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LATE BLOOMS:  Explanation

The sly chameleonic old man, the late dictator’s right hand, told the dictator’s namesake son that under his father’s martial law there was none — no, not even one – arrested or sent to prison for their political opinion, religion or similar such reason. Oh yes, he said with a straight face, there were those […]

STATEMENT: Bayan Muna to the youth: Resist the revision of history, learn the lessons of Martial Law

September 21, 2016 On the 44th anniversary of the Martial Law declaration in the country, Bayan Muna Partylist representative Carlos Isagani Zarate encouraged the youth – the so-called millennials — to study and know the “brutal and despicable years of the Marcos Dictatorship”, saying that “learning our bitter past is the best defense versus a […]