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MARGINALIA: An Islamic anthropological reflection on social justice

(Transcript of the presentation of the reflection paper “He Whose Crime was Justice: An Islamic Anthropological Reflection” at 39th Philippine Anthropological Association Annual Conference with the theme “The Struggle for Rights: Anthropological Reflections on What is and What Ought to be,” November 9-11, 2017, Capitol University, Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines.) Salutations BISMILLĀHIR RAHMĀNIR RAHĪM […]

POSTSCRIPT:  Addressing challenges posed by the Abu Sayyaf Group: Violent extremism enters a new phase (1)

1st of three parts As the ten-part series on the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) was being published in MindaNews (May 20 – 29 2017), the news broke out about the fighting that started on May 23 in the Islamic City of Marawi.  As reported, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP)  had received intelligence reports […]