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‘Fatwa’ against Senator Chiz Escudero withdrawn

Sheikh Jamil Yahya, chairman of the Bangsamoro Supreme Council of Ulama (BSCU) and Grand Imam of the Mindanao Grand Mosque in Marawi City, announced that they had withdrawn the “fatwa” or Islamic legal pronouncement against Senator Chiz Escudero. “After listening to his explanation, I issued a statement withdrawing our fatwa against Sen. Escudero and I […]

Going against Radicalization and Extremism

If we were to consider on both a positive evaluation and critique to the strategies that would deter extremist violence are to be effective, we must take a serious look at some of their strengths and weaknesses. Although the voices of Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri have faded due to renewed vigilance of both […]