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NFA Administrator Renan Dalisay Resigns

Administrator Renan Dalisay of the National Food Authority (NFA) announced his resignation, Manila Times reported Wednesday.

In his letter sent to the Office of the President, Dalisay said his main reason is his health condition. He had to do the resignation so as not to cause further damage to his health.

Dalisay said he is just waiting for the consideration of President Benigno Aquino III. “I’m just waiting for the consideration of President Benigno Aquino 3rd. But I have to do this now. If I don’t do this, it may further cause more damage to my health, and also affect the agency”, he told reporters during the Food Guardian Volunteer Program launch in Quezon City.

Renan Dalisay National Food Authority NFA

Dalisay came to NFA sometime in November 2014. He replaced Arthur Juan, who let go of the same position, coincidentally because of his health condition.

The sudden resignation of Dalisay leaves an on-going discussion pertaining to the country’s rice importation issues.

The NFA Council was set to meet yesterday (Wed) to talk about Philippine’s rice requirement for the lean months, Dalisay added.

Source: Manila Times

How to spot fake rice

This fake rice controversy is really very alarming. News reports have so far stated that these alleged fake rice grains entered the Philippine market from China. Although there have been no reports of death, authorities say that people who may have digested these plastic rice grains may experience dizziness, stomach ache and vomiting. Hence, it’s really important that we all be extra careful when we buy rice these days. Here are some tips on how to spot fake rice: 1. Regular and well-milled rice are white and long-grained 2. Fake rice looks too shiny, too round and are uniform in