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PEACETALK: I wish we can open our minds and hearts.. the Bangsamoro people need us to do that..

My heart is FULL today.. it is overflowing with joy.. and I was never wrong on insisting that i join the visit to Camp Darapanan because I know something BEAUTIFUL and INSPIRING is bound to happen.. It was the first time that I have seen such honor accorded to a person, imagine about 6,000 Moro […]

Galvez declares end of war with MILF; MILF honors him as “Soldier of Peace”

CAMP DARAPANAN, Sultan Kudarat) — With no firearms and no armed escorts, Armed Forces Chief of Staff Gen. Carlito Galvez entered the Moro Islamic Liberation Front’s Camp Darapanan on Saturday to formally declare the end of war with their erstwhile enemies. “I will work hard and dedicate my life for the Bangsamoro. I love you […]