tired of living with the same old system we always have. I’m not being less patriotic here but it’s the reality, we, Filipinos love that wandering feeling and being able to get something in return, might be new experiences or new stuff we can’t always get back home or even some refreshing way to live life without the endless corruption issues.

Things got busy these past few months and I don’t always get to lie in bed like this to share my recent experiences by typing. Glad this moment came, as I badly need to share my happiness before I burst! Kidding aside, my husband and I just relocate (like most of everyone, does). We are now here in the south of Australia, that place you always think of kangaroos, yes, that’s it.

Hi Mommy and baby kangaroo (joey)!
To my friends and followers who might ask, if I’ll be staying here for good I want to share a piece of it and can’t disclose everything, but for certainty, I am staying here for 2 years. Hopefully 2 good, awesome years! In shaa Allah! Back in the PH, I always hope and pray that Allah would guide us here and be able to find a Muslim community that will help us in our journey. Answer to that prayer didn’t take that long, as we arrive in Adelaide (where we’ll be staying mostly), we were able to meet some Filipino Muslims living here! The Islamic Center they have here is a plus! I can’t wait to post about it too. Soon!

Islamic Centre of South Australia, Masha Allah!
Back to Adelaide, which is known for being the old city with old churches, let me share how I would be describing it from my own perspectives I’m having, so far.

It’s so convenient, like living in a square that you won’t be afraid of exploring it around. Their transportation system will always allow you to go to one place to another hassle-free, either you take the bus or the train. There are so many beautiful buildings out here, preserved for you to get a piece of the past while looking at their present appearances. (Almost every street is IG-worthy, I tell you!)
Bookstore in Central Market #bookhaven I know!

Perfect place for a cappuccino!

Something old, something new! 

Isn’t it lovely?

Victoria Square

Very instagrammable!
Pigeon’s usual tambayan! LOL!
(Scarf from @classiccrownhijabstore, Blazer from Lavina, Pants from @unarosa
Bag from @sacola, and shoes from @butterflytwist)
What is more lovely here is that the city is surrounded by beaches, which makes fresh air just few minutes away. To hear the splash of the water in the white fine sand, to feel that breeze in your skin and to see those flying seagulls that may join you too while you snack. Sounds great, right?

Glenelg Esplanade

(Scarf: Kaffah shawl from @classiccrownhijabstore, Sunnies by @sunniesstudio,
Jacket: Forever21, and shoes by Merrell) 

Friendly seagulls!

Seagull’s favorite tambayan! 

Still in Glenelg Beach
Lastly but not the least of what I admire about our first few days here… is their people. Australians are polite, they smile at you, greet you even they don’t know you and for the Muslimahs out there, good news for us. I am wearing my scarf and I received that same treatment.  Alhamdulillah I suddenly remember that famous hashtag #Illridewithyou where Australians fought for the right of everyone, respect to other religions and beliefs, Muslim or not, black or white, it’s all the same. They make everyone feel deserved for respect.

I know everything won’t always be perfect but I always pray for the best. We leave everything up to Him. And I knew He guided us to meet this Muslim community here even at the time we least expected it. Truly, He is the best journey planner.