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Definitely Dahican.

When you’re planning to go on a trip, make sure to indulge yourself and live to that moment. As what others would say “YOLO”, make the most out of it. Experience is one of the best things especially when you see new things. The common reasons why people go to the beach is of course […]

Bali Breeze

Walking my way out of Ngurah Rai Airport in Denpasar, Bali was extraordinary. I was flocked with persistent taxi drivers that instead of saying “Welcome to Bali!”, their greeting was “Taxi?” Haha. My system that early morning flight from Jakarta cannot yet absorb the annoyance, so after a long walk to the pick up area of the airport, I cringed myself into a corner to inhale my first dose of breeze of Bali. I was supposed to wait up for my travel buddies flying in from other parts of the world at the airport but the transit from Sulu Archipelago to Manila to Jakarta then Bali which took me 3 long flights all in 24 hours plus terminal transfers can be agonizing, so I took an ojek from the airport which cost me 30,000 rupiah to my hotel in Puspa Ayu. Expensive I know, but in Bali, everything would cost you double or more than in any part of Java or the entire Indonesia I presume. It is an international destination where all the races in the world gather. Wildly touristic! The wind in Bali lulls any stranger to sit back and relax. The first day acclimatization is to comb Kartika Plaza up to Jalan Legian with side trips to the shore of Pantai Kuta and Bena Sari without a map. The trick really here is to walk freely and get on the groove with the sights and sounds of the vehicles, stomps of the caleza horses, faceless crowd and vivid signboards of randomly scattered shops infinitely illuminating the entirety of Kuta and the aroma of various delicacies waiting to be served to every craving tongues. That if Bangkok has its Khao San, Manila its Malate or Cambodia its Pub Street, Bali has its own version of that and that would be Kuta. But what had really tickled our lobes during the night stroll are the series of humble art shops where we really spent time to awe the beauty and madness crafted by Bali artists. Amazing is an understatement. I can’t just contain in it one picture. Kuta really has a lot of surprises which caters to all.       Day 2 was unveiling the history of Bali. We started the day by 10am, kinda late. What to expect? We are these bunch of individuals who seldom gets a dose of each other and that the first night, after parading Kuta, was for catching up with real life craziness and dramas. Anyways, we hired a taxi for a 10 hour drive around Bali for 400,00 excluding entrance fees and other personal profanities. It was a random decision to get a car instead of joining tour packages since we were too occupied with each other than with the places on the list.   SACRED MONKEY FOREST SANCTUARY One of most visited tourist attraction in Ubud, Bali. A sacred forest full of ravenous monkeys and I mean hundreds of them. I’m not used to any forest dwelling creatures, they silently freak me out. I have witnessed some tourists being bitten and chased by these monkeys. But this is not to scare you away huh? Just a reminder to keep your calm as if you’re one of them and if possible, leave your belongings outside of the sanctuary for this is not a venue for any posh tourists.   In the sanctuary, stroll along further til you reach Pura Dalem Agung Padangtegal temple as well as a “holy Spring” bathing temple and another temple used for cremation ceremonies. There is an old cemetery too with grave stones marked with swastika (an equilateral cross with arms bent at right angles, all in the same direction, usually the right, or clockwise). With ignorance we presumed that this place is for dead Nazis, failing to connect Hinduism in Bali and swastika as one of its ancient symbol for good fortune, purity and magic. All apologies.   KINTAMANI AND THE MAJESTIC MT. BATUR We rolled our windows down as we approach the area of north-eastern Bali. The serene sight of the active volcano Mt. Batur and its lake made us forget the call of our hungry bellies. Softly whispering its invitation to come nearer. It was midday when we arrived Kintamani yet since we are  high in the mountains of Bali about 1500 meters above sea level, the temperature was about 15 degrees cooler than down on the coast, what more so at night? In my long sleeves, I was brrrreezing indeed.     We settled into one of Kintamani’s buffet restaurant, The Grand Puncak Sari, over-viewing Mount Batur. The scenic view and the delectable food made the whole experience perfect. If we can only burp there forever.   THE CIVET COFFEE EXPERIENCE Hailing from Sulu, I wouldn’t be amazed when introduced to plants and […]