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Mainstreaming Islamic finance in the public educational system

Attending the Islamic conference on the invitation of Peace and Equity Fund and Al-Qalam Institute for Muslim identities, Ateneo de Davao University. Central to the conference, entitled “Islamic Financing in the Philippines : a step towards the first seven years”. The conference invited conventional and Islamic microfinance practitioners, Ulama, Academe as well as public intellectuals […]

Shariah Law and living under the context of Minority co-existence : The Case of Living under Secular Law.

Notes by Yusuf Morales Introduction : Generally, under all circumstances we as Muslims must obey Islam as elucidated by Islamic laws or shariah. This has been seen as following divine law. There is however a contextual understanding to this since Shariah exists on several levels. There being generally two categories Ibadah (devotional) that which involves […]

Tribute to the Sayidul Ashraf

Every worshipper (Abd) wishes to meet you Every Knower (Arif) longs to get near you The Learned (Ulema) have mentioned you The Seeker (Mureed) have searched for you The Traveller (Sulook) have gone to places looking for you. Peace be upon you , Doyen of the Age, Guardian of the End Times You are he […]

In the pursuit of shared spaces.

 ”trying to find sense in a multilaterally occupied space”. Trying to see spaces where one can find ones niche is a challenge in today’s era where all fields of knowledge intersect with each other, where education would need philosophizing, science needs conscienticizing, technology needs ethicalizing. Each field of human endeavour trying to establish their own […]

Culture being a mechanism for transmission of knowledge

a reflection Communities rely strongly on culture as the binding ingredient, which ensures that communities stick together and institutes mechanisms that protect their identities. Communities that are untainted by western consumerism and influence norm…

Going against Radicalization and Extremism

If we were to consider on both a positive evaluation and critique to the strategies that would deter extremist violence are to be effective, we must take a serious look at some of their strengths and weaknesses. Although the voices of Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri have faded due to renewed vigilance of both […]