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All Wars Are Wars Against Civilians

Neither the AFP nor the “Terrorist” Groups is winning the war By Abu Mumar (The author is a Bangsamoro independent thinker who spends his profession years in non-violent peace building. He heads the Consortium of Bangsamoro Civil Society (CBCS), a Cotabato City-based Peace and Human Rights-based network of Moro NGOs and POs and an avid […]

MILF Official Statement On the declaration of Martial Law in Mindanao

[This article is a reprint from the articles in “The Voice of the Bangsamoro” page by Bai Maleiha B. Candao]   The Moro Islamic Liberation Front•Thursday, May 25, 2017 MILF OFFICIAL STATEMENT ON DECLARATION OF MARTIAL LAW IN MINDANAO 24 May 2017 After the disturbing events that have unfolded in Marawi City, Malacanang has announced […]

Bangsamoro – The Stony Path to Peace

[The Authors: Elmar Noé has been a desk officer in the Asia Department of MISEREOR – the German Catholic Bishops’ Organisation for Development Cooperation – since 2002. Since 2008 he has been responsible for MISEREOR’s cooperation with partner organisations in the Philippines. Elisabeth Strohscheidt has been a MISEREOR desk officer for peace research and conflict […]


Fifty four Officers and Members of the Bangsamoro Network for Solidarity and Accountability (BANSA) of North Cotabato and Bukidnon Chapter conducted their Annual Regional Assembly held at their center in Barangay Layug, Pagalungan, Maguindanao on April 29, 2017. BANSA is a network organization of Moro multi-sectoral community leaders organized in all major areas in Mindanao. […]


Fifty nine Moro multi-sectoral leaders of South Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat, Sarangani and General Santos City (SOCSKSARGEN) converged in a forum dubbed as “Consultation/Forum on Bangsamoro Platform for Unity, Solidarity and Harmony (BM-PUSH) held at Ameliyah’s Place in General Santos City on May 1, 2017. The activity was facilitated by Ms Aida Seddic, MUWOGEN President and […]


The Maguindanao Civil Society Organizations Consultative Meeting which was participated by sixty seven (67) leaders was held last November 24, 2016 at Pagana Native Restaurant, Cotabato City and organized by three major CSO Networks operating in the province of Maguindanao such as the Consortium of Bangsamoro Civil Society Organization (CBCS), Peoples CART (P-CART) and League […]

Sama People of Tawi-Tawi Decries Lack of Representation in the Peace Processes

An intra-Moro provincial consultation composed of leaders of the Moro Fronts, Traditional Leaders, civil society organizations, Religious, Moro Political Leaders and other sectors converged to level off in responding to the current political challenges to their lives as Bangsamoro. The activity attended by seventy two (72) leaders of the above Bangsamoro groupings was held on […]


Sixty six (66) leaders of the major groupings of the Bangsamoro converged in a Regional Assembly held at El Bajada Hotel, Davao City on October 5 – 7, 2016. The activity was triggered by the new developments in the government and Moro Fronts peace process under the new administration. The participants in particular belongs to […]

USM celebrates a colourful 64th founding anniversary

Kabacan, Cotabato–The University of Southern Mindanao, Kabacan, Cotabato celebrated a colourful founding anniversary on October 1, 2016 that marked its 64th year of existence. The affair opened on September 26, 2016 by a torch parade around down town in this municipality followed by fireworks that lit the skies of the giant campus. The celebration culminated with two programs, […]

What’s Next for Mindanao Peace Process Under Duterte Leadership?

June 1, 2016 By Anna Tasnim Basman and Steven Rood [This article i a reprint from In Asia-Weekly Insights and Analysis of The Asia Foundation. The authors, Anna Tasnim Basman is an assistant program officer for The Asia Foundation in the Philippines, and Steven Rood is country representative there. Basman can be reached at […]

‘Rendering the BBL Moot is another International Blunder in Diplomacy by PH’: Moro Students

Kabacan, North Cotabato – Rendering the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) moot is another blunder both in history and in the international  diplomacy about to be committed by the Philippine Government. This is a majority reaction by a group of Bangsamoro students in the University of Southern Mindanao (USM), Kabacan, North Cotabato in their meeting […]

Pass BBL in 2 years; make Bangsamoro pilot for federalism

[NOTE: This is a reprint of an article from Minda News concerning some future proposals for the Bangsamoro Basic Law which the 16th Congress failed to enact]  By Carolyn O. Arguillas on April 23 2016 11:21 am DAVAO CITY (MindaNews /23 April) — A Moro civil society leader said the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) needs to […]


Presidential candidate Mar Roxas made a brief forum with selected leaders of the civil society organization in Cotabato City. The forum was organized by Friends of Peace headed by his eminence Orlando Cardinal Quevedo and Mr. Guiamel Alim who was also a member convener of the group held at the Bishop Palace here in Cotabato […]


Forty four (44) Moro civil Society Organization (CSO) leaders coming from different parts of Mindanao in particular from Island provinces of Tawi-Tawi, Sulu, Basilan, Zamboanga City and Zamboanga peninsula. And the rest coming from mainland Mindanao were from SOCSKSARGEN, Central Mindanao, Davao and Lanao areas converged in a two-day reflection session for a deeper understanding […]

10+ WordPress Plugins Must Haves To Manage Your Blog

1.) Jetpack – I recommend this plugin a must have in every blogs or website. I believe this plugin is what completes a blog site. The features it offers are very helpful to make the blog look good and function well. 2.) WordPress SEO by Yoast- This plugin is noted as one of the best WordPress […]

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CBCS Attends Regional Workshop on Economic, Social (ESC) Rights

October 23, 2015 – The Consortium of Bangsamoro Civil Society Inc (CBCS) represented by Sammy Maulana, Noraisa Sally and Lolita Uka attended the Regional Workshop on Economic, Social (ESC) Rights at Sardonyx Plaza, Cotabato City. The forum provides venue to discuss and share information for additional inputs and case updates mentioned on the Philippine Government’s […]

Foods That Taste Better Cooked on a BBQ

barbeque, food, bbq, grilled food, kebab, recipe
A barbeque can be a versatile cooking tool if used properly. Do you love to entertain in the great outdoors? Are you looking for food that is both tasty and easy to make outside? If this sounds like you, here are some foods that taste better when cooked on a barbeque. Try some of them out and you might even surprise yourself!


Being married to an Arab, I learned to love Arabian food especially Kebab. It’s my absolute fave! There are so many different kinds of kebabs you can make, as you can combine a variety of different meats and vegetables with your choice of sauce or marinade. Make it a collaborative affair and get your friends and family involved in the making of your barbequed kebabs. This will make your kebabs just that little bit tastier and will also give everyone a sense of accomplishment.


Another absolute fave! There is nothing better than a homemade pizza! You can be inventive with your toppings combinations and use as many as you want, and you can also cater for any specific dietary requirements. You can make your own dough or buy them premade – pop them onto the grill until you can see grill marks, pile on your toppings on the grilled side and take your pizza off when you see the cheese start to bubble.


Vegetables can be bland and soggy if you overcook them, but at the same time you don’t want them to be undercooked either. Cut them into coins or slices and cook them for the appropriate amount of time. The high temperatures and relatively snappy cooking times mean that all the flavours and nutrients are better preserved, so they will be extra tasty and will have just that little edge over cooked vegetables.


Like vegetables, burgers retain their flavour more so when cooked on a barbeque – just don’t squash them too hard because the juices will then run out. A barbeque is suitable for burger patties of all shapes, sizes and components. Try a burger made of turkey mince (if it’s available locally) instead of beef, and if you are feeling adventurous, you might want to try a portabello mushroom patty seasoned with some of your favourite spices.


If you are looking for something sweet to go with all your savoury goods, look no further than fruit! Grilling fruit brings out the sweetness in them, but be careful that you don’t end up burning the whole thing. Make fruit skewers, wrap them in foil and cook on low heat until they look golden and toasty. Living here in the Philippines, it’s unlikely in our culture to grill fruits as a side dish whatsoever. But of course this is not new to me,  I’ve seen this in food network and I can’t wait to try this one soon!

Barbeques are a great addition to your cooking arsenal, no matter what kind of cook you claim to be. If you are looking for a new barbeque, specialists such as Barbeques Galore can help you choose the right barbeque for you. You can cook almost anything on a barbeque, so let your imagination run wild!
Which foods do you think taste better when cooked on a BBQ? What is your favourite food to cook outside? Have you ever tried to cook something different on a barbeque? What was it and how did it turn out? Please leave your thoughts and comments down below. I’d love to know them! 🙂

Barbeques Galore is one of Australia’s leading specialty retailers. The Barbeques Galore brand is synonymous with barbeque retailing and is built on the strong foundation of selling barbeques to Australian consumers since 1977. Their product range is primarily focused on barbeques, incorporating both proprietary brands such as Turbo, Cordon Bleu and Beefmaster, and third party brands such as Weber. A typical store also offers complementary outdoor furniture, heating and accessories ranges.

Disclaimer: Photographs in this post belongs to their rightful owners. 

Conquering Sanchez Peak!

3 days after the hubby and I arrived from SG, my cousins had this crazy idea of going to Sanchez Peak, which is the highest peak where you can see the whole city of GenSan and Polomolok from above!


Believe me, we went through hell before we reached the top! The road going there was rocky and the rocks were slippery cos it’s limestones. I even fell of twice from Ali’s motorcycle! My cousin who’s a girl, brought her motorcycle too, and she slipped from the motorcycle… Oh I can’t even count how many times. But i’m so proud of her for she was strong enough to take the risk. It’s the most unusual and unique birthday party she ever had! The trail going up was really scary too! It’s narrow, slippery, and when you’re goin to look down it’s as if you’re gonna fall from the cliff. One mistake and we’re gonna fall and say bye bye to this crazy wonderful life. And no, I’m not exaggerating. For someone who’s afraid of heights, man I was glad that I survived!

But upon reaching the peak, it was really rewarding! What we went through paid off. GenSan and Polomolok was such a beauty from above! But I think it would be better at night cos of the city lights. I really admired the beauty and simplicity of greenery mountains. I wanted to sing and dance like in the movie Sound of Music! It’s also a bit windy up there and cold. If I could only build a cabin and stay there forever!

A good company and food made it even amazing! After a quick nap, it’s time to go home… And face the dreadful trail. And again we survived! Alhamdulillah!
Upon reaching a sari-sari store in Brgy. Conel, a man told us that it’s impossible to reach Sanchez Peak with motorcycles, hikers usually leave their bikes and just walk to reach the peak! Uh blame my cousin who insisted to take our motorcycles! Haha. Anyway, we’re just thankful enough to experience how to be afraid and taking risks at the same time.
Thank Allah I watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty that I became more of a risk taker!

Things I’ve learned from this crazy adventure:

    • Face the uncertainty of the future or the path that you’re going to walk. 
    • As the quote say: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” 
    • Have the courage to take the risk and don’t be afraid to experience the sense of adventure. 
    • Be adventurous at least once in your life. 
    • Appreciate what Mother Nature gave us, and do our best to preserve it. 
    “To see the world, things dangerous to come to, 
    to see behind walls, draw closer, 
    to find each other, and to feel. 
    That is the purpose of life.”

    PS: The adventure happened last year, May 7, 2014. I unearthed it from my tumblr because some posts were unsuccessfully transfered. Looking back, it made me sad for it was the last adventure we had with our cousin before he passed away this April. This is a memory that I will surely treasure forever.

    My Favorite Interior Design Blogs

    I love browsing blogs hours and hours to draw inspiration from. Just as I love browsing them, I thought, maybe you’d love to stalk them as well. Why not share them, right? So here goes!

    Daily Dream Decor

    I’ve been following this blog since forever. I just love how Denisa puts so much effort into researching the best designs for her readers. Just like me, she is a business student and a design enthusiast. Yeah. You know there is a connection right there. <3

    Apartment 34

    Another blog I’ve been stalking. In fact, this blog is not just about decor. It is more on lifestyle which includes post on beauty, fashion, travel and of course, decor. I also loved that they are a group of ladies trying to make a difference in the field of design. And oh, don’t you just love their house rules?

    Apartment 34 House Rules (from their About Section)


    Interior design at its finest. This is a website where I draw most of my inspiration from. You can find anything in there. If you are planning your future home, then Freshome would gladly take the ride in your decisions.


    She is a designer. And just read her about section. It will blow you off that she had actually let go of her designer day job to blogging about interior design. Wooosh! Inspiration!

    Savvy Home

    I just love the story behind this website. The urge to share the process of decorating Gabrielle’s new home with her friends and family. And look where it is now. Wow! And why do I love it so much? Because I draw inspiration from this blog for coastal lifestyle.

    and lastly…


    A Filipina with class. She used to have a tv show on ABS-CBN that I religiously watched during late night Sundays. She designs furniture and the like. As what she stated in her about section, “I started this blog in 2007 as an extension of the work I do on TV. Every second and every word costs money in TV production, but in blogs, “airtime is free.”” Aside from her love of design, she is also an advocate for UNICEF. And oh, did I mention that she is extremely gorgeous?

    Those were my favorite interior design blogs and websites. What’s yours? Tell me on the comment box. I’d be glad to know if you like my faves, as well.


    Modesty in Islam is one of the principles of faith. It is freedom from vanity and showiness. It is decency and moderation in speech, manner, dress and total attitude and behavior towards life. It is shyness, simplicity and humility about our abilities and accomplishments. ( 

    Ever since I transferred platforms and decided that it’s time to bring blogging into the next level, I made a promise to myself that I will post OOTDs or What I Wore as much as I can here in  my humble blog. And since majority of the people here in the Philippines are Catholic, Modest/Muslim Fashion is often neglected. To tell you honestly, I still get that stare at malls or public places, I don’t know if they’re in awe that a hijabi or a woman who is fully covered is a fashionista or that racist kind of look. But I’d like to think it’s the first one.


    Recently, I collaborated with Kai with her project, the Hijabi Mag. This is all about spreading awareness on Modest Fashion here in the Philippines and to show that wearing hijab is NOT an oppression but a choice.  In short it’s “Hey, you can be all covered up and be fashionista at the same time”. 😀 I’m just so excited and I can’t wait for the launching! Maybe it’ll be launched before or during Ramadan. Inshallah. 

    I’m still new at this What I Wore posts and I apologise in advance, albeit I will do my best to make my every post catchy and genuine. For now, I am leaving you with a fun shoot I had with my dearest cousin and best friend plus a quote I love by Angelina Jolie.

    “The sun doesn’t lose its beauty when covered by clouds. 
    The same way your beauty doesn’t fade when covered by Hijab.”
    -Angelina Jolie

    Inspiring Monday: Always Inflict Positivity in Life

    An inspirational something for each of us who, once in a while, undergo some form of distress.

    The world is cruel. Life is unfair. Everything seems wrong. This is what we always perceive in our everyday life. I am not saying that we are all bound to being pessimistic. A  few some are luckily gifted of being optimists their whole life. For the rest of us, it is the same story.

    Whether it is about fortune, health or our relationship with people, others always take the blame. It is not as if they deserved the blame. It is due to our self-centeredness that we always put the blame on others rather than taking it. This is where the meanie in us emerges. You put the blame on everything else than yourself. Worst scenario is blaming God for the meaningless life you live.

    This week, my good reads queue as if each wants to be read at the same time. A blogger friend sent me two novels by John Grisham: The Client and The Last Juror. Then an officemate also handed me his book, Success through a Positive Thinking, to read. Though I am a fan of crime fictions, I had to lay down the John Grisham and start with the latter. This book by Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone is a striking slap on my face. The funny thing is that it is not hurting me. It is awakening me.

    The book commences with a statement, “We are poor – not because of God.” It is similarly saying that you are sad – not because of God. You are in distress – not because of God.

    It talks about incorporating positive thinking into how we live our lives and eventually succeed in whatever we do. It is a motivational book that would inspire everyone. I highly encourage everyone to read this book to get a doze of happy thoughts. Everyone undergoes stress once in a while, and when you’ve read something like this book, you would get ahead of stress, thereby, forbidding it to control our conscious and subconscious mind.

    How mean are we to think that God has wanted us to live a sad and unfortunate life? 

    How many times have we asked ourselves if being poor or being in deep sorrow was really our destiny? And how many times have we stood up and said to ourselves that God does not want anything less for us?

    God has given us a mind to think, a body to work, and reasoning to ponder with. If we ever think that God sends us trials just so He can see us so down, we are indeed wronged. Those trials that we despise? Those are the means that will lead us to success. If we use our mind, body and reasoning, we can, of course with flying colors, achieve success.

    Before blaming God or the universe for your difficulties in life, start by asking yourself first the reason why it had to come to this point. What steps have you taken to overcome those? Are you willing to take action? Or are you just going to be sober and blame it on others which will lead you nowhere?

    Again, ask yourself. Keep on asking yourself. Keep on looking for answers. Keep on taking action. And good heavens, stop blaming God.

    If you have come to an answer, it is time to put that reflection into its effect: action. What are the things that are needed to be done to be able to attain positive mental attitude? We can go on forever with this list. In the end, it is how you implement them that would matter. However, the main question is, would you be tough enough to change what you are now?

    As the book said, “you are a mind with a body.” It all starts with your intention and your thinking. Tweak your thoughts. Your body will do what your mind tells it. 

    As the hadith of Rasullallah goes: “Tie your camel, and trust in Allaah.” 

    It means, you have to do your part first. Then, Allaah will take care of everything else. Your life is what you make it. The Almighty Allaah may put you in so many trials. But, it is with your perseverance, patience and character that you will win over them. 

    Always remember, Allaah will never put you in a situation that you can’t handle. You just need to get up and work hard to win it. If you let negativity rule over your mind, you will not go anywhere. But, if you look at the brighter side of the situation and do whatever you can to overcome the situation, you will win. And you always will. 

    Keep the faith. Keep doing your part. Success in this world and in the hereafter will be easy if you just keep going forward. 

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    Why Islam?

    Islam means full submission. Being a Muslim requires one to be fully submitted to the will of Allah. A Muslim is never a Muslim if he has not put in his heart that he will do anything for the sake of Allah. The essence of living this life for any Muslim is to worship Allaah, none but HIM alone.

    A Muslim follows so many rules and regulations of Allah. It is a religion that is incorporated into how one shall live his life, a religion with complete ingredients and procedures that would ultimately lead to a palatable dish which is a meaningful life. In Islam, one is required to have all the good qualities altogether.

    Who says it is easy to be a full-fledged Muslim? No, it isn’t and it will never be. Even those that already have gone far in the practice of this religion are fighting a battle in order to be fully submitted, a battle that only the one with stronger imaan shall win.

    However, Islam may be a tough religion to follow, but it is worth it.
    I cannot imagine life other than which Islam teaches us. It will be chaotic and wasted. It will be full of narcissism and self-centered people. It will be full of arrogance and ignorance.

    Life with Islam is just the perfect ingredient to living life to the fullest. After all, Islam teaches us to go beyond what our eyes can fathom in seeking knowledge – both spiritual and physical. Islam teaches us to give love more than what we receive. Islam teaches us to be steadfast to whatever trials are handed down to us. More importantly, Islam teaches us to be the person that is worthy enough for HIS paradise.

    In sha Allaah. Allaahumma ameen.

    Posts are from Sagacity of Life