#myKaffahfromCC Giveaway!

Classic Crown celebrates its 1st year as the Kaffah’s official reseller in the Philippines! 
Time flies!

We are beyond blessed on what’s our online store has become to our sisters, 

by that, we are conducting a giveaway!

Excited? We are, too!

Just a brief explanation to those who aren’t yet familiar with Kaffah, it is an imported brand of hijabs/scarfs/shawls from Indonesia owned by Siti Juwariyah, a blogger/entrepreneur.

We just decided to resell the brand here in the country because we personally love and use their Kaffah Shawls especially their different lovely colors perfect for everyday use even to formal events. And most importantly, their perfect length that will be great for several hijab styles (Muslimahs will understand!). 🙂

My friend/sister and business partner Marjan of Singapore (A Kaffah user for few years and had a great collection of them :p) introduced this brand to me and everything just started.

Some of her collection 🙂

Since the day we released the brand in our store it has always been sold out in just few hours. As we try to provide more stocks, we didn’t expect we also gain more Kaffah users. We are so thankful for the patience and understanding of our loyal customers of Kaffah. And we assure that we will provide more in the future In shaa Allah.

So here are the details of this giveaway:

WHAT: #myKaffahfromCC Giveaway Promo

WHO: Open to all our loyal buyers of Kaffah Shawl and inners.


Here are the few steps to follow:

1. Grab your Kaffah shawls or inners from your closet.
2. Think about your own concept, flatlay or OOTD entry with your Kaffah shawl/inner.
3. Snap a photo and share it with your Instagram or Facebook account.
4. Tag us and don’t forget your hashtag #myKaffahfromCC to be qualified. 

If your account is in private mode just comment to our posts for us to follow you!
5. We will extend our giveaway until April 25 for more chance of winning! #excited


Winner will be getting:

A Light Mint Kaffah Shawl and a Dark Brown Kaffah Inner

What are the criterias that we’re looking for?

We will choose the best photo, with the most unique and beautiful way of sharing her Kaffah shawls/inners bought in our store!

A good quality photo is a must, perfect lighting and creativity!

Our own entries! Lookie!

We are so excited to browse your photos! Don’t hesitate to join! You will definitely enjoy!



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Food and None Food Items Distribution to the IDP’s in Maguindanao

Province of Maguindanao: On/about 25 February 2015, Armed Forces (AFP) Chief Gen. Gregorio Pio Catapang ordered an all-out offensive against the BIFF. Gen. Catapang issued his order amid fighting between the MILF and BIFF, which broke out in Pagalungan town in Maguindanao about two weeks ago. IDPs from the municipality of Shariff Saydona Mustapha, Maguindanao […]

Python and R: Basic Sampling Problem

In this post, I would like to share a simple problem about sampling analysis. And I will demonstrate how to solve this using Python and R. The first two problems are originally from Sampling: Design and Analysis book by Sharon Lohr.


  1. Let $N=6$ and $n=3$. For purposes of studying sampling distributions, assume that all population values are known.

    $y_1 = 98$ $y_2 = 102$ $y_3=154$
    $y_4 = 133$ $y_5 = 190$ $y_6=175$

    We are interested in $bar{y}_U$, the population mean. Consider eight possible samples chosen.

    Sample No. Sample, $mathcal{S}$ $P(mathcal{S})$
    1 ${1,3,5}$ $1/8$
    2 ${1,3,6}$ $1/8$
    3 ${1,4,5}$ $1/8$
    4 ${1,4,6}$ $1/8$
    5 ${2,3,5}$ $1/8$
    6 ${2,3,6}$ $1/8$
    7 ${2,4,5}$ $1/8$
    8 ${2,4,6}$ $1/8$

    1. What is the value of $bar{y}_U$?
    2. Let $bar{y}$ be the mean of the sample values. For each sampling plan, find
      1. $mathrm{E}bar{y}$;
      2. $mathrm{Var}bar{y}$;
      3. $mathrm{Bias}(bar{y})$;
      4. $mathrm{MSE}(bar{y})$;
  2. Mayr et al. (1994) took an SRS of 240 children who visisted their pediatric outpatient clinic. They found the following frequency distribution for the age (in months) of free (unassisted) walking among the children:

    Age (months) 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
    Number of Children 13 35 44 69 36 24 7 3 2 5 1 1

    Find the mean and SE of the age for onset of free walking.
  3. Table 1 gives the cultivated area in acres in 1981 for 40 villages in a region. (Theory and Method of Survey) Using the arrangement (random) of data in the table, draw systematic sample of size 8. Use r ((random start) = 2,

    Village $Y_j$ Village $Y_j$ Village $Y_j$ Village $Y_j$
    1 105 11 319 21 70 31 16
    2 625 12 72 22 249 32 439
    3 47 13 109 23 384 33 123
    4 312 14 91 24 482 34 207
    5 327 15 152 25 378 35 145
    6 230 16 189 26 111 36 666
    7 240 17 365 27 534 37 338
    8 203 18 70 28 306 38 624
    9 535 9 249 29 655 39 501
    10 275 20 384 30 102 40 962


In order to appreciate the codes, I will share some theoretical part of the solution. But our main focus here is to solve this problem computationally using Python and R.

    1. The value of $bar{y}_U$ is coded as follows:

      Python Code R Code

    2. To obtain the sample using the sample index given in the table in the above question, we do a combination of population index of three elements, ${6choose 3}$, first. Where the first two combinations are the samples, ${1,2,3}$ and ${1,2,4}$, and so on. Then from this list of all possible combinations of three elements, we draw those that are listed in the above table as our samples, with first sample index ${1,3,5}$, having population units, ${98, 154, 190}$. So that the following is the code of this sampling design:

      Python Code R Code

      1. Now to obtain the expected value of the average of the sample data, we compute it using $mathrm{E}bar{y}=sum_{k}bar{y}_kmathrm{P}(bar{y}_k)=sum_{k}bar{y_k}mathrm{P}(mathcal{S}_k)$, $forall kin{1,cdots,8}$. So for $k = 1$, $$ begin{aligned} bar{y}_1mathrm{P}(mathcal{S}_1)&=frac{98+154+190}{3}mathrm{P}(mathcal{S}_1)\ &=frac{98+154+190}{3}left(frac{1}{8}right)=18.41667. end{aligned} $$ Applying this to the remaining $n-1$ $k$s, and summing up the terms gives us the answer to $mathrm{E}bar{y}$. So that the following is the equivalent of this:

        Python Code R Code From the above code, the output tells us that $mathrm{E}bar{y}=140$.

      2. Next is to compute for the variance of $bar{y}$, which is $mathrm{Var}bar{y}=mathrm{E}bar{y}^{2}-(mathrm{E}bar{y})^2$. So we need a function for $mathrm{E}bar{y}^2$, where the first term of this, $k=1$, is $bar{y}_1^2mathrm{P}(mathcal{S}_1)=left(frac{98+154+190}{3}right)^2mathrm{P}(mathcal{S}_1)=left(frac{98+154+190}{3}right)^2(frac{1}{8})=2713.3889$. Applying this to other terms and summing them up, we have following code:

        Python Code R Code So that using the above output, 20182.94, and subtracting $(mathrm{E}bar{y})^2$ to it, will give us the variance. And hence the succeeding code:

        Python Code: R Code: So the variance of the $bar{y}$ is $18.9444$.

    3. The $mathrm{Bias}$ is just the difference between the estimate and the true value. And since the estimate is unbiased ($mathrm{E}bar{y}=142$), so $mathrm{Bias}=142-142=0$.
    4. $mathrm{MSE}=mathrm{Var}bar{y}-(mathrm{Bias}bar{y})^2$, and since the $mathrm{Bias}bar{y}=0$. So $mathrm{MSE}=mathrm{Var}bar{y}$.
  1. First we need to obtain the probability of each Age, that is by dividing the Number of Children with the total sum of it. That is why, we have p_s function defined below. After obtaining the probabilities, we can then compute the expected value using the expectation function we defined earlier.

    Python Code R Code It should be clear in the data that the average age is about 12 months old, where the plot of it is shown below, For the code of the above plot please click here. Next is to compute the standard error which is just the square root of the variance of the sample,

    Python Code R Code So the standard variability of the Age is 1.920824.

  2. Let me give you a brief discussion on the systematic sampling to help you understand the code. The idea in systematic sampling is that, given the population units numbered from 1 to $N$, we compute for the sampling interval, given by $k = frac{N}{n}$, where $n$ is the number of units needed for the sample. After that, we choose for the random start, number between $1$ and $k$. This random start will be the first sample, and then the second unit in the sample is obtained by adding the sampling interval to the random start, and so on. There are two types of systematic sampling namely, Linear and Circular Systematic Samplings. Circular systematic sampling treats the population units numbered from $1$ to $N$ in circular form, so that if the increment step is more than the number of $N$ units, say $N+2$, the sample unit is the $2^{nd}$ element in the population, and so on. The code that I will be sharing can be used both for linear and circular, but for this particular problem only. Since there are rules in linear that are not satisfied in the function, one of which is if $k$ is not a whole number, despite that, however, you can always extend it to a more general function.

    Python Code R Code You may notice in the output above, that the index returned in Python is not the same with the index returned in R. This is because Python index starts with 0, while that in R starts with 1. So that’s why we have the same population units sampled between the two language despite the differences between the index returned.


  1. Lohr, Sharon (2009). Sampling: Design and Analysis. Cengage Learning.

Visit This

You Must Visit This Or Die!!! Zombie Creativ3

MPC to Rufus Rodriguez: “Stop issuing statements…”

“MPC appeals to Rufus Rodriguez to stop issuing public statements that preempt the decision of his own Ad Hoc Committee”

The Mindanao Peoples Caucus and its allied civil society organizations and grassroots communities appeal to Chairman Rufus Rodriguez to immediately stop issuing statements over the media that preempt the democratic processes in the legislative work on the Bangsamoro Basic law. The Ad Hoc Committee on the Bangsamoro is yet to resume its hearing on the proposed legislation this coming April 20-30 and its very own chair is already undermining the process by preempting the votes of each and every member in the 75-member ad hoc committee.

“All the proposed amendments including perceived constitutional issues are still subject to voting at the committee level. Rufus Rodriguez is just one vote there so he should stop talking to the media as if his legal opinion is already the vote of the committee”, said Pastor Reu Montecillo , co-chair of MPC, representing the Christian settlers in Mindanao.

“I am getting confused now with Rufus Rodriguez because he has been announcing that the BBL hearing is suspended because of the Mamasapano but here he is announcing to the media that some eight (8) provisions of the BBL will be removed due to constitutional issues. What is the basis for such statement? Until Rufus Rodriguez convenes his own committee and puts the BBL to voting, whatever opinion he has on the BBL is his own personal opinion only”, added Matigsalug chieftain, Bae Magdalena Suhat. I believe that the media pronouncement of the Chairman of the Ad Hoc Committee, Rufus Rodriguez is creating more confusion to the public and is disrespectful of the 75-members of the committee.

Mahdie Amella, Chairman of the MPC also lamented that what Rufus Rodruguez is doing is very disappointing for many of us from Mindanao who expect a lot from Rodriguez. “As a son from Mindanao and as representative from Cagayan de Oro City which pride itself as the City of Golden Friendship, Rodriguez is yet to demonstrate that he is a friend of peace and of the Bangsamoro. The least that he could do is to do his job as a lawmaker.”

If there are provisions that will not be approved by the 75-members of the committee — then let the process take its democratic process. Rodrigues cannot play God with the BBL by suspending the committee hearing and impose conditions there that are not even demanded by Malacanan and at the same time announce over media that this provision is deleted, removed or dead for sure. Please do your job in Congress by hearing the BBL. “If you do not like it, so be it but do not drag the name of the 75-member committee with you as if what you say over media is already the vote of the committee”, Amella concluded. (30)

SUMMER GETAWAY in Bunga Prime Resort, Biliran Leyte

Being married to my husband for 2 years now, I already got myself accustomed to many traditions his family has. The Garcia’s, which I’m now part of, love to visit beautiful beaches in the country. 
Not a pro (like most of them), I knew I needed a life vest to help me cope up with them.

This year they decided for us to spend a 4-day getaway to their hometown in Bunga, in the municipality of Cabucgayan, province of Biliran to visit their family and to celebrate Ate Ayah’s Aqeeqah (sacrifice for a newborn).

Our group had a Manila to Tacloban flight, which took an hour. Known to be a family of good swimmers, it’s already the family’s tradition to go to different beaches every summer.

Ate Ayah seemed to already try to check in herself.

Baby Jack-Jack on his first airplane ride, who amused us for not crying on board

Then from Tacloban to Bunga, it took another 3-4 hours via land. For those who’ll might come from Naval, best option is to ride the bus or van from Naval to Bunga (available from 8am to 5pm).

T’was a long long drive so some had the chance to catch up some sleep; others read books, while the girls took care of the babies.

Our family in Biliran Bridge – hubby at at the back of the camera

Office girls gone part time yayas of our niece Ayah and nephew Jack-Jack during the trip 🙂
 Just like fairy godmothers!

We were able to arrive safely before sunset to their ancestral home which now known as “Bunga Prime Resort” as they’d decided to convert it to a very charming and relaxing place a few years back.

Anyone can inquire and book a reservation thru its Facebook page here.

Sunset and sunrise are earlier experienced here than Manila so we got our dinner served earlier as well.

in the dining area of the resort

Dried pusit will never be MIA if you’re in Visayas. Won’t miss an opportunity to grab ’em!

Our lovely view in the Carigaya Bay, with one of the best part of the resort, “floating nipa hut.”

“If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay at home.” 
– James Michener

Day 1 (Enjoying the Bunga Prime Resort amenities)

Because we arrived in the resort during holidays (Maundy Thursday and Good Friday), we got to own the place! They have a kiddie pool aside from the main pool, both filled with natural spring water so there’s gotta be some health benefit for its users.

Ate Ayah trying to dip in the pool

Everyone can see how she loved the pool
and we didn’t bother to wonder if its in her genes per se.

We couldn’t resist to try the Floating Nipa Hut and swim in the blue water bay.

I believe, no one else could!

Safety first.
Safety first. And worry no more, cos you can rent life vests in the resort. Waves are the enemies, I tell yah! So its better to be acquainted with swimmers, lucky me!

Us in the raft.
On our way to the nipa hut. 🙂
Floating Nipa Hut

Crying Jack-Jack is not enjoying the beach.
 Look at Ate Ayah! #adorbs #cutekiddos

Day 2 (Tinago Falls)

We left the resort as early as 7AM to get into the falls the earliest. (Tip: People tend to overcrowd the falls, so if you want to get nice photos without the presence of any strangers in the pictures, better to go early.)

You can rent a van going to Tinago Falls. But us, we just used the resort’s private car and truck.
Thanks to Tita Meldy, my husband’s aunt 🙂

Amazing view on our way to Tinago Falls.

How harvest time looks like 🙂

With less than an hour travel time, we arrived in Tinago falls.

The entrance

You can enjoy a fresh buko juice before going to the falls or for lunch.
But expect that it’ll be more pricey here compare to the city.

When we travel we always think that we should also touch lives,

for just a few amount of money from what you purchase,
you can already provide food for someone else’s family.

Just a few steps away 🙂
You can see the excitement on my sister-in-law’s face.

Finally, Tinago Falls of Leyte (FYI there is another one in Iligan City)

with my husband’s cousins
Note: the water is sooooo cold :p
Who says Hijabi can’t enjoy in the falls with their hijab on?
What’s keeping it in place? Pins (the more, the merrier) and your most trustworthy inner.

With the Mister and the other side of the falls where you can also swim.
Their locals usually use it when they need to take a bath and wash their clothes.

We had our packed lunch and grilled some chicken nearby the falls. You can also utilize their area to grill your food but its also okay if you prefer to bring your food already cooked.
To make our lunch special we eat with our bare hands or known in the Filipino language as “kamayan.”

“To travel is to take journey into yourself “- 
Danny Kaye

Day 3 (Aqeeqah of Ate Ayah)

I love to share the photos but I always leave something for our family’s privacy. 
That day is extra special cos we were complete and we had our lunch as a complete family.
We slaughtered 1 goat to sacrifice (halal). And I tried to eat it for the first time! 
Another memorable experience during my travel.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” –
 Neale Donald Walsch

Let me just share with you the place where we stayed.

View from our room.
Isn’t it lovely?

The Hallway

Balcony with the ocean view

The four storey Bunga Prime Resort
You may have the view of the blue water bay of Carigaya or the mountain.

The breathtaking mountain view

Bookworms will surely love this spot as well as those who can’t get enough of social media sites
because this place has a reliable signal that you cannot get usually around the place.
Lunch or dinner date with this view
You might not find any near restaurants around the resort,
but no one’s gonna complain for sure because they cook absolutely good!


“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.” – 
Tim Cahill

Day 4 (On our way home)

We had our breakfast with Lolo and was able to snap some photos.

bagong gising look  XD
Tita Meldy on the camera

And our looooooong drive will start again back to Tacloban. (sleeping time)

We also dropped by the well known “San Juanico Bridge,” the longest bridge in the country that connects Leyte to Samar. It measures around 2,200 m. Never gets old!

Samar here we come! Just kiddin’ but In shaa Allah we can visit it soon!

Alhamdulillah we arrived home safely. Til our next trip!

“Wherever you go, becomes a part of you somehow”
-Anita Desai

For booking or reservations:

ContactSmart: +63 920 4108 835 or +63 999 3128 043
Globe: +63915 8286 658
Email: prime.aumeldy@yahoo.com.au
FB: Bunga Prime Resort

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Two Months Left

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Surfing paradise Siargao Island Surigao – How To Get There

Best known as one of the world’s most amazing surfing destinations, Siargao Island in Surigao del Norte, Mindanao, Philippines is also home to some of the country’s beautiful beaches, natural salt water pools and abundant marine life. And, as you can see below, it’s also where you can catch gorgeous sunsets! Since Siargao Island is where you can find the infamous “Cloud 9,” or those thick, high, hollow tubes of surf waves, lots of regular surfing competitions (both local and international ones) are held here. For non-surfers or just mere sun worshippers, there are also a couple of islands near