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STATEMENT: SAP Bong Go on PCIJ report

I find myself once again a victim of fake news and biased reporting. PCIJ is raising malicious issues against me based purely on unsubstantiated allegations and hasty conclusions. These false news, guised as “investigative reports”, seem to be politically motivated as the reports suspiciously surfaced around the same time when some groups had clamored for […]

‘Build, Build, Build’ hits chokepoint: Davao Region most favored; others get cuts, token hike in infra budgets

Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism  IT’S AS GOOD as it gets for Davao Region, home and bailiwick of President Rodrigo R. Duterte. And by the government’s own data, it’s as bad as it gets for many other regions of the country in terms of the spread of monies for civil-works projects, although a few have […]

‘Build, Build, Build’ hits chokepoint: Top 10 contractors under DU30 run record of fraud, delays, blacklisting

By Karol Ilagan and Malou Mangahas Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism THREE HAD been suspended or blacklisted, including one for submitting fake tax clearance certificates. One had its corporate registration revoked. The officers of four others are facing trial for alleged graft. Two have direct connections to politicians, some others had sealed deals via financial […]

RIVERMAN’S VISTA: Interregnum, Calling and Resurrection: What is at stake today for young Mindanawon lawyers?

Part 3 The Second Word: Calling (This is the third part of  “Interregnum, Calling, and Resurrection: What is at stake today for young Mindanawon Lawyers,” the commencement address delivered by Professor Antonio Gabriel M. La Viña at the Cor Jesus College Law School in Digos City, Davao del Sur on 24 April 2018)  The second […]