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KAFA celebrating Maulidur Rasul

All around the Ummah, Muslims are showing their love to the Last and final Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi wasallam by celebrating his Birthday on Rabbiul Awwal 1430. There are at least 45 Muslim countries, including Malaysia, in the world which maintaining the celebration of the beloved Prophet. On the month of Rabiul Awwal according to there were many incidents happened during this month aside from Prophet’s birthday. If Muslim ummah celebrating this occasion it means they are not only commemorating prophet’s birthday as well as to remember what were happened in the history of the Muslim.

By following this long standing Muslim practice and love for Rasulullah the Populace in Skim Penempatan Kampung Bahagia is as well commemorating Prophet’s Birthday through the initiative of school KAFA and other people in the community. This celebration divided into two different programs. One of which was following the Folk Muslim type of celebrating Maulid in Sulu and the other was undertaken in school by listening to the message delivered by Mr. Nasir Abdullah about Maulidur Rasul. After the message, the faculties giving quizzes to the pupils related to the occasion.

Prophet Muhammad, without doubt, is a Messenger and the Final Prophet of Allah sent not only to Humanity but to all creations as well. He was the most merciful person. Allah called him as (a mercy to the worlds) (Al-Anbiya’ 21: 107) He was merciful to his family, followers, friends, even enemies. He was merciful to young and old, to humans and to animals.*



Skim Penempatan Kampung Bahagia is a refugee’s community in Sandakan, Sabah. It was built in early 80’s with the recognition of the UNHCR and Malaysian government. The settlers of this community are the Muslim refugees from Sulu and other parts of Mindanao who fled to Sabah during martial law in the 70’s.

The area is located in the industrial site of Sandakan, estimated 11 kilometres away from the city proper with the total land area of 47.7 acres. The number of peoples in Skim Penempatan Kampung Bahagia, based on the survey undertaken in 2005 is 5,527 with 939 numbers of houses.

The refugees in Skim Penempatan Kampung Bahagia became big asset to private companies in Sabah, Sandakan in particular. Most of them working in constructions, restaurants, plywood factories, palm oil industries and others.

The refugees are holding IMM 13 document which serves as visiting pass as well as became their permit to work in private companies in Sabah. Prior to the existence of IMM 13 as legal document for the refugees in Sabah there have many documents given by the government agencies to them such as, BANCI (Pasukan Petugas Khas), UPJKM or Burung-Burung and DAFTAR (Unit Penempatan di Jabatan Ketua Menteri)EXPO (Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara)KAD POLIS (Polis Di Raja Malaysia), and SPECIAL PASS (Jabatan Imigresen). The refugees are thankful to the government for giving them these documents.

The source of income of the refugees in this community is taken from the sea such as as fishes, prawns, and crabs. These products catch by the fishermen through traditional style of fishing just within the periphery of Sandakan water. The caught fishes, prawns and crabs would be bought by purchasers and bring it as far as Lawas, Sabah. Aside from that another source of income of the refugees are running traditional businesses at home, like selling raw food such as fishes, rice, and other products that can answer the needs of the people even they would not go to town. With this sort of works the refugees were able to sustain the basic needs of their families for almost 30 years in Sandakan.

Lately, the Skim Penempatan Kampung Bahagia has given newly schools for the refugees’ children. This school named as Sekolah KAFA 3M. It accommodated 300 pupils every year from grade 1 to grade 6. The academic class starts on Monday and ends on Friday. While on Saturday and Sunday the religious class will take place. The curriculum of this school is inline with the educational system of Malaysia.

Skim Penempatan Kampung Bahagia also has one Mosque named Masjid Darussalam. This mosque is recognized as one of the Mosques legally established in Sabah. Any religious practices and festivals the residents of this community unanimously follow the verdict of the Sultan and Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM). There are times religious experts from JAKIM visited this mosque and gave sermon to the people.