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Hello, it’s been a while…

“To truly respect someone even when they’re wrong is to have a heart that wants to help them see, since their “wrongness” is often just the blindness of being behind. This sort of heart is open to seeing the best in another, that there is good on both sides, and that there could also be wrong in the self. It is a harder way, but it treats a person with dignity knowing they are not the enemy; rather they need a light to see further ahead where you are.”

Hello there! It’s been quite a while since I posted something here. A lot has happened… I had A LOT on my shoulders that made blogging last on my list, I became uninspired and passion for blogging slipped away. Some time two months ago, I even made this blog private for some personal reasons that i’m too ashamed to say. Just remembering it makes me cringe a little bit. But i’m here, i’m back with a fresh start .. Hopefully i’m back for good.

Life Lately

Life has been crazy and a lot was going on, good and bad. And I want to share it here not for lots of people to see (as if my life or whatever is fascinating to know) but for my future self. For memories to keep.

  1. Work especially paper works ate 70% of my time. I’ve spent sleepless nights and shed a river of tears just to finish all the IEP’s, Programs, and Curriculum for my students. Being a SPED teacher is not easy as pie!
  2. For the first time in my life, I became an emcee.
  3. So I decided to apply as a public school teacher. 
  4. Saying good bye to my students was the hardest part. I cried like a baby during the moving up.
  5. So much feels for 13 Reasons Why. Even better than the books.
  6. I love the fact that my sisters-in-law and I are pretty much close now.
  7. I was rank 6 in the RQA. After the results went out I was busy complying with all the requirements.
  8. I just finished watching Goblin. I am officially in love with K-dramas and Gong Yoo.
Days from now, I will embark a journey of uncertainty. For now, wish me luck!

PICTURES: Love Messages For Husband And Wife

In The Name Of Allah
The Most Gracious The Most Merciful
Wedding gift idea: Mugs for husband and wife

“I love my husband” and “I love my wife”
Message in Arabic language

In English language:

Other love messages you may choose
(to print on mugs, t-shirts, photo frames, fans, bags, pillows, key holders and other accessories)
~•~ ~•~
“Blissfully married” “Joyfully married”
“Me with my husband” “Me with my wife”
“Married to my other half”
“Stay married stay blessed”
“Keep calm stay married”
“Always with my husband/wife” “Married and marvelous”
“Marriage is Sunnah”
“M: Mercy • A: Affection • R: Responsibility • R: Remembrance • I: Inspiration • A: Adventures • G: Guidance • E: Encourage”

May Allah the Most Merciful always bless our marriages, forgive all our wrongdoings, accept all our good deeds, grant us more wisdom and reunite us with our Muslim loved ones in Jannatul Firdaus near Allah and His noble Messenger Muhammad SallAllahu ‘alaihi wa sallam. Ameen.
Mariam M. <3 Nomayri AbdulWahab
Wisdom Islamic School Philippines
Old Wisdom Islamic School Youtube Channel

Micros, et. al.

I just the love the true colors of natures…Here’s more….Pity for the pixel of these photos, I only used my phone here…All photos were taken at WOODLAND ResortLets end the post with these: The wishing well…. At the mini-bridge Wit…

Olympus E-PM1 Sample Photos

Just last week, my friend arrived from USA. I bought my Olympus E-PM1 at Amazon and have it shipped to her in the US to save shipping and handling costs. 🙂 I am enjoying the camera so far. For this post, I would only include photos from my camera. No …

Scenery and Micros from my Samsung Galaxy Y

  The leaves of tree are just beautiful through the ambiance of the sunset and afternoon sky. There it goes below is a dome of a mosque. No its not am not really sure of what type of building is this. I think its the camp of former ARMM …

The Rain

Last day, I spotted these kids playing, dancing and singing in the rain. Suddenly, I remembered the quote sent by my friend that goes this way: If wealth is the key to happiness, then rich people should be dancing on the street. But only poor kids do t…

Zamboanga’s Sunset

I really love the sunset. Staring at it would took away some pain and loneliness in my life. I’m looking forward to catch some sunset photos here in Zamboanga. It really reminds me of the beautiful sunset in Tawi-Tawi. There were some sunset photos I h…

ADZU Family Day

January 22, 2012Ateneo Blue Eagle This is my nephew. Since his mom is busy I’m the one who accompanied him in the Family Day of their school.We bought birds – The Mayas Php. 50.00 (1 pair)  This one died…so we freed the other oneMe and…