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Jun Lozada — ZTE-NBN scandal, Part 2

CONTINUATION: February 17, 2008 JUN LOZADA battles ALL THE PRESIDENT’S MEN on TV | # | Current events, Socio-Political — jamalashley @ 4:18 pm   The “flavor of the month” Jun Lozada battled all the President’s men for about 3 hours on Prime Time TV last night. The country’s leading TV / radio network ABS-CBN held a Special Coverage titled “HARAPAN”… Read More Jun Lozada — ZTE-NBN scandal, Part 2

Jun Lozada and the ZTE-NBN scandal

When closed shop some years ago, my blog Reflections on the Bangsa Moro went with it. I never thought that this Irish internet company would close down. Most probably, it was bought. Years of blogging went for naught. A few years ago, I found 2 of my blogposts from that blog in the Internet.… Read More Jun Lozada and the ZTE-NBN scandal

CRUCIBLE: BBL – Entangled Anew? (2)

QUEZON CITY (MindaNews / 07 March) – (Second part of a paper presented during the Center for People Empowerment and Governance’s (CENPEG) Forum on “Key Issues on Federalism: A Policy Action Conference” held at the Center for Integrative Development Studies, University of the Philippines on 07 February 2018. Part of this paper was also presented […]

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