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Faith Amidst Terror: The Saga of Fr. Chito Soganub

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY (MindaNews / 09 Sept) — Since 1994, Fr. Teresito “Chito” Soganub had served as parish priest and vicar general of Marawi City, the Philippines’ lone Islamic City overlooking scenic Lake Lanao. His gregarious ways had enabled him to win many friends among its predominantly Muslim population. Indeed, for him the place […]

Signs of a Magician or Someone Who Works With Jinn

Today, I will share an extremely important topic. I never thought that there would be a need to share this kind of topic until I witnessed how it still existent nowadays and how rare this topic is being discussed in the community where I live and perhaps even in many communities where Muslims live. This […]

Let Allah Make You Whole Again

There are times when everything you thought you could achieve, people you thought you could be with, plans you thought you could turn into reality would just banish out of a sudden although you exerted your best and prayed hard for it. Sometimes, the only option left for you is to accept, to be patient…

The Approval You Really Need

As children, we long for our parents’ approval. We want to hear that they are proud, of what we do, of us. We want to hear from them that they are happy and thankful that we are their children. We long for approval, compliments and recognition. But this desire is exaggerated as we get more…

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Crossing The Ocean

I was sitting in my boat with contentment. It was comfortable. It had all the material things that a person would dream about – material possessions, recognition, money, family, friends and a peaceful life. I saw a life in that boat just like how others taught me how life should be – full of wealth,…

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15 Things Muslims Should Stop Doing On Social Media

Social media is a great tool to spread valuable and inspiring information. While there’s a part of me that has been shaped around its use, I noticed few things that are inappropriate due to people using it. While the growth of social media continues to expand, I hope that Muslims start using social media properly. I’m…

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