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The Fundamentals of Architecture Interior Design

Architecture interior design is the design of a space that has been created by structural boundaries and the human interaction within these boundaries. It is the art and science of designing and erecting building interiors as a licensed architect and related physical features. Generally, architecture interior design is referred to as the spatial art of environmental design, form and practice; interior architecture is the process through which the interiors of buildings are designed, concerned with all aspects of the human uses of structural spaces. It is the practice of an interior architect, where architecture means to offer or render professional services in connection with the design and construction of a building’s interior that has its principal purpose human occupancy or use. Architecture interior design is general term to describe building interiors and related physical features. An Interior Architect finds ways to reuse old buildings.
Interior Architects might be what you could call “Architectural Evolutionists.” They take older, well-built buildings and turn them into places like restaurants, apartments and even art galleries with a historical feel. An altered building may look the same on the exterior, but its interior may be completely different. The interior architect must therefore be sensitive not only to the place of the building in its physical and socio-political context, but to the temporal requirements of changing owners and users. If the building was built structurally strong, the original architectural idea is therefore the first iteration of an internal spatial hierarchy for that structure, after which others are bound to follow.

An education in interior architecture includes the study of historic architectural and design styles, building codes and safety, preserving and restoring old buildings, reading drawing plans of original designs, and building physical and virtual (computer-based) models. The field of interior architecture has a lot in common with interior design and decorating; however, it typically focuses on architecture and construction. A student of interior architecture will learn about much more than artistic concerns, such as choosing which style of furnishings works well in an open, loft-like apartment. Studies will also include how to work around environmental issues like earthquakes and hurricanes depending on location.
Median annual wages for architects was $70,320 in May 2008. The middle 50% earned $53,000 – 92,000 and the top 10% earned over $120,000. Architects just beginning their internship make much less. There are many well-paying jobs in the field of architecture. Many employers pay to send architects to continue their schooling to further education and skills as well.

Interior Architecture stands at the intersection of architecture, design of the built environment, and conservation. Interior architecture programs address the design issues intrinsic to the re-use and transformation of existing structures through both an innovative and progressive approach.

Author Bio: PHX Architecture is an architectural design firm based out of Scottsdale, Arizona that specializes in both rendering older buildings to look new, and designing buildings and residential homes from scratch.