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Surviving Crazy, Beautiful Boracay

When I was asked if I wanted to experience Labor Day 2015 in Boracay Island (no less), of course my answer was a resounding YES! Although it wasn’t my first time in an island recognized as one of the world’s finest, it was my first LaBoracay trip and the mere idea of partying with a sea of people piqued my curiosity. And so, armed with my travel essentials, I took two plane rides, a bus ride and a boat outrigger ride to reach the famed Boracay. The agenda was very simple: take over summer! Enjoy the island and what it

I Am Again A Newspaper Columnist

Very, very thrilled to share that I am (again) a newspaper columnist! Starting February 20, 2015, I will be one of the columnists at Gold Star Daily, Mindanao’s largest newspaper. I have named my column “Mindanaoan Meets World” as I plan to write about lifestyle, music, a little bit of politics and showbiz and travel not only within the Philippines but around the world, too! My first stint as newspaper correspondent, columnist and part-time editor started way, way back. Like eons of light years ago haha! But life happened, I took a career detour and eventually, was already happy and